Craziness to the Nth Degree

That is how I describe life for me the last couple of weeks.  

I like doing the A-to-Z Challenge 
but as you can tell I didn’t keep up with it this year…
for many days I was getting down on myself for not keeping up with it.  
 All the while feeling like I was being pulled in every direction known to man. 

So last weekend I closed myself in and did some regrouping, 
let some things go and spent some time reading and praying…
going to the familiar, 
My Jesus who loves me and cares for me and only expects me to be me and nothing more.  

I was so busy allowing STUFF to overwhelm me that I was losing me in the busyness of life. 

So I gave myself permission to not go anywhere and to slow down and get myself organized. 
 I am so thankful for a hubby who loves me and helps me every chance he gets.   
This weekend he did dishes more often than I can count, 
he helped me with a project that needed to be done.  
 And he made me coffee, fixed me bottles of water and made some good meals…
I am so thankful and blessed to have him in my life.

Along with feeling overwhelmed with so many things on my plate 
things were complicated with a computer that didn’t want work, 
our mifi card deciding to go belly up, a printer that wouldn’t connect with the computer…
you know multiple computer issues…
that just added to my frustration and 
feeling like every way I turned was causing more problems and chaos 
than issues being solved. 

So this morning I decided I needed to stop and opened my daily devotion and this is what it said:

In acceptance there is peace.

The prayer with it said:  Lord, I don’t pray for tranquility or that my problems may cease;

I pray that Your Spirit and love would give me the strength to abide in You
during chaos, craziness and adversity.  Amen.
And as I echoed that prayer I felt the peace of Jesus
just cover me and I knew that all would be okay.
What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?   
Who do you turn to when you need reassurance?
Oh, I also stopped and picked up pizza for lunch…
it always helps to eat good ole tasty pizza and not have to cook dinner J

5 responses to “Craziness to the Nth Degree”

  1. I am with you 100%! This was my first year doing the AtoZ Challenge. Although I knew it may be near impossible to accomplish, I was going to try. I also have a busy life and have to step back sometimes and remind myself I am only 1 person, the numbers of hours in a day with not change, and peace of mind is more important than anything in the world!AtoZchallege

  2. Yes! sometimes we just have to sit down and relax.Just popped by from the A-Z challengefellow bloggerKim in Australia

  3. Ali – it is so nice to meet you. I do understand the frustration and the overwhelming feeling. This is my forth year of A to Z and least stressed. Last year while I was getting ready with all my A to Z preposts (for two of my several blogs) I broke my wrist and had surgery days before I fell again (on ice) injured the remaining wrist (I think I fractured it) and sprained two ankles. I crawled through A to Z only being able to type for maybe an hour a day. I did artwork (for the other blog) with my mouth. You ask who gives me peace and inspires me to keep going it is my Lord. I tell you my little story because in the midst of not being able to A to Z very well I met some wonderful people – gems of the blogging world. Which is why I do this challenge. All the best to you!Moondustwriter

  4. It is a challenge! Great try hope to see you again next year!

  5. I understand. I’m a minion from the A to Z Challenge. I just wanted to thank you for participating this year and invite you to join in next year.Maui Jungalow

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