Seeking God in All We Do

I am always amazed at how the Lord meets me 
right where I am, in ways He only knows.
Today as I was reading Proverbs 4:14-27
I am reminded to guard my heart,
seek God’s wisdom,
guarding my heart is not just what I think,
but also what I read, watch and listen too.
To stay focused, keep on the path
that the Lord leads me on.
Don’t get side~tracked or distracted…
…which is something that easily happens to me.
As many of you know,
we have been gate~guarding in the oil patch
since May 2018 and plan to be there thru most of May 2019
when we plan on doing some traveling,
seeing family, old friends and making new friends
while seeing parts of the US that are new to us.
It is one of our dreams…to travel and see this beautiful country.
And we are thankful to have this opportunity.
So the verses today,
to stay on the path, don’t get side~tracked are important,
important to me/us…
it leads to the question, is this where the Lord is leading.
All we can say is
…we plan and we will see how things turn out.
I remember a few years back I asked our pastor’s wife
“how do you know if you are following God’s plan?”
Her reply, “Step out, move forward yet be flexible and most of all Keep Trusting God!!”
and so that is what we do.
Changing gears:
Then in 1 John 2:7
we are told to
1 John 2 9~10
and I begin to wonder,
Lord,do I love ALL those I come into 
contact with or do I cause others to stumble?
Do I watch what I say (or write),
do I share love or hate,
and then my heart cries
LORD, HELP ME to love one another at all times!!!
And forgive me for the times I have caused others to stumble.
Do you ever wonder how others see what you say (or write), do they see love or hatred, kindness or meanness,
and if you hurt someone
do you quickly try to make things right?
When I look back to my past,
I can see so many mistakes I have made
and I think I have made things right with those I have hurt,
or at least tried to…it is hard to make things right with those who refuse to communicate with you…but I have to tell myself,
that it is all in God’s hands now.
He knows my heart.

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