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Thankfulness ~ Day 11 ~ the Little Things

Just a quick blog post today as we just got home from a weekend at our son’s and I have a few things to do but first I want to share what I’m thankful for today…the little things which could really be the big things.

We came home to no power in the trailer. Found out there had been issues off/on throughout the weekend. The power company had been here in the park and the manager was hoping things would be working soon.

We got the all clear. Eric (neighbor) had power but um…we didn’t. Checked the breakers on the pole, checked the breakers in the trailer. Ron and Eric tried a couple of things and then found the manager. DeeDee did some checking and found the power company guy had not turned on all the site breakers…yeah! We have power!!!

Set the clocks, turned on the furnace, put on my jacket and waited….and about 20 minutes later the trailer was starting to warm up. Thirty minutes later and we are all toasty warm!!!

Today I am thankful for our little home on wheels and a working furnace!!!

What about you ~ what are you thankful for today?

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