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Energized! Day 30 of Thankfulness!

I will be honest yesterday was a hard day! I am glad the hard days don’t last a lifetime but for only a moment in time!!

This morning as I was waking up I realized my legs were very sore so I did some stretching for two minutes. One of my tasks today is to find a 10 to 15 minute stretching video that I can start doing each day. I believe it really made my walk this morning much easier. I walked 13+ minutes, just over a half mile and my back didn’t hurt nearly as much. Another thing to be thankful for!!!

Yesterday while chatting with a friend she had read:

and immediately I thought “no wonder I have to do things over and over again!!! Even Jesus does things over and over…like pruning us to help us to grow.” I often talk about how life is like a spiral

I explain it like this: in the above picture I start in the center, say the dark blue, then as I move farther out, still the dark blue, I get further out from the center. I may still be dealing with XXXX but I am in a different space so I look at XXXX differently…sure hope that makes sense 😂 and the further out I go (deal with XXXX) my perspective changes, my actions change and I deal with things just a bit differently and XXXX affects me a little different.

As I reflected on John 15:2 I realized that each time Jesus prunes me it is just a bit different than the time before and I am thankful for the growth in my life and how I look at things. Doesn’t mean I still don’t have hard days, like yesterday or I don’t say things I regret I just apologize a bit sooner.

In my scripture readings today

I am further reminded that God takes the hard ugly stuff and makes beautiful things!!! I’ve been talking to a friend a lot this past week about many of the issues I have dealt with over the years and how I have so many specific events that were hard or horrible and God has brought beauty out of them. And for that I am thankful.

One precious memory is when this guy was officially made our first grandson!

Brandon married Danalyn in November 2007 but on August 11, 2008 Max legally became a Workentin!!! What’s so special about that day ~ August 11, 1977 is the day Royce went home to be with Jesus, a very hard day and a day that has held many sad tears…but on that same day in 2008 HE gave us a big reason to celebrate! God made a difficult day a celebration day!!!

Other verses from today


remind that too much of a good thing is not necessarily good. And immediately I thought of my eating, changing my lifestyle of not overeating…I need to eat only what I need, not binge eat. And that not always when I reach for something to eat am I hungry but probably thirsty!! So here’s to drinking more water!!! I am giving myself a pat on my back as it has been over four weeks since I have had a soda of any kind!!!!

And with that, it’s time to stop all this deep thinking and move on to something fun…I got an order to make a pocket shawl so it’s time to binge (healthy binging) watch some TV and get some crocheting done!!!

What are some favorite shows you like to binge watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

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