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Gratefulness ~ Day 12 ~ God’s Mercy

It’s been a few crazy days…I laughed as I typed that because it always seems like life is crazy. Tuesday found me having multiple “emotional” episodes…I know feelings are feelings and they just are. They are not right or wrong but boy sometimes they just come out of nowhere and throw me for a loop. A couple of friends reached out to see what was going on…I had put a couple of arrow prayers on Facebook…thanks to all of you who prayed for me

The devotional for today is found in

True Kindness Is Love In Action | Love is an action, Love your enemies,  Daughter of god

It begins “love our enemies.” I first need to love and take care of myself. Sometimes that is just plain hard. Remember my chat from the other day “Life is hard. Being fat is hard. Being skinny healthy is hard. Choose your hard.” Loving myself on Tuesday was hard but I chose to just keep going. One thing at a time. Yes I threw a few temper tantrums, said some things, not necessarily directed at anyone…just some yelling and then I prayed. I need to learn to pray first…but hey at least I remembered to pray ~ right? Life continues to be full of stressors ` ~ I just need to admit that life will always have stressors in it. It’s how I respond that is important.

And again I am reminded that

His Mercies Are NEW Every Morning | Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

and to breathe! trust! and breathe some more!!! Sometimes loving me is hard and I am so thankful for a husband who loves me unconditionally. Who walks up and hugs me and reminds me that things will work out, that we will be okay and to keep moving forward.

I am thankful for friends who know how to put a smile on my face, who encourage me with an email or a message or a picture/meme on Facebook.

And I am thankful for God’s provision in unexpected ways. A financial gift to cover an expense I didn’t know was coming. A check shows up in the mail that covers the gas for an unexpected trip that must be made. God always provides …. Lord help me to remember that.

Jesus is calling us to do just that. He calls us to receive and share God’s grace—to do the hard work of being peacemakers and sowing seeds of love. Hate is easy, but love requires us to forgive and move forward.

As I begin today, I pray Lord help me to know how to love those I come into contact with. To say just the right thing and to remember to be quiet when necessary.

How do you show God’s love?
Is it harder to love someone you are in conflict with?
Do you find it hard to love yourself?

My journey on getting healthy continues ~
Six days of at least one walk a day is in the books.
Yesterday because of what I was busy doing, it was actually three walks!!!
Does that count as three days…nope, need to get out the door for my walk this morning!!! But Yeah Me! 6 days of a purposeful walk!!! Yesterday my hip only started hurting towards the end of the third walk…so maybe what “they” say “moving gets easier the more you move 😂”

2 responses to “Gratefulness ~ Day 12 ~ God’s Mercy”

  1. This morning Len and I went to the local senior center. We had not been there in MONTHS. It was so nice to be welcomed back. On Thursday they have a live band and dancing. As you know, Len is on Oxygen. But he took it off 4 times and we danced! It’s been so long. We both say we need to take walks. Yes, you are inspiring me that I need to be more active. Congrats! You don’t always realize who you are helping.

  2. Phyllis thank you so much for your encouraging words and I cried picturing you and Len dancing…I can see him smiling with that big grin and wearing his cowboy hat…so happy for you both to have this day together.

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