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J is for Joy and a Whole Lot More!

Day 10 ~ A to Z Blog Challenge

J is for 
Image result for Joy
and a whole lot more
Image result for jesus loves me this i know
and from my time with JESUS this morning
My JOY comes from the Lord
and we must choose JOY
Image result for joy
As you can probably guess from
my last few posts
I have been feeling overwhelmed,
exhausted, and a whole lot more.
I could probably circle a lot these listed here
and after one night of tossing & turning,
dreams about poop, 
and I mean a lot of poop
and a second night of
dreams that left me feeling
sad and teary eyed
I got up this morning
and started my day at 6:23 instead 
of crawling back into bed and sleeping half the morning away
and turned to JESUS
and His Word.
And JOY 
popped out
Image result for christian joy quotes
and I was reminded by my bestie yesterday
that I have not because I ask not
and so this morning
I asked the Lord for a word that begins with 
you know the letter I am at today
in the A-to-Z Blog Challenge
and when I opened my Bible
the theme for today was
Image result for joy
so that is what I have been focusing on today.
Image result for choose joy
and so I 
Image result for choose joy
What about you ~ do you have JOY in your life?
How do you celebrate JOY?
What brings you JOY?

2 responses to “J is for Joy and a Whole Lot More!”

  1. It’s officially the second half of A to Z. Time to catch that second wind, rest up on Sunday, then it’s that mad dash toward the finish line!Stephen TrempA to Z CohostN is for Numerology

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