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Ali’s Lenten Season ~ Day 13 to Day 16

On January 27 while writing I changed how I am looking at the Lenten season this year making it 74 days (per the calendar I should be on day 25 today 😳 so this post will be some catching up) of Thankfulness/Gratefulness because

Today (day 13) I am thankful for how the Lord opens doors for me to have what I need and what I want. I want to get healthy so I need to make good, better and best choices. I not only want to be physically healthy but emotionally and spiritually healthy. I am blessed to have a hubby who works hard so that right now I can take some Me Time. Me Time is including walking every day – I have seven consecutive days of where I have walked at least once each day!!!

Catching up (day 14) thankful for a new friend who has encouraged me to get back into the Word each day. So I started a new devotional by Michele Cushatt,

and all I can say is WOW!!! Thank you Lord for meeting me where I am. My notes from today:

  • Be thankful for the friends who have crossed my path over the years. “They have held vigil over me, offered me transfusions and kept the defibrillation paddles close by (page 14)
  • They have spoken truth to my soul (pg 14) and found in
  • A crisis hits like a storm, but remember storms pass! (pg 17)

God says: I am with you always!
God reassures: I chose you!
He is ~ so I, Ali ~ am enough!!

Catching up (day 15) thankful for Opportunities ~ I found a class on Facebook, facilitated by author Leslie Leyland Fields titled “Make Your Story Matter”. It meets weekly for four weeks on Thursday evenings. Last night Leslie shared this quote by Doris Lessing.

It really resonated with my soul and is right in tune where the Lord is leading me right now…I just need to do {whatever it is} because no one else will do it for me.

What do you need to do for you that no one else can do?
Is there something that you need encouragement for?
I ask, because I am so thankful (day 16) for the notes that people have sent me telling me that I am an encouragement to them by posting my daily walks. They don’t know how much I needed to hear those words of encouragement!!

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