Reflecting and Rambling

After getting the daily report done this morning,
I took a nap.  As I was drifting off I thought about a few things…
…it’s cold here today…29°
and I keep thinking this cold…there should be snow on the ground 
but then again, what a mess that would make in the trailer,
so I’m thankful we only have the cold.
Between our little electric fireplace
and running our propane furnace we are able to keep our 
little home on wheels toasty warm.
When I woke up I spent some time in the Word and praying for our family.
how appropriate for today,
New Year’s Day
I am not one to make resolutions
but I like thinking about new beginnings,
new month, new day, new week
and starting new things
and so today, I started a new devotional
I’m doing it a bit different,
I don’t plan on doing one Proverb a Day.  
Instead, I plan to do one page a day which works out to about one proverb over 
four days.  
One of the things I read today was by Billy Graham
” a Psalm a day builds vertical relationships, between me and God,
and a Proverb a day builds horizontal relationships, between me and the people
I come into contact with each day.”
Those are the things I want to work on this year,
my relationship with the Lord
as well as my relationships with those I see each day.
And I thought about my word for 2019
and how I want to be thankful, grateful and appreciative 
of the many blessings in my life.
and finally
where I am reminded
my heart rejoices in the Lord,
He is my rescuer and my rock!!!
and then I saw 
Image may contain: shoes
and my heart was filled to overflowing
as I think of the many  blessings in my life:
my Savior,
my Husband and Partner
our boys, their sweet wives,
five wonderful grands!!!
so many friends that I can’t name them one by one,
What are you thankful for on this first day of 2019?

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