Reminders for Today…

…figuring out Titles for my posts seem so hard for me
so today I just went with simple…
Reminders for Today….
I slept well last night, a good reminder that good, restful sleep is a positive thing!!!
Time with the Lord this morning seemed to be all over the board,
but that’s okay, because my mind is all over the map this morning.
God calls us to be Peacemakers…I am not always a peacemaker, more like a troublemaker.  Never thought of it as SIN, but more like rocking the boat, playing 
the devils advocate, putting my two cents out there…maybe I need to really think about this verse…being a peacemaker.
This picture reminds me of one of the views on our drive from Cedarcreek into Branson.  Water is always calming to me, probably why I like to take baths and showers to help me relax…on a side note, I miss my bathtub so don’t be surprised if we are visiting you and I ask if I can take a bath :)!

Peacemaker…not causing strife

Lord, help me to be the peacemaker not the troublemaker.
Peacemaker…sharing love with one another
Lord, help me to share your love with those I come into contact with,
whether in person or through the phone or my fingers.
this verse really jumped out at me
as we prepare to leave our position as gate guards
(we don’t actually guard a gate…)
in May of 2019 to do some traveling, see family and friends,
and rest…really rest.  Like I said above,
I slept well last night 
but our schedule is not really restful
and everyone needs to rest at times.
We make plans, we pray about them,
we seek counsel from others,
we plan where we will stay, who we will see and
some of the things we will do…like swimming with the grands!!!
But through it all we know the Lord is the one who is in control
and we need to be flexible in our hearts and minds for whatever comes our way.
Do you make plans?
What do you do when those plans change unexpectedly?
Again, my mind has been on Tess and her children,
they had plans as a family,
and yes, I believe the Lord is in control and doesn’t intentionally cause his children to hurt, but HE is with them (and us) every step of the way.  I can pray for the Lord to comfort Tess and the family, help them to get to a place to see the good in life once again…most of all I pray that they are surrounded with those who love and care for them.  And that they KNOW they are not alone even though I am sure they are feeling very lonely and alone without Jory right there with them.
and then this verse appeared in my reading
…what a great reminder that GOD is greater than anything, anything we feel, anything we have to deal with, anything!!!!
Changing topics here….
The other day I was watching Dr. Phil and something he said caught my attention.  One of the guests said something about not having willpower and Dr. Phil’s response was  “it’s not willpower, it’s programming.”
WOW…that made me think, so I did some research and found this where he talks about it a bit more…
5) Make lifestyle changes. “It’s not willpower, it’s programming,” Dr. Phil says. You have to set your life up for success if you’re going to break your addiction. If you’re trying to stop smoking or drinking, try simple things like not carrying money for cigarette vending machines or cleaning your cupboards of alcoholic beverages Sugary foods ~ Ali!!!. You may have to change the places you frequent, what you do for fun and whom you hang out with. If you are a computer junkie, remove the computer from your house. The best way to stop an addiction is to not have access to it. By Dr. Phil

I have an eating disorder…I like food…I like my snacks, popcorn, York peppermint patties, potato chips, ice cream, pasta…all forms of pasta, bread…you can say I like carbohydrates!!!  But guess what, they don’t like me, they are not good for me, but they taste so good!!!

I’ve been talking with my daughter-in-love, D recently about the Ketogenic diet, she has been talking to her naturopath, and I have been reading about the Keto diet for diabetics and how many diabetics who have chosen to follow a modified Keto diet have been able to reduce or even eliminate some or all of their diabetes medications.  

And the comment Dr. Phil made the other day about “it’s not willpower, it’s programming” struck a reality chord with me…I need to reprogram how I see food and use food to fuel my body.  Ali disclaimer here ~ I am not turning into a health food freak…that would not be me!!!  Just going to implement some new things in my life…tools for eating healthy…just like I implemented new tools in being a great parent!!! And doing it one step at a time!!!

Watch for more updates of this new route of this journey we call life…one of eating healthier…I will still eat my York peppermint patties at Christmas…right Grands??

So another question for y’all…

…what are some of your favorite low carb dishes?
feel free to email me at ali1257 AT gmail DOT com

what are some ways you substitute healthy foods for those great tasting pasta’s?
feel free to email me at ali1257 AT gmail DOT com

I also want to say thanks to those who leave me comments on my blog…I love to hear from y’all so keep those comments coming!!!

Heavy Heart and Another Reminder

Last night we heard about the passing of a sweet man we met in Branson.
Jory Rolf, died unexpectedly last Saturday leaving his sweet wife, Tess and their six children without their daddy.
I sat in disbelief as I read the letter that a sweet friend, mentor and pastor wrote about Jory…and my heart began to ache as I thought of Tess and the children, such a wonderful and loving family who’s only goal was and is to share Jesus love with others.  That’s what they were doing in Central Florida…sharing the love of the Lord.
If I’m in shock, how must Tess be feeling?
All I can do is keep asking the Lord to comfort her and the children as no one else can in His strength and love. 
Please join Ron and I as we lift the Rolf family up.
The days ahead will be hard and difficult for them
YET we can keep trusting the Lord to take care of them.
If you would like to help Tess and the kids out in a tangible way,
donations are being accepted at

And this is just another reminder to me that we don’t ever know how long we have here on earth with our family and friends…
and so this morning as I was spending time with the Lord, 
trying to wrap my head around my thoughts and tears
I asked the Lord to reveal Himself to me.

Life can change in an instant,
are you right with the Lord?

This morning HE reminded me of the following:


forgive those who have hurt you/me,
not once, but over and over,
we never know if we will have the chance to say
“I’m sorry” again so say it, mean it
and if you have to say it over and over then do so.

I have been hurt by many, some very close to me, who were supposed to love me, not hurt me YET I know I have hurt many too, some very close to me, who I was supposed to love not hurt and 
God loves me, still and always will.
And He has forgiven me over and over.
I have apologized to those I can for the wrongs I caused,
I hope they know I truly am sorry for hurting them,
and that I work very hard to not hurt anyone anymore.
Hurting someone is Sin,
I know I sin, every day, intentionally, no but it still happens.
BUT every day I ask the Lord to forgive me for hurting/sinning
that is what HE commands us to do.
1 Chronicles 16: 7-36
is a prayer of Thanksgiving.
Sometimes it’s so hard to “be thankful” 
especially when we hear of hard things, like the loss of a dear man,
and yet we are reminded
and then 
and then some more
and again
And so, 
even though,
my heart aches for Tess and the children,
I join with them in celebrating that
Jory loved the LORD with all his heart and soul
and he is now singing praises with the Lord.
and that God loves us so much
He gives us chances upon chances
to do good,
turn from sin,
and to 
love one another!!!
My prayer today:
Lord, my heart aches for Tess and the children, 
even though we weren’t close friends,
I have special memories of time spent with them
at Branson View Campground, 
on the Showboat Branson Belle,
snuggling the little ones,
being blessed by their music
and so I ask Lord,
be with Tess, the children
and the rest of Jory’s family during these difficult days.
Help me to impact the lives of those who I come into contact with,
out here in the middle of no where Texas,
my family and friends, near and far,
and most importantly 
help me to remember to let them know
I love them and care about them
wherever they are and in whatever they are doing.
And THANK YOU Lord for loving me,
with all my foibles and faults,
THANK YOU for forgiving me over and over
and extending GRACE to me over and over.
I love you JESUS!!!


Seeking God in All We Do

I am always amazed at how the Lord meets me 
right where I am, in ways He only knows.
BY: doodlethroughthebible.blogspot.com
Today as I was reading Proverbs 4:14-27
I am reminded to guard my heart,
seek God’s wisdom,
guarding my heart is not just what I think,
but also what I read, watch and listen too.
To stay focused, keep on the path
that the Lord leads me on.
Don’t get side~tracked or distracted…
…which is something that easily happens to me.
As many of you know,
we have been gate~guarding in the oil patch
since May 2018 and plan to be there thru most of May 2019
when we plan on doing some traveling,
seeing family, old friends and making new friends
while seeing parts of the US that are new to us.
It is one of our dreams…to travel and see this beautiful country.
And we are thankful to have this opportunity.
So the verses today,
to stay on the path, don’t get side~tracked are important,
important to me/us…
it leads to the question, is this where the Lord is leading.
All we can say is
…we plan and we will see how things turn out.
I remember a few years back I asked our pastor’s wife
“how do you know if you are following God’s plan?”
Her reply, “Step out, move forward yet be flexible and most of all Keep Trusting God!!”
and so that is what we do.
Changing gears:
Then in 1 John 2:7
we are told to
1 John 2 9~10
and I begin to wonder,
Lord,do I love ALL those I come into 
contact with or do I cause others to stumble?
Do I watch what I say (or write),
do I share love or hate,
and then my heart cries
LORD, HELP ME to love one another at all times!!!
And forgive me for the times I have caused others to stumble.
Do you ever wonder how others see what you say (or write), do they see love or hatred, kindness or meanness,
and if you hurt someone
do you quickly try to make things right?
When I look back to my past,
I can see so many mistakes I have made
and I think I have made things right with those I have hurt,
or at least tried to…it is hard to make things right with those who refuse to communicate with you…but I have to tell myself,
that it is all in God’s hands now.
He knows my heart.

Yes, HE Cares Part II

As I was writing
my CD player quit working,
had multiple trucks come into the yard
and my mind went blank
so I 
for a bit…
Back to Genesis 2: 5~25
and I reflected on our marriage,
I can definitely say we are helpers to each other.
My bestie and I like to laugh and say
“God sure knew what He was doing when he brought our hubby’s into our lives.  Think how messed up we would be without them.  Who else could put up with us??”
I am so thankful for my hubby!!!
We are definitely a team.
We have been asked often how do we do it…
…well we love other first and foremost…
…when one cooks the other does the dishes (usually)
…when one is working, the other is sleeping, well at least while we are gate guards!
…one does the laundry, the other puts it away…
…we go grocery shopping together as one sticks to the list and the other not so much!
we balance each other,
when one is sad the other is happy,
yet at times we cry together
over the same sappy Hallmark movies,
…neither sees the other as better than the other…
we are a team!!!
And together we are thankful for the many blessings in our lives!!
We have children,
two wonderful daughters-in-love!!!
Image may contain: 2 people, including Jamie Workentin, people smiling, people standing and outdoor  and 
and Grands!!!

we are blessed beyond measure
and since we as parents want the best for our children
God, as our Heavenly Father
wants the same for us!!
God blesses me over and over!!!
How do you know God blesses you?

Yes, HE Cares!!!

I woke up feeling a bit discombooberated,
slept for over 10 hours!!!
Not sure why I slept so long
and I felt bad that Ron had worked almost 16 hours straight
(though he would never say anything about that)
so once I was done with the daily report ~ we had 43 loads yesterday
(this is in a 24 hr period ~ 6am to 5:59am)
I opened up my Bible to the study I am doing with some others on Facebook
Today was Day 3 & 4 for me
Proverbs 20
this is such a rich passage
His throne is made secure through love;
Our MARRIAGE is secured through love! (Ali’s version)
One of the drivers this morning asked me how long Ron and I have been together.  I told him we met June 22, 1975,
got engaged on July 21, 1975 and
married on December 20, 1975!
and we will be celebrating 44 years this year.
Arius reply was “WOW, I don’t know anyone who has been married longer than I’ve been born!!! That must be a record!!!  How do you do that?”
It gave me an opportunity to tell Arius that without the Lord, the love and prayers of family and friends we wouldn’t be…that we have had our fair share of struggles, some that would have caused others to flee but that divorce was never an option (though Ron will tell you he thought of it once!) through it all, we have loved each other, through thick and thin, the good and the bad, the easy and difficult,
we knew/know that God brought us together.  Arius seemed a bit in shock that we have only been married once and that is/was to each other.
1 John 1 ~ 2:6
all speak to me in so many ways,
Jesus is our light and without him we are in darkness,
Jesus loves us more than anything, He gave his life for us,
we need to love others just as He loved us,
when we do wrong, we need to confess to Him
clear the darkness from our lives 
finally in 1 John 2:1-2
we are reminded that our parents, who are supposed to be our advocates in life while we were younger, that Christ is our advocate now, today and forever.
I have always struggled with the many verses in the Word that talk about honor your parents, the good that parents are to be, and how parents are to be there for us at all times…because of my own upbringing…what I finally came to terms is that my parents did the best they could with what they knew/could and I must do better than them.
I was not always the best parent my children should have had,
but I learned, through trial and error, through the good and bad times,
with the help of a wonderful husband!!! and many others in my life 
and being open to learning  new ways to parent but more importantly new ways to love myself I was then and am now able to love others
just as God commands us!!
Genesis 2:5-25
shares about how husbands and wife came to be,
how we are to be with each other
and I am so thankful for the helpmate that the Lord brought into my life…
December 20, 1975

December 22, 2000
Celebrating 25 years of marriage
No photo description available.
43 years and counting!!
Thank you Lord
for loving me enough
to send YOUR SON,
and making 
Ron just for me!!!
All this shows that
HE cares for me!!!

Time in the Word

First…rambling thoughts…
TITLES are hard to come up with!!!
Just saying!!!
The verse for today is
Image result for proverbs 3 5-6
which is the verse I chose many years ago as my life verse.
I can’t count the number of times I have repeated this verse but I know thousands or more…often times I find myself asking “what should I/we do?”
and for those who have been reading my blog for any length of time,
know that we are often asking ourselves that question
and then seeking the Lord.
As I shared with a friend this morning,
even though we may not understand the why of something,
anytime we look back we can see the hand of God in our lives…
most recently,  I can say we thought taking the job in Utah last spring was a good thing for us both financially and personally…that job did not work out (for a few reasons) and we ended back here in Texas in early May 2018 and in July 2018 Ron was diagnosed with breast cancer (yes men get breast cancer); because of the type of work we are doing right now he only missed 4 days of work! The way we are being paid does not affect his SS pay either…both BIG blessings in our life right now. Though we were scared about leaving Utah and taking a job we knew absolutely nothing about we have experienced such peace here…and are reminded daily that God does know what he is doing even when we don’t.

Continuing in the Word this morning
Image result for genesis 1 2
Image result for genesis 1 4
Image result for genesis 1 16
Genesis 1: 2, 4 & 16
really spoke to me this morning
about depression and gratitude
Just as God started out the earth was formless, empty and dark
and then he formed light & dark
but then He formed the 
sun, the moon and the stars
and at the end of each day he said
“and it was good”
depression is a dark and scary thing,
but when we peel back the covers
and allow the light to come in
our hope is raised and grown
and no matter how dark it is 
there is always the smallest sliver of the mood and the tiniest of stars to
shine some light on the situation
and through it all 
God said it was good
and no matter how difficult life can be
or seems to be,
we always have hope,
hope for the light to shine through
I know that over time,
Ron and I have become more grateful
each and every day
and if I could even 
encourage one person today,
find something to give thanks for…even just a little thing
because remember at the end, its the little things that 
become the big things!!!
Today, even in the dreary gray sky
I am thankful it’s not raining,
raining here in West Texas = a big mess for us!!
and so for today I am thankful it is not raining.
What are you thankful for today?

Rambling Thoughts

The last couple of nights I have had trouble falling asleep.
It is what it is but at the same time it’s hard if I don’t sleep then it means Ron doesn’t get to sleep at a good time either.
The last two nights I have been tired when I go to bed
but sleep just doesn’t come,
I know I’m fighting an infection of some kind and I am sure that is contributing to not sleeping well.
I find myself writing letters to many different people 
in my  mind
Dr. Phil,
Jamie & Brandon,
my sister, Joanie,
aunts and uncles
I find myself praying
and then get frustrated when my mind wanders
and I have no clue how I got from praying 
to thinking about York peppermints.
I have lots of things to be working on
…but I find myself playing on my phone,
putting together puzzles,
playing Solitaire
or Mahjong
I have a To Do List that 
is growing
and the countdown is on…
…we only have 132 days till we leave on our trip…
and yet I find myself 
just vegging,
and who knows what else.
I haven’t been crocheting much
and yet have so many projects to do…
…mail the granddaughter her slippers,
finish grandson #3’s slippers,
make a friend’s tank top,
finish the granddaughter’s birthday present,
a graduation blanket waiting to be made,
an anniversary blanket
and who knows what else…
…oh all the Christmas projects for 2019!!
I know I’m rambling,
I’m frustrated as I can’t find
some important documents that I need,
…enough rambling I guess…
maybe the next post will be a bit more informative!!

Reflections and Reminders

This morning as I sit snuggled under my afghan
Pictured while being made!
and my beanie on covering my ears
Purple Beanie
because it’s so flippin cold outside 
and I’m tired of putting it on and taking it off,
plus it’s very warm
reading in the Word
I am reminded over and over how God takes the old and makes things new!
What happened yesterday, is past
today is a new day
and to Just Be!!!
Winter of 2002 I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and was out of work for 12 weeks…I worked at home, at my pace, keeping up with payroll and reports but for most of the time I laid on the couch,
hurting and too tired to move.
I remember calling Pastor Charles  one day and crying, I hate not being able to do things, just getting up to go to the restroom makes me tired and I sleep for two hours!!!  He calmly responded, “use this time to learn what the Lord has for you….maybe it’s JUST BEING!  
Not doing for others,
not taking care of others,
letting others take care of you…
…so hard to do!!!
I wish I could say I learned how to Just Be and can do it quite well now…
but that would be far from the truth…and I’m learning it again,
as I continue to read in Esther…
I need to live and enjoy life in this moment.
and I think I’m finally succeeding at it (somewhat)
as I am so enjoying the few hours each morning 
I am setting aside to be in the Word,
to prayer,
to color and think,
to write…and realizing I write for me and no one else…and if others read what I write I hope they find something they can use.  
Oh I like it when people comment on my writings, 
but in reality, I’m enjoying writing for me and sharing out loud what thoughts run through my mind as I read and just be.
I love the little nuggets of reminders that come to mind each day…
and my heart warms with memories of coffee dates, sharing emails,
laughing and crying with my bestie, sharing play dates with  my grands with her, did I say coffee dates and sharing emails…
as she will say to me 
“God hasn’t failed you yet, what makes you think He will start now?”
He hasn’t and I know He won’t!!!
And then in 2 Kings 18:32 and
to take every thought, concern, every detail,
large or small to the Lord as He cares about every detail of my life, 
to Him!!!  as He cares about me, every single detail about me
and to 
Choose Life not death!!!
and then the memories started flooding my heart
and tears started rolling and then I remembered,
for such a time as this
I am where I am
I have faced many struggles/demons in my life 
and just as God words tells me 
he cares about me, every little detail
because now all the hatred and negativity I thought about myself 
is behind me
and I reminded that God has healed me in so many areas of my life and for that I am so thankful!!!!  Life is so much better without all the hate and hurt that I carried for so many years.
and then my girlfriend, TR, posted this on Facebook:
So let’s address this comment: 
if you read God’s word enough and had enough faith your marriage would not end. This said to a divorced person.
First of all, this is a religious spirit talking. If you hear it, walk away. If you hear yourself saying it, time for some serious reflection.
Second, this is the same mentality that said my Father-in-law died because we didn’t have enough faith to heal him. No. Cancer killed him. Not us. And the spouse who is leaving a marriage for her safety and her children HAS not ended her marriage. The abusive narcissistic man ended their marriage.
Third, God did not exclude himself from divorcing Israel. Why would he require a higher standard for human relations?
Fourth, the Bible speaks of making a way of escape for those who are oppressed. If you think enduring physical abuse of your body, mental and emotional of your identity and spiritual abuse of your soul is not oppressive might I suggest you check your heart to see if it’s still beating?
I will not stay silent about this any longer. I am for healthy marriages. That means supporting those who need to escape relationships that are not even remotely a marriage. That piece of paper we sign is not a license to physical, sexual, emotional, mental or spiritual abuse. If you insist that a man or woman should stay oppressed because “the Bible never allows for a divorce” then i am going to speak the truth in love: You have a religious spirit that needs rebuked.
And I was reminded just because I see one side of the picture I may not know the whole situation, and am reminded in Psalms
that I need to think before I speak,
and words can’t be taken back once they come out of the mouth
No photo description available.
and my thoughts 
are jumping around like
so on that note I will 
make myself another cup of coffee and 
get busy crocheting…I have grands who want their slippers!!!
Do you see reminders in different ways?

Promises from God

Woke up this morning
with that nagging cough in full swing, 
drank some tea and sucked on a cough drop for a bit…
and thought I am so blessed that I have one of the easiest jobs ever that even when I don’t feel well I can still do my job…looking at the positive!
Another perk of my job is that I can chat with friends while I sit and drink my coffee, they understand that “truck brb” means don’t leave, I will be right back, need to go check in a driver and then I come back to the conversation and we just continue…I am blessed with friends who we just pick up from where  we last left it,
not just those I chat with on Facebook but in real life too…they are the best kind of friends…who love me for me, accept me for who I am and just keep on lovin’ me.
My morning routine is usually to watch last nights news while doing the daily report and then watch all my shows I record from IDHD…yes, those murder mysteries…so easy to get caught up in them, shake my head in wonder of “how could someone do ????” and then I take a glimpse back at my past and I can understand…sometimes life’s pains and hurts are just too much to bear.**see the bottom of the blog for the rest of my thoughts on this**
This morning I turned the TV off, turned on the worship music and opened my Bible
The picture reminds me of one of our first business cards we had for
“The Wandering Workentins”
as we wander through life though not alone.
In the RV lifestyle world, many of us say our plans are written in 
as life wobbles and weaves
like a bowl full of Jello!
God knows the plans He has for me/for us, 
He wants good and not disaster and He reminds us daily
my HOPE always lies in Him.
We can make all the plans we want, 
as long as we remember God’s plans may not be our plans.
I have learned to be flexible when it comes to planning.
For those who have known me for a long time
can probably remember
the temper tantrums I’ve thrown when plans didn’t go the way I wanted
(right JF!)
for flying ambrosia salad (right RW!) 
and many other occasions where the emotions took over…
BUT I am happy to say that I have learned, sometimes the hard way
how to be flexible and let go and let God!!
So keep making those plans,
I know I will,
just be open to wherever the Lord leads!!!
Next up,
I was immediately taken back to a Sunday worship service in
Federal Way where I was sitting next to Gene H.  He leaned over and said to me “do you know how to tell God has a sense of humor?”  I replied, “No” and he said oh so softly, “just look at the person you are sitting next to.”  Well, needless to say I laughed out loud, which was not really appropriate to what what Pastor Dick was preaching on and got a surprised look from many.  After the service as Gene and I were walking out, Dick asked “what was so funny during my very serious point in the sermon?”  We both tried to tell him, but it just didn’t seem as funny then.  
Laughter is good medicine for the soul, a broken spirit saps our strength…oh so true…I used to not laugh a lot, I hurt deep inside and I made sure others knew it, that meant it wasn’t fun to be around me.  BUT I am delighted and blessed beyond measure that the Lord, through many trials and hurts led people into my life that helped me to see God’s love for me and that the hurts were in the past and didn’t need to continue through today.
I have learned to steer clear of situations, things, and people who cause destruction in my life and my home and my family.  
Is a verse that has guided me more and more,
sometimes I have to be reminded by others, 
pay attention girly, sometimes I need the signal (right ML!), to get back on track,
As I was reading and reflecting this morning,
so many people came to mind and I am sure there are many more who I can’t remember
that have walked this journey of life with me and I am so thankful for each of you, you know who you are, some are still a major part of our lives and others were only in our lives for a season.
and with that two verses come to mind
which gives me HOPE for each day…
with the Lord I can do anything,
with the Lord I can have peace in my heart,
with the Lord I am blessed
and am 
What gives you hope each day?
By the way, one thing I think about when I watch those murder type shows is that anyone of those stories could be mine…
…and then I shout THANKS GOD for loving me
and bringing me through the fire!!!!

Reflecting and Rambling

After getting the daily report done this morning,
I took a nap.  As I was drifting off I thought about a few things…
…it’s cold here today…29°
and I keep thinking this cold…there should be snow on the ground 
but then again, what a mess that would make in the trailer,
so I’m thankful we only have the cold.
Between our little electric fireplace
and running our propane furnace we are able to keep our 
little home on wheels toasty warm.
When I woke up I spent some time in the Word and praying for our family.
how appropriate for today,
New Year’s Day
I am not one to make resolutions
but I like thinking about new beginnings,
new month, new day, new week
and starting new things
and so today, I started a new devotional
I’m doing it a bit different,
I don’t plan on doing one Proverb a Day.  
Instead, I plan to do one page a day which works out to about one proverb over 
four days.  
One of the things I read today was by Billy Graham
” a Psalm a day builds vertical relationships, between me and God,
and a Proverb a day builds horizontal relationships, between me and the people
I come into contact with each day.”
Those are the things I want to work on this year,
my relationship with the Lord
as well as my relationships with those I see each day.
And I thought about my word for 2019
and how I want to be thankful, grateful and appreciative 
of the many blessings in my life.
and finally
where I am reminded
my heart rejoices in the Lord,
He is my rescuer and my rock!!!
and then I saw 
Image may contain: shoes
and my heart was filled to overflowing
as I think of the many  blessings in my life:
my Savior,
my Husband and Partner
our boys, their sweet wives,
five wonderful grands!!!
so many friends that I can’t name them one by one,
What are you thankful for on this first day of 2019?