Lenten Season continues ~ Day 17 & 18

Catch up Day 17 ~ I am always so amazed at where and how the Lord meets me right where I am…I don’t know why I am so amazed because He never fails me!! Maybe I am amazed so I keep seeking and learning from Him!!

My reading today was found in Psalms 18…so much wisdom and encouragement for my soul and made available for me to share from my heart with a friend who is facing some of her own storms (remember yesterday…crisis come like a storm out of nowhere).

Beginning with

continuing with



and in closing

Reassurance throughout the chapter…God is always with me, He will never leave me and will help me to the things I need to do!!! Thank you Jesus for loving me!!! That even when I feel overwhelmed you are right there with me!!!

Catch up (day 18) ~ one of the many things I have read lately is instead of doing a To Do List (remember I said I was going to try to get away from that?) to do a Done List! Look at the positive!! I am using my Done List to remind myself that I am not just a

sloth (though he is cute!) hanging from a tree that I am enough, I am worthy to be loved and even though I may not be a success in the eyes of some…I am enough in God’s eyes I am thriving in my life in so many ways!!! Can you believe 8 days in a row of walking!!!! Not snacking at night when I go to bed…not sure how many days it’s been but it’s been since before Christmas with only one slip up…but isn’t that life…life happens and slip ups happen so we just get back up and start again…just like God’s mercies are new every morning, every morning I get to choose my hard.

What hard are you choosing today?
I am choosing to make good, better, best food choices!

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