C is for Caution

Day 3 of A to Z Blog Challenge
C is for Caution
Last night was a night of storms,
we had Sever Thunderstorm warnings
and then a Tornado warning so off to
the A-Frame which is an actual building on the property.
We were in there from 11:30 PM till just after 2:00 this morning.
Once back in the rig we found out the 
bedroom window was open,
NOT good, that meant changing the sheets and 
crawling into bed just after 2:30 AM
Was awakened a few times due to heavy rain
and finally rolled out of bed just after 10:30 this morning.
Just in time to head out the door to run into town 
to run a few errands.
On our drive we saw 
this big ole guy in the road.  
A big truck had just driven past and he sucked 
his head in.  
As the truck was passing I was thinking 
“don’t hit the turtle”
 I was able to get a bit closer after the truck passed and
his head was starting to come out.  
He looks fairly old to me and he was huge!
 After we turned around to go back to where we were headed
I was able to get this picture of him as he was starting 
to make his way to the other side of the road.
And then we continued on our way into town.
We usually turn down Brace Hill Road as it saves us about 
1.5 miles but today this greeted us as we turned onto the road
But Ron being Ron he wanted to see if we
could get through so we went down the road till we couldn’t 
go any further 
 We saw this car coming towards us so we waited till 
he got up next to us, the guy rolled his window
down and said nope, can’t get through up ahead
so Ron being Ron we drove further
 The water is now almost half way across the road
 Beautiful waterfall that just a few weeks ago was
an icicle frozen solid.
And then we saw this
 This is looking across the creek
 And once we turned around we noticed this
car had been following us and had 
already turned around.
And so my advice is 
when you see signs like
Image result for caution
then don’t go there.
Are you like Ron and likes a 
when he sees the word
or are you more like me,
I would have just have stayed on the 
road and not turned?

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