Craziness to the Nth Degree

That is how I describe life for me the last couple of weeks.  

I like doing the A-to-Z Challenge 
but as you can tell I didn’t keep up with it this year…
for many days I was getting down on myself for not keeping up with it.  
 All the while feeling like I was being pulled in every direction known to man. 

So last weekend I closed myself in and did some regrouping, 
let some things go and spent some time reading and praying…
going to the familiar, 
My Jesus who loves me and cares for me and only expects me to be me and nothing more.  

I was so busy allowing STUFF to overwhelm me that I was losing me in the busyness of life. 

So I gave myself permission to not go anywhere and to slow down and get myself organized. 
 I am so thankful for a hubby who loves me and helps me every chance he gets.   
This weekend he did dishes more often than I can count, 
he helped me with a project that needed to be done.  
 And he made me coffee, fixed me bottles of water and made some good meals…
I am so thankful and blessed to have him in my life.

Along with feeling overwhelmed with so many things on my plate 
things were complicated with a computer that didn’t want work, 
our mifi card deciding to go belly up, a printer that wouldn’t connect with the computer…
you know multiple computer issues…
that just added to my frustration and 
feeling like every way I turned was causing more problems and chaos 
than issues being solved. 

So this morning I decided I needed to stop and opened my daily devotion and this is what it said:

In acceptance there is peace.

The prayer with it said:  Lord, I don’t pray for tranquility or that my problems may cease;

I pray that Your Spirit and love would give me the strength to abide in You
during chaos, craziness and adversity.  Amen.
And as I echoed that prayer I felt the peace of Jesus
just cover me and I knew that all would be okay.
What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?   
Who do you turn to when you need reassurance?
Oh, I also stopped and picked up pizza for lunch…
it always helps to eat good ole tasty pizza and not have to cook dinner J

K is for Kindness and Kids!

Day 11 – A to Z Blog Challenge

K is for 
Image result for kindness
Image result for kids
Here is picture that says quite a  bit
Image result for kindness quotes
Image result for definition of kindness
I did something for someone the other day,
it was no big deal to me
but I found out later it meant 
a whole lot to the other person.
Being kind does not cost money or things,
it is just doing the right thing,
saying the right thing,
and acting in the right manner.
Have you shared some kindness today?
and then

Earlier today I was missing my 
a lot.
This is from Fall 2012
and from Fall 2014
These five grands
are the love of my life.
Even though I don’t see them every day
nor talk to them even weekly
they are the five most precious children 
in my life.
I love my grands,
and my boys
and their sweet wives
and I can’t wait to see them
whether it is on Facetime or Skype
or to hear their voices on the phone.
I just love my KIDS!!!!
I am also blessed with many
“adopted” kids ~
daughter Sarah,
niece Destiny
grand boys Julian, Emilio and Mateo
grand girls Liberty & Lily
and the list goes on and on !!!
all children are special.
If you have a child to hug or to share a smile
then please do so!!!
Loving on kids 
is one of the best ways to show

J is for Joy and a Whole Lot More!

Day 10 ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

J is for 
Image result for Joy
and a whole lot more
Image result for jesus loves me this i know
and from my time with JESUS this morning
My JOY comes from the Lord
and we must choose JOY
Image result for joy
As you can probably guess from
my last few posts
I have been feeling overwhelmed,
exhausted, and a whole lot more.
I could probably circle a lot these listed here
and after one night of tossing & turning,
dreams about poop, 
and I mean a lot of poop
and a second night of
dreams that left me feeling
sad and teary eyed
I got up this morning
and started my day at 6:23 instead 
of crawling back into bed and sleeping half the morning away
and turned to JESUS
and His Word.
And JOY 
popped out
Image result for christian joy quotes
and I was reminded by my bestie yesterday
that I have not because I ask not
and so this morning
I asked the Lord for a word that begins with 
you know the letter I am at today
in the A-to-Z Blog Challenge
and when I opened my Bible
the theme for today was
Image result for joy
so that is what I have been focusing on today.
Image result for choose joy
and so I 
Image result for choose joy
What about you ~ do you have JOY in your life?
How do you celebrate JOY?
What brings you JOY?

I is for…Idea!

Day 9~ A to Z Blog Challenge

I is for 
Image result for idea
which I have…
How about if people stopped being critical of others
and only worry about themselves, 
their children, their spouses,
their jobs
of worrying about everyone else
and what they are doing.
I belong to quite a few groups on Facebook, 
many of them having to do with camping, RVing,
being nomadic…do you get the IDEA?
And in the last few days there have been 
so many posters tearing down one another
because they don’t agree with what so and so said or wrote.
And then there are the comments that some 
people leave on friends’ pages.
Making light of serious issues
like child abuse, grief, 
mental health…do you get the IDEA??
I received two different emails 
from two different friends
about how hurtful people were being
in regards to some very serious circumstances.
My heart aches for those friends.
I have been hurt by what some people have
written in response to something I have posted when all
I needed/wanted was a hug or a bit of encouragement.
So my
Image result for idea
is to challenge 
each and everyone of you
to find something 
to say to the next 10 people
who you come into contact with…
…what do you say

H is for Help!

Day 8 – A to Z Blog Challenge

H is for Help!
and Hurried!
and Haphazard!
and Happy!!
I think the list could go on and on.
Life is feeling very crazy to me and I wish I could clone myself so that I could have HELP to get everything done that needs to be done.
Yesterday a new friend asked me 
What do you do?
And in no particular order this is how I responded:
Love the Lord and so thankful for grace
Bite off more than I can chew half the time
Taking a class on Business Planning…this weeks homework is on Marketing
Whatever my hubby asks me to do
Mom of two boys, 2 daughters-in-love, Grammy to five: Opal 7, 
and four boys: Max 16, Christopher 7, Treyson 3  Alexander 1.5
Volunteer for thing because I know they need to get done

Administrator for Forever Friends
Office Manager for GUMI Camp USA
Go crazy on a regular basis
So now you know why I need
and I feel Hurried!
and Haphazard!
I am truly blessed to be able to do all that I do
and even though like is sometimes crazy
I am HAPPY!!!
I love my life,  I love where the Lord has put us 
for this season of our lives
and I am eagerly anticipating
HIS next blessing.
What about you??

G is for Grandpa!

Day 7 ~ A-to-Z Blog Challenge

G is for Grandpa!!!
Grandpa Ted,
Ali’s Dad
Grandpa Pete,
Ron’s Dad
(also pictured Jamie & Ron)

Grandpa George
Ali’s Grandpa
(also pictured, Brandon, Ali, Jamie & Aunt Joan)

Grandpa Pete
with Ron, Grandma Anne, Jamie

Grandpa George
with Brandon & Jamie
Grandpa George
in the Navy

Grandpa Isaac Workentin
(Ron’s Grandpa)

Grandpa Ted with Grandma Peggy

We love and miss all of our Grandpa’s

If your Grandpa is available,
give him a call,
send him a card,
or go visit 
Grandpa’s are very special men!!!

F is for Food, Fun, Fellowship and Friends!

Day 6 ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

F is for Food, Fun, Fellowship and Friends!!!!
I enjoy cooking
as long as I know what to fix.
Last summer I was blessed with an
electric pressure cooker, like this one,
Image result for electric pressure cooker
and I have made some delicious dinners
Chicken dinner

Another chicken dinner
I have also made spaghetti, chili, ribs
What is your Favorite Food to cook??
Fun & Fellowship
We love to have Fun 
and Fellowship with others is one way we do it
and most recently at
Open Door Community Church
Celebrating Easter

And everyone needs a BEST FRIEND
Here I am with my BESTIE
and I can’t wait to see her in just a short six weeks!!!
And two more of our many friends,
Mike & Chris!
They are in Texas right now
but we hope to get to see them soon!!
Our son, Brandon, his sweet wife, Danalyn
from left to right – Christopher, Treyson, Alexander and
Max standing to the right of his mama!!

Our oldest son, Jamie, his sweet wife, Suzanne 
and granddaughter, Opal!
And my Bestest Friend in the Whole World
My Hubby

And that folks is a snapshot 

E is for Eye

E is for Eye
I know everyone has two right?
Well it may look like everyone has two
and yes I guess I do too,
One of mine is not real.
Well wait a minute, it is real
I just can’t see through it.
Here is a picture of 
an artificial eye
Image result for artificial eye
And this is me
Can you tell which eye I am not looking at you with?
I get many compliments from people who are 
surprised to find out I can only see 
out of one eye.
Now you are probably wondering  how did 
I end up with an artificial eye?
One evening, when I was 10,
I was playing with my little sister and my dad’s 
girlfriend two kids
out in the barn,
we were playing hide-n-seek
and I crawled into a piece of baling wire
and it scratched my eye.
Twenty three days in the hospital,
104 shots in my thighs
and the doctor came to my mom
and said he was sorry but he couldn’t save it.
At age 16, after having a summer of lots of 
headaches the decision was made that
it was time to remove my eye.
In the hospital I was put in pediatrics
and I woke to see this on the wall
Image result for pink elephant
Yes, a pink elephant
and lots of other cute
animals and little kid things.
Let me just say it was not an easy time for me.
But there wasn’t anything I do but move on
and so I have.
I have met some great people,
Todd Cranmore  & Christie Erickson, of 
I have been a patient of theirs since 
the early 1980’s.
I have given them
Image result for chocolate eyeballs
and as a joke I have put a 
jar full of these great chocolate eyes on my desk
with an artificial eye in the middle.
Can you say 
I have made the fact that I have an artificial eye
a fun part of my life.
I have worn them as earrings by putting double sticky tape on them,
I have given them as gifts at white elephant Christmas parties.
Be ware of any small package 
you may receive from me.
I have lots of stories 
where this one came from,
so if we ever meet just ask me
and I will be happy to share an EYE experience with you.
I’m Looking At You With???.\





It’s the Left 🙂

D is for ????

Day 4 – A to Z Blog Challenge

D is for Don’t know
And when I Don’t know something
I have learned to search for 
things on 
Image result for google
and I still couldn’t come up 
with a word that started with
Image result for Letter D
and none of them 
tickled my fancy
but I did find this
I like word searches and hope you like this one.
I am Dumbfounded 
that I can’t think of words that begin with
So if you come up with any words that begin with 
feel free to leave them in the comments.

C is for Caution

Day 3 of A to Z Blog Challenge
C is for Caution
Last night was a night of storms,
we had Sever Thunderstorm warnings
and then a Tornado warning so off to
the A-Frame which is an actual building on the property.
We were in there from 11:30 PM till just after 2:00 this morning.
Once back in the rig we found out the 
bedroom window was open,
NOT good, that meant changing the sheets and 
crawling into bed just after 2:30 AM
Was awakened a few times due to heavy rain
and finally rolled out of bed just after 10:30 this morning.
Just in time to head out the door to run into town 
to run a few errands.
On our drive we saw 
this big ole guy in the road.  
A big truck had just driven past and he sucked 
his head in.  
As the truck was passing I was thinking 
“don’t hit the turtle”
 I was able to get a bit closer after the truck passed and
his head was starting to come out.  
He looks fairly old to me and he was huge!
 After we turned around to go back to where we were headed
I was able to get this picture of him as he was starting 
to make his way to the other side of the road.
And then we continued on our way into town.
We usually turn down Brace Hill Road as it saves us about 
1.5 miles but today this greeted us as we turned onto the road
But Ron being Ron he wanted to see if we
could get through so we went down the road till we couldn’t 
go any further 
 We saw this car coming towards us so we waited till 
he got up next to us, the guy rolled his window
down and said nope, can’t get through up ahead
so Ron being Ron we drove further
 The water is now almost half way across the road
 Beautiful waterfall that just a few weeks ago was
an icicle frozen solid.
And then we saw this
 This is looking across the creek
 And once we turned around we noticed this
car had been following us and had 
already turned around.
And so my advice is 
when you see signs like
Image result for caution
then don’t go there.
Are you like Ron and likes a 
when he sees the word
or are you more like me,
I would have just have stayed on the 
road and not turned?