Extending Grace to Myself ~ Days 25 & 26

Day 25 (last day of catch up 🤣) Yesterday was a day of rest for me. I did not go for a walk and at first the mind was going “come on, get out there” but the body was saying “not today as my hips/back were really sore.” So I said, Ali if Friend said her back and hips were super sore what would you tell her…I would tell her to rest and that tomorrow is a new day. And remind her that God even rested on the seventh day. So I allowed myself to rest. I enjoyed a movie, enjoyed crocheting and ate lots of popcorn…it was a great day. I am thankful that I have learned to extend the same grace I give to others to myself.

I was able to attend two worship services…thank you technology!!! First service waas with a friend, South Beach Church. I listened to the music, two songs I don’t think I had heard before: WayMaker and How I Fight My Battles. Both of these songs had lines that really spoke to me: I am surrounded by God at all times! and He will always make a way for me! I may not know how or why or when but trusting God is the key!!! I have added both of these songs to my playlist. Check them out by clicking on the links above.

The second service was New River Church where Pastor Fred finished up the series of Me, You & Jim (a study of the book of James) … and reminded that we need to PRAY, pray at all times

What a great reminder…to pray first!!! My tendency in times of trouble is to cry out, not necessarily to anyone in particular, post it on Facebook…I know, I know I don’t want the signal 🤣!!!, write and then pray…so my prayer is that I will turn to prayer first!! I want to say thank you to Pastor Fred and Pastor Luke ~ thank you for sharing from your hearts and so thankful for technology to keep me connected.

Day 26 of Thankfulness ~ today…all caught up!!! Today my Bible reading had me laughing and thinking…

Thinking: stop explaining, start listening, stop justifying and start believing! Remember to breathe!!! God knows the plans he has for me/us…just keep trusting.


and the laughing:

I read….”precious treasure and oil are in the dwelling of a wise person but FOOD consumes them”. It actually said “precious treasures and oil are in the dwelling of the a wise person but a fool consumes them!”
I am not surprised I read the word Fool as Food…as I have been hungry all day. And that’s where most of my thoughts have been … I have been easily distracted with making breakfast (poached eggs and a mini-bagel) and proud of myself for not buying the Peeps at Dollar Tree, which by the way is not a $1 any more…but $1.25…now they need to change their name…but alas that is another story!!!

Today I am thankful for the gift of laughter and how even though I could have bought a box or two of Peeps (one of my favorites! and have you tried them frozen? they are the best!!!) That God loves me and is helping me to continue to make not only good but better and best choices ~ today’s best choice was not to buy the box of Peeps!!!

What are you thankful for?
Do you ever read something that isn’t exactly what was written?
Are you finding something to laugh about today?

One other thing in closing today ~ don’t you just love my spastic writing? I remember a friend and I were talking many years ago and we both said we are spastic talkers as our conversations go in a million directions at a million miles an hour…and of course, if you have been around Ron and I for any length of time you have heard him say “Ali has never met a word she didn’t like 😃”

To summarize my rambling thoughts
“God sees everything and understands everything,
so we don’t have to.
We simply need to trust Him and one way we can do that is to pray without ceasing, pray while driving, while doing the dishes, while in the shower”

Where is your favorite place to pray?

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