E is for Eye

E is for Eye
I know everyone has two right?
Well it may look like everyone has two
and yes I guess I do too,
One of mine is not real.
Well wait a minute, it is real
I just can’t see through it.
Here is a picture of 
an artificial eye
Image result for artificial eye
And this is me
Can you tell which eye I am not looking at you with?
I get many compliments from people who are 
surprised to find out I can only see 
out of one eye.
Now you are probably wondering  how did 
I end up with an artificial eye?
One evening, when I was 10,
I was playing with my little sister and my dad’s 
girlfriend two kids
out in the barn,
we were playing hide-n-seek
and I crawled into a piece of baling wire
and it scratched my eye.
Twenty three days in the hospital,
104 shots in my thighs
and the doctor came to my mom
and said he was sorry but he couldn’t save it.
At age 16, after having a summer of lots of 
headaches the decision was made that
it was time to remove my eye.
In the hospital I was put in pediatrics
and I woke to see this on the wall
Image result for pink elephant
Yes, a pink elephant
and lots of other cute
animals and little kid things.
Let me just say it was not an easy time for me.
But there wasn’t anything I do but move on
and so I have.
I have met some great people,
Todd Cranmore  & Christie Erickson, of 
I have been a patient of theirs since 
the early 1980’s.
I have given them
Image result for chocolate eyeballs
and as a joke I have put a 
jar full of these great chocolate eyes on my desk
with an artificial eye in the middle.
Can you say 
I have made the fact that I have an artificial eye
a fun part of my life.
I have worn them as earrings by putting double sticky tape on them,
I have given them as gifts at white elephant Christmas parties.
Be ware of any small package 
you may receive from me.
I have lots of stories 
where this one came from,
so if we ever meet just ask me
and I will be happy to share an EYE experience with you.
I’m Looking At You With???.\





It’s the Left 🙂

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