Energized! Day 30 of Thankfulness!

I will be honest yesterday was a hard day! I am glad the hard days don’t last a lifetime but for only a moment in time!!

This morning as I was waking up I realized my legs were very sore so I did some stretching for two minutes. One of my tasks today is to find a 10 to 15 minute stretching video that I can start doing each day. I believe it really made my walk this morning much easier. I walked 13+ minutes, just over a half mile and my back didn’t hurt nearly as much. Another thing to be thankful for!!!

Yesterday while chatting with a friend she had read:

and immediately I thought “no wonder I have to do things over and over again!!! Even Jesus does things over and over…like pruning us to help us to grow.” I often talk about how life is like a spiral

I explain it like this: in the above picture I start in the center, say the dark blue, then as I move farther out, still the dark blue, I get further out from the center. I may still be dealing with XXXX but I am in a different space so I look at XXXX differently…sure hope that makes sense πŸ˜‚ and the further out I go (deal with XXXX) my perspective changes, my actions change and I deal with things just a bit differently and XXXX affects me a little different.

As I reflected on John 15:2 I realized that each time Jesus prunes me it is just a bit different than the time before and I am thankful for the growth in my life and how I look at things. Doesn’t mean I still don’t have hard days, like yesterday or I don’t say things I regret I just apologize a bit sooner.

In my scripture readings today

I am further reminded that God takes the hard ugly stuff and makes beautiful things!!! I’ve been talking to a friend a lot this past week about many of the issues I have dealt with over the years and how I have so many specific events that were hard or horrible and God has brought beauty out of them. And for that I am thankful.

One precious memory is when this guy was officially made our first grandson!

Brandon married Danalyn in November 2007 but on August 11, 2008 Max legally became a Workentin!!! What’s so special about that day ~ August 11, 1977 is the day Royce went home to be with Jesus, a very hard day and a day that has held many sad tears…but on that same day in 2008 HE gave us a big reason to celebrate! God made a difficult day a celebration day!!!

Other verses from today


remind that too much of a good thing is not necessarily good. And immediately I thought of my eating, changing my lifestyle of not overeating…I need to eat only what I need, not binge eat. And that not always when I reach for something to eat am I hungry but probably thirsty!! So here’s to drinking more water!!! I am giving myself a pat on my back as it has been over four weeks since I have had a soda of any kind!!!!

And with that, it’s time to stop all this deep thinking and move on to something fun…I got an order to make a pocket shawl so it’s time to binge (healthy binging) watch some TV and get some crocheting done!!!

What are some favorite shows you like to binge watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime?


Thankful ~ Day 29

I’m trying…not a good day…phone won’t read my glucometer…more money to spend from a bank account that is empty.

Blood sugar dropped ~ that’s how I found out my phone won’t read my glucometer…I have a splitting headache and am grumpy as XXXX (you can fill in the blank).

Maybe, just maybe I should go back to bed…who knows.


Being Thankful Day 27 & 28

Alternate title: It’s hard to be thankful at times!

I’m really struggling right now and to be honest finding something, anything to be thankful for has been hard the past two days. It is much easier for me to focus on the negative BUT I know God doesn’t want me to focus on that.

Day 27 ~ was able to get two projects in the mail. I’m thankful for the ability to crochet, to make useful and pretty things. I can’t wait to hear that they have arrived at their new homes. One person is expecting their package, the other is a surprise! I love to surprise people. Do you like surprises?

Day 28 ~ today, I am thankful for the birth of a friends new baby boy. His appearance came after multiple losses for this mama. Thankful for rainbow babies and a healthy baby boy!!!

I am thankful for God’s word and his reminders that he looks on the inside not on the outside like man…

In my devotion this morning I am being challenged to see my beauty as God sees me. My homework consists of answering the following:

  1. Complete the sentence. “I would be beautiful if ….”
  2. Do I have control over any of the above? If no, let it go. If yes, what can I do differently?
  3. What makes me feel beautiful?
  4. Where does God say my beauty comes from?

St. Augustine penned:

and asks the same question that God encourages us to answer…

Please join me in my prayers today to see myself as God sees me, not as I see myself. To be honest right now I see myself as a screw up, gullible and stupid. I know in my head I am none of those, but right now the heart has a bit more control of my vision then my head.


Extending Grace to Myself ~ Days 25 & 26

Day 25 (last day of catch up 🀣) Yesterday was a day of rest for me. I did not go for a walk and at first the mind was going “come on, get out there” but the body was saying “not today as my hips/back were really sore.” So I said, Ali if Friend said her back and hips were super sore what would you tell her…I would tell her to rest and that tomorrow is a new day. And remind her that God even rested on the seventh day. So I allowed myself to rest. I enjoyed a movie, enjoyed crocheting and ate lots of popcorn…it was a great day. I am thankful that I have learned to extend the same grace I give to others to myself.

I was able to attend two worship services…thank you technology!!! First service waas with a friend, South Beach Church. I listened to the music, two songs I don’t think I had heard before: WayMaker and How I Fight My Battles. Both of these songs had lines that really spoke to me: I am surrounded by God at all times! and He will always make a way for me! I may not know how or why or when but trusting God is the key!!! I have added both of these songs to my playlist. Check them out by clicking on the links above.

The second service was New River Church where Pastor Fred finished up the series of Me, You & Jim (a study of the book of James) … and reminded that we need to PRAY, pray at all times

What a great reminder…to pray first!!! My tendency in times of trouble is to cry out, not necessarily to anyone in particular, post it on Facebook…I know, I know I don’t want the signal 🀣!!!, write and then pray…so my prayer is that I will turn to prayer first!! I want to say thank you to Pastor Fred and Pastor Luke ~ thank you for sharing from your hearts and so thankful for technology to keep me connected.

Day 26 of Thankfulness ~ today…all caught up!!! Today my Bible reading had me laughing and thinking…

Thinking: stop explaining, start listening, stop justifying and start believing! Remember to breathe!!! God knows the plans he has for me/us…just keep trusting.


and the laughing:

I read….”precious treasure and oil are in the dwelling of a wise person but FOOD consumes them”. It actually said “precious treasures and oil are in the dwelling of the a wise person but a fool consumes them!”
I am not surprised I read the word Fool as Food…as I have been hungry all day. And that’s where most of my thoughts have been … I have been easily distracted with making breakfast (poached eggs and a mini-bagel) and proud of myself for not buying the Peeps at Dollar Tree, which by the way is not a $1 any more…but $1.25…now they need to change their name…but alas that is another story!!!

Today I am thankful for the gift of laughter and how even though I could have bought a box or two of Peeps (one of my favorites! and have you tried them frozen? they are the best!!!) That God loves me and is helping me to continue to make not only good but better and best choices ~ today’s best choice was not to buy the box of Peeps!!!

What are you thankful for?
Do you ever read something that isn’t exactly what was written?
Are you finding something to laugh about today?

One other thing in closing today ~ don’t you just love my spastic writing? I remember a friend and I were talking many years ago and we both said we are spastic talkers as our conversations go in a million directions at a million miles an hour…and of course, if you have been around Ron and I for any length of time you have heard him say “Ali has never met a word she didn’t like πŸ˜ƒ”

To summarize my rambling thoughts
“God sees everything and understands everything,
so we don’t have to.
We simply need to trust Him and one way we can do that is to pray without ceasing, pray while driving, while doing the dishes, while in the shower”

Where is your favorite place to pray?


Season of Thankfulness ~ Day 22 to 24

Day 22 (catch up continued) ~ living in Florida for the past 9 months we get lots of sunshine. After the day of flying yesterday I was worried I would be in rain, rain and more rain BUT GOD knew I needed some sunshine!!! The sun has shone for most of the day. I was able to get out for a 15+ minute walk and it was nice to see some areas I haven’t seen for years. I am thankful for the sun that has shined for the last four days! Thank you Lord for not only the sunshine but your SonShine!!! in my life!!

Day 23 (catch up continuing, though I’m almost there) ~ thankful that even though our finances are still super tight and I feel very stressed about them that we had the money to pay the bills that were due this week!!! I’m really trying to cling to God’s word where he tells us:

and to focus on the moment, the here and now. One of my most recent lessons in NOOM is

Stressor/Stress Response

I see how SOS ties into my scriptures of not to worry about tomorrow…by focusing on the here and now…1. Identify the stressor/or how I respond to the stressor 2. What can I do differently and 3. Put it into action = do what I can and don’t worry about what I can’t.

I put this into action on Friday…my stressor 1. Pay Bills. 2. Turn on the Worship Music, fix myself a cup of hot coffee with some Snickers creamer 😜 and then 3. Paid the bills that were due this week and not worry about next week!!! I can’t do anything about next week so won’t worry about it till then!!!

Thank you Lord for providing for me today!!! Thank you for your Word that tells me not to worry about tomorrow!!!

Day 24 (almost caught up!) ~ for the ability to crochet and bless others…and a hubby who has bought me yarn and never complains about all the totes I have dragged across the country in all of our travels. Here are some of my most recent projects:
. .


Isn’t he the best hubby, modeling a shawl I made for a friend?

A selfish plug here ~ if you see something I have made or see a crocheted item that you like and would like me to make for you…let me know. I believe my prices are fair and as my cousin Julie has said “there is nothing better than snuggling under a homemade blanket. (the blue/cream color one up above is one of four that I have made for her)”

I have much to be thankful for ~
are you thankful for the little things as much as the big things in your life?


Being Thankful ~ Day 19 to 21

Day 19 ~ in my devotions yesterday the author quoted CS Lewis

and what really spoke to me was “the ignorant child who continues to play with the mud pies because he/she can’t imagine anything better (Ali’s Paraphrase)…I think so often I get a thought in my head and can’t imagine anything different. YET God tells us to

to seek him and He will provide for us!!! Ron often tells me “God hasn’t failed us yet, why would he start now?” I don’t know???? But….

So today I am thankful for God’s many reminders from His word, shared by others in my life to keep trusting him!!! Thank you God for all your reminders, your God winks, your spoken and unspoken reminders that I am loved and cared about and that YOU Won’t Fail Me!!! Because why would you start now???

Day 20 (catch up) ~ I am thankful for the peace that passes all understanding which only comes from God.

because sometimes I am in a crazy mind frame and God’s peace just envelopes me and calms me and I can’t explain it. I am thankful I don’t have to explain it, I can just claim it!!!

Day 21 (catch up) FIRST you may be wondering what am I trying to catch up too…25 days ago today I was spending time in the Word and reading about Lent and how we give things up to allow us time to focus on God. Some people give up bread or sugar or alcohol and I decided there were 34 days till Lenten season started and so instead of giving up something I would do 34 days of Thankfulness!!! And because I don’t write a blog post every day but I wanted the full 34 days of Thankfulness I am playing catch up to get me on schedule for starting the Lenten Season on March 2nd. Today, February 20th is the 25th day of the 34 days of Thankfulness…so now aren’t you glad I explained what I am catching up on πŸ˜‚.

I am thankful that God provides safety when I do crazy and fun things!!! And for a husband who has a heart of love and compassion. And lots of air miles!!!! Wednesday found me flying out to see and spend time with a special friend for a few days. The whole trip was $11.20!!! Two long flights and tummy issues can be difficult but the good thing is I got in 3 ~ 10+ minute walks, tummy issues were handled without much difficulty and the take off/landings were uneventful!!! Those who know me flying and I are not the best of friends!!! So I give lots of thanks that the flights were uneventful!!!

That’s all for now as I need to get ready for church! Talk soon!!


Lenten Season continues ~ Day 17 & 18

Catch up Day 17 ~ I am always so amazed at where and how the Lord meets me right where I am…I don’t know why I am so amazed because He never fails me!! Maybe I am amazed so I keep seeking and learning from Him!!

My reading today was found in Psalms 18…so much wisdom and encouragement for my soul and made available for me to share from my heart with a friend who is facing some of her own storms (remember yesterday…crisis come like a storm out of nowhere).

Beginning with

continuing with



and in closing

Reassurance throughout the chapter…God is always with me, He will never leave me and will help me to the things I need to do!!! Thank you Jesus for loving me!!! That even when I feel overwhelmed you are right there with me!!!

Catch up (day 18) ~ one of the many things I have read lately is instead of doing a To Do List (remember I said I was going to try to get away from that?) to do a Done List! Look at the positive!! I am using my Done List to remind myself that I am not just a

sloth (though he is cute!) hanging from a tree that I am enough, I am worthy to be loved and even though I may not be a success in the eyes of some…I am enough in God’s eyes I am thriving in my life in so many ways!!! Can you believe 8 days in a row of walking!!!! Not snacking at night when I go to bed…not sure how many days it’s been but it’s been since before Christmas with only one slip up…but isn’t that life…life happens and slip ups happen so we just get back up and start again…just like God’s mercies are new every morning, every morning I get to choose my hard.

What hard are you choosing today?
I am choosing to make good, better, best food choices!


Ali’s Lenten Season ~ Day 13 to Day 16

On January 27 while writing I changed how I am looking at the Lenten season this year making it 74 days (per the calendar I should be on day 25 today 😳 so this post will be some catching up) of Thankfulness/Gratefulness because

Today (day 13) I am thankful for how the Lord opens doors for me to have what I need and what I want. I want to get healthy so I need to make good, better and best choices. I not only want to be physically healthy but emotionally and spiritually healthy. I am blessed to have a hubby who works hard so that right now I can take some Me Time. Me Time is including walking every day – I have seven consecutive days of where I have walked at least once each day!!!

Catching up (day 14) thankful for a new friend who has encouraged me to get back into the Word each day. So I started a new devotional by Michele Cushatt,

and all I can say is WOW!!! Thank you Lord for meeting me where I am. My notes from today:

  • Be thankful for the friends who have crossed my path over the years. “They have held vigil over me, offered me transfusions and kept the defibrillation paddles close by (page 14)
  • They have spoken truth to my soul (pg 14) and found in
  • A crisis hits like a storm, but remember storms pass! (pg 17)

God says: I am with you always!
God reassures: I chose you!
He is ~ so I, Ali ~ am enough!!

Catching up (day 15) thankful for Opportunities ~ I found a class on Facebook, facilitated by author Leslie Leyland Fields titled “Make Your Story Matter”. It meets weekly for four weeks on Thursday evenings. Last night Leslie shared this quote by Doris Lessing.

It really resonated with my soul and is right in tune where the Lord is leading me right now…I just need to do {whatever it is} because no one else will do it for me.

What do you need to do for you that no one else can do?
Is there something that you need encouragement for?
I ask, because I am so thankful (day 16) for the notes that people have sent me telling me that I am an encouragement to them by posting my daily walks. They don’t know how much I needed to hear those words of encouragement!!


Gratefulness ~ Day 12 ~ God’s Mercy

It’s been a few crazy days…I laughed as I typed that because it always seems like life is crazy. Tuesday found me having multiple “emotional” episodes…I know feelings are feelings and they just are. They are not right or wrong but boy sometimes they just come out of nowhere and throw me for a loop. A couple of friends reached out to see what was going on…I had put a couple of arrow prayers on Facebook…thanks to all of you who prayed for me

The devotional for today is found in

True Kindness Is Love In Action | Love is an action, Love your enemies,  Daughter of god

It begins “love our enemies.” I first need to love and take care of myself. Sometimes that is just plain hard. Remember my chat from the other day “Life is hard. Being fat is hard. Being skinny healthy is hard. Choose your hard.” Loving myself on Tuesday was hard but I chose to just keep going. One thing at a time. Yes I threw a few temper tantrums, said some things, not necessarily directed at anyone…just some yelling and then I prayed. I need to learn to pray first…but hey at least I remembered to pray ~ right? Life continues to be full of stressors ` ~ I just need to admit that life will always have stressors in it. It’s how I respond that is important.

And again I am reminded that

His Mercies Are NEW Every Morning | Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

and to breathe! trust! and breathe some more!!! Sometimes loving me is hard and I am so thankful for a husband who loves me unconditionally. Who walks up and hugs me and reminds me that things will work out, that we will be okay and to keep moving forward.

I am thankful for friends who know how to put a smile on my face, who encourage me with an email or a message or a picture/meme on Facebook.

And I am thankful for God’s provision in unexpected ways. A financial gift to cover an expense I didn’t know was coming. A check shows up in the mail that covers the gas for an unexpected trip that must be made. God always provides …. Lord help me to remember that.

Jesus is calling us to do just that. He calls us to receive and share God’s graceβ€”to do the hard work of being peacemakers and sowing seeds of love. Hate is easy, but love requires us to forgive and move forward.

As I begin today, I pray Lord help me to know how to love those I come into contact with. To say just the right thing and to remember to be quiet when necessary.

How do you show God’s love?
Is it harder to love someone you are in conflict with?
Do you find it hard to love yourself?

My journey on getting healthy continues ~
Six days of at least one walk a day is in the books.
Yesterday because of what I was busy doing, it was actually three walks!!!
Does that count as three days…nope, need to get out the door for my walk this morning!!! But Yeah Me! 6 days of a purposeful walk!!! Yesterday my hip only started hurting towards the end of the third walk…so maybe what “they” say “moving gets easier the more you move πŸ˜‚”


Thankfulness ~ Day 11 ~ the Little Things

Just a quick blog post today as we just got home from a weekend at our son’s and I have a few things to do but first I want to share what I’m thankful for today…the little things which could really be the big things.

We came home to no power in the trailer. Found out there had been issues off/on throughout the weekend. The power company had been here in the park and the manager was hoping things would be working soon.

We got the all clear. Eric (neighbor) had power but um…we didn’t. Checked the breakers on the pole, checked the breakers in the trailer. Ron and Eric tried a couple of things and then found the manager. DeeDee did some checking and found the power company guy had not turned on all the site breakers…yeah! We have power!!!

Set the clocks, turned on the furnace, put on my jacket and waited….and about 20 minutes later the trailer was starting to warm up. Thirty minutes later and we are all toasty warm!!!

Today I am thankful for our little home on wheels and a working furnace!!!

What about you ~ what are you thankful for today?