Being Thankful Day 27 & 28

Alternate title: It’s hard to be thankful at times!

I’m really struggling right now and to be honest finding something, anything to be thankful for has been hard the past two days. It is much easier for me to focus on the negative BUT I know God doesn’t want me to focus on that.

Day 27 ~ was able to get two projects in the mail. I’m thankful for the ability to crochet, to make useful and pretty things. I can’t wait to hear that they have arrived at their new homes. One person is expecting their package, the other is a surprise! I love to surprise people. Do you like surprises?

Day 28 ~ today, I am thankful for the birth of a friends new baby boy. His appearance came after multiple losses for this mama. Thankful for rainbow babies and a healthy baby boy!!!

I am thankful for God’s word and his reminders that he looks on the inside not on the outside like man…

In my devotion this morning I am being challenged to see my beauty as God sees me. My homework consists of answering the following:

  1. Complete the sentence. “I would be beautiful if ….”
  2. Do I have control over any of the above? If no, let it go. If yes, what can I do differently?
  3. What makes me feel beautiful?
  4. Where does God say my beauty comes from?

St. Augustine penned:

and asks the same question that God encourages us to answer…

Please join me in my prayers today to see myself as God sees me, not as I see myself. To be honest right now I see myself as a screw up, gullible and stupid. I know in my head I am none of those, but right now the heart has a bit more control of my vision then my head.

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