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  • Wednesday Writings

    I need to toot my own horn…as I crawled out of bed at 8:15 this morning to take CharlieBoy for a walk I thought I would crawl back into bed when I got back…but by the time I got back into the trailer, checked my blood sugar ~ ugh 141 fasting ~ and I know…

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  • Tuesday Talk ~

    What a beautiful morning to wake up here in Land O Lakes, Florida ~ there is a nice breeze blowing. I remember someone told me once when I was a little girl that when you feel a slight breeze blowing across your face it is Jesus sending you a kiss…so this morning I take Jesus’…

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  • Monday Morning Meanderings Again 😊

    It’s been another hard week emotionally for me. Sometimes I really wonder why I struggle so much. A good friend suggested I am grieving the loss of full-time rv’ing and traveling and working. The decision to settle happened so quickly. It’s not a bad situation ~ Ron got a job fairly quickly. It’s a shift…

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