G is for Grandpa!

Day 7 ~ A-to-Z Blog Challenge

G is for Grandpa!!!
Grandpa Ted,
Ali’s Dad
Grandpa Pete,
Ron’s Dad
(also pictured Jamie & Ron)

Grandpa George
Ali’s Grandpa
(also pictured, Brandon, Ali, Jamie & Aunt Joan)

Grandpa Pete
with Ron, Grandma Anne, Jamie

Grandpa George
with Brandon & Jamie
Grandpa George
in the Navy

Grandpa Isaac Workentin
(Ron’s Grandpa)

Grandpa Ted with Grandma Peggy

We love and miss all of our Grandpa’s

If your Grandpa is available,
give him a call,
send him a card,
or go visit 
Grandpa’s are very special men!!!

3 responses to “G is for Grandpa!”

  1. I wrote about my grandparents for \”G\” for the A to Z challenge to over at laurengreenewrites.com. I love and miss my grandparents. Wonderful photos you have!

  2. The moustache photo towards the bottom is a classic. BTW, I encourage you to share your link when you blog hop during the A to Z Challenge.Maui Jungalow

  3. Grandparents are fun to be around. I miss my granparents.

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