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Season of Thankfulness ~ Day 22 to 24

Day 22 (catch up continued) ~ living in Florida for the past 9 months we get lots of sunshine. After the day of flying yesterday I was worried I would be in rain, rain and more rain BUT GOD knew I needed some sunshine!!! The sun has shone for most of the day. I was able to get out for a 15+ minute walk and it was nice to see some areas I haven’t seen for years. I am thankful for the sun that has shined for the last four days! Thank you Lord for not only the sunshine but your SonShine!!! in my life!!

Day 23 (catch up continuing, though I’m almost there) ~ thankful that even though our finances are still super tight and I feel very stressed about them that we had the money to pay the bills that were due this week!!! I’m really trying to cling to God’s word where he tells us:

and to focus on the moment, the here and now. One of my most recent lessons in NOOM is

Stressor/Stress Response

I see how SOS ties into my scriptures of not to worry about tomorrow…by focusing on the here and now…1. Identify the stressor/or how I respond to the stressor 2. What can I do differently and 3. Put it into action = do what I can and don’t worry about what I can’t.

I put this into action on Friday…my stressor 1. Pay Bills. 2. Turn on the Worship Music, fix myself a cup of hot coffee with some Snickers creamer 😜 and then 3. Paid the bills that were due this week and not worry about next week!!! I can’t do anything about next week so won’t worry about it till then!!!

Thank you Lord for providing for me today!!! Thank you for your Word that tells me not to worry about tomorrow!!!

Day 24 (almost caught up!) ~ for the ability to crochet and bless others…and a hubby who has bought me yarn and never complains about all the totes I have dragged across the country in all of our travels. Here are some of my most recent projects:
. .


Isn’t he the best hubby, modeling a shawl I made for a friend?

A selfish plug here ~ if you see something I have made or see a crocheted item that you like and would like me to make for you…let me know. I believe my prices are fair and as my cousin Julie has said “there is nothing better than snuggling under a homemade blanket. (the blue/cream color one up above is one of four that I have made for her)”

I have much to be thankful for ~
are you thankful for the little things as much as the big things in your life?

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