Heavy Heart and Another Reminder

Last night we heard about the passing of a sweet man we met in Branson.
Jory Rolf, died unexpectedly last Saturday leaving his sweet wife, Tess and their six children without their daddy.
I sat in disbelief as I read the letter that a sweet friend, mentor and pastor wrote about Jory…and my heart began to ache as I thought of Tess and the children, such a wonderful and loving family who’s only goal was and is to share Jesus love with others.  That’s what they were doing in Central Florida…sharing the love of the Lord.
If I’m in shock, how must Tess be feeling?
All I can do is keep asking the Lord to comfort her and the children as no one else can in His strength and love. 
Please join Ron and I as we lift the Rolf family up.
The days ahead will be hard and difficult for them
YET we can keep trusting the Lord to take care of them.
If you would like to help Tess and the kids out in a tangible way,
donations are being accepted at

And this is just another reminder to me that we don’t ever know how long we have here on earth with our family and friends…
and so this morning as I was spending time with the Lord, 
trying to wrap my head around my thoughts and tears
I asked the Lord to reveal Himself to me.

Life can change in an instant,
are you right with the Lord?

This morning HE reminded me of the following:


forgive those who have hurt you/me,
not once, but over and over,
we never know if we will have the chance to say
“I’m sorry” again so say it, mean it
and if you have to say it over and over then do so.

I have been hurt by many, some very close to me, who were supposed to love me, not hurt me YET I know I have hurt many too, some very close to me, who I was supposed to love not hurt and 
God loves me, still and always will.
And He has forgiven me over and over.
I have apologized to those I can for the wrongs I caused,
I hope they know I truly am sorry for hurting them,
and that I work very hard to not hurt anyone anymore.
Hurting someone is Sin,
I know I sin, every day, intentionally, no but it still happens.
BUT every day I ask the Lord to forgive me for hurting/sinning
that is what HE commands us to do.
1 Chronicles 16: 7-36
is a prayer of Thanksgiving.
Sometimes it’s so hard to “be thankful” 
especially when we hear of hard things, like the loss of a dear man,
and yet we are reminded
and then 
and then some more
and again
And so, 
even though,
my heart aches for Tess and the children,
I join with them in celebrating that
Jory loved the LORD with all his heart and soul
and he is now singing praises with the Lord.
and that God loves us so much
He gives us chances upon chances
to do good,
turn from sin,
and to 
love one another!!!
My prayer today:
Lord, my heart aches for Tess and the children, 
even though we weren’t close friends,
I have special memories of time spent with them
at Branson View Campground, 
on the Showboat Branson Belle,
snuggling the little ones,
being blessed by their music
and so I ask Lord,
be with Tess, the children
and the rest of Jory’s family during these difficult days.
Help me to impact the lives of those who I come into contact with,
out here in the middle of no where Texas,
my family and friends, near and far,
and most importantly 
help me to remember to let them know
I love them and care about them
wherever they are and in whatever they are doing.
And THANK YOU Lord for loving me,
with all my foibles and faults,
THANK YOU for forgiving me over and over
and extending GRACE to me over and over.
I love you JESUS!!!

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