Yes, HE Cares!!!

I woke up feeling a bit discombooberated,
slept for over 10 hours!!!
Not sure why I slept so long
and I felt bad that Ron had worked almost 16 hours straight
(though he would never say anything about that)
so once I was done with the daily report ~ we had 43 loads yesterday
(this is in a 24 hr period ~ 6am to 5:59am)
I opened up my Bible to the study I am doing with some others on Facebook
Today was Day 3 & 4 for me
Proverbs 20
this is such a rich passage
His throne is made secure through love;
Our MARRIAGE is secured through love! (Ali’s version)
One of the drivers this morning asked me how long Ron and I have been together.  I told him we met June 22, 1975,
got engaged on July 21, 1975 and
married on December 20, 1975!
and we will be celebrating 44 years this year.
Arius reply was “WOW, I don’t know anyone who has been married longer than I’ve been born!!! That must be a record!!!  How do you do that?”
It gave me an opportunity to tell Arius that without the Lord, the love and prayers of family and friends we wouldn’t be…that we have had our fair share of struggles, some that would have caused others to flee but that divorce was never an option (though Ron will tell you he thought of it once!) through it all, we have loved each other, through thick and thin, the good and the bad, the easy and difficult,
we knew/know that God brought us together.  Arius seemed a bit in shock that we have only been married once and that is/was to each other.
1 John 1 ~ 2:6
all speak to me in so many ways,
Jesus is our light and without him we are in darkness,
Jesus loves us more than anything, He gave his life for us,
we need to love others just as He loved us,
when we do wrong, we need to confess to Him
clear the darkness from our lives 
finally in 1 John 2:1-2
we are reminded that our parents, who are supposed to be our advocates in life while we were younger, that Christ is our advocate now, today and forever.
I have always struggled with the many verses in the Word that talk about honor your parents, the good that parents are to be, and how parents are to be there for us at all times…because of my own upbringing…what I finally came to terms is that my parents did the best they could with what they knew/could and I must do better than them.
I was not always the best parent my children should have had,
but I learned, through trial and error, through the good and bad times,
with the help of a wonderful husband!!! and many others in my life 
and being open to learning  new ways to parent but more importantly new ways to love myself I was then and am now able to love others
just as God commands us!!
Genesis 2:5-25
shares about how husbands and wife came to be,
how we are to be with each other
and I am so thankful for the helpmate that the Lord brought into my life…
December 20, 1975

December 22, 2000
Celebrating 25 years of marriage
No photo description available.
43 years and counting!!
Thank you Lord
for loving me enough
to send YOUR SON,
and making 
Ron just for me!!!
All this shows that
HE cares for me!!!

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