Yes, HE Cares Part II

As I was writing
my CD player quit working,
had multiple trucks come into the yard
and my mind went blank
so I 
for a bit…
Back to Genesis 2: 5~25
and I reflected on our marriage,
I can definitely say we are helpers to each other.
My bestie and I like to laugh and say
“God sure knew what He was doing when he brought our hubby’s into our lives.  Think how messed up we would be without them.  Who else could put up with us??”
I am so thankful for my hubby!!!
We are definitely a team.
We have been asked often how do we do it…
…well we love other first and foremost…
…when one cooks the other does the dishes (usually)
…when one is working, the other is sleeping, well at least while we are gate guards!
…one does the laundry, the other puts it away…
…we go grocery shopping together as one sticks to the list and the other not so much!
we balance each other,
when one is sad the other is happy,
yet at times we cry together
over the same sappy Hallmark movies,
…neither sees the other as better than the other…
we are a team!!!
And together we are thankful for the many blessings in our lives!!
We have children,
two wonderful daughters-in-love!!!
Image may contain: 2 people, including Jamie Workentin, people smiling, people standing and outdoor  and 
and Grands!!!

we are blessed beyond measure
and since we as parents want the best for our children
God, as our Heavenly Father
wants the same for us!!
God blesses me over and over!!!
How do you know God blesses you?

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