K is for Kindness and Kids!

Day 11 – A to Z Blog Challenge

K is for 
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Here is picture that says quite a  bit
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I did something for someone the other day,
it was no big deal to me
but I found out later it meant 
a whole lot to the other person.
Being kind does not cost money or things,
it is just doing the right thing,
saying the right thing,
and acting in the right manner.
Have you shared some kindness today?
and then

Earlier today I was missing my 
a lot.
This is from Fall 2012
and from Fall 2014
These five grands
are the love of my life.
Even though I don’t see them every day
nor talk to them even weekly
they are the five most precious children 
in my life.
I love my grands,
and my boys
and their sweet wives
and I can’t wait to see them
whether it is on Facetime or Skype
or to hear their voices on the phone.
I just love my KIDS!!!!
I am also blessed with many
“adopted” kids ~
daughter Sarah,
niece Destiny
grand boys Julian, Emilio and Mateo
grand girls Liberty & Lily
and the list goes on and on !!!
all children are special.
If you have a child to hug or to share a smile
then please do so!!!
Loving on kids 
is one of the best ways to show

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