B is for Boys & Blessings

Day 2 of the A-to-Z Blog Challenge

B is for Boys!!!

And I think I am one of the luckiest mom’s around
as I have two of the best BOYS in the world,
well at least that’s my opinion and I am sticking to it.
Jamie on the left and Brandon on the right
But see there should have been 3 boys
Royce & Jamie are twins,
some days it is difficult not to ask the 
what if questions?
what would it have been like to raise three little boys?
would all three of them like sports, 
like Jamie who played soccer or
Brandon who played soccer and basketball
or would Royce have liked football which his Dad played?
No one knows,
but this mama knows the heartache of losing one of her boys
but she can’t dwell on it too much cause it causes her to cry
So this mama focuses on the good things
Jamie & Brandon are 
super duper daddy’s
Here is Jamie with sweet Opal.
We are so glad to have her in our life.
And she is definitely all girl…her favorite color is PINK!!!
And these four boys are Brandon’s children.
Max holding Alex
with Treyson & Christopher in front.
Our BOYS have 
with FIVE wonderful grandchildren.
What about you ~ do you have BOYS in your life?
What about BLESSINGS?  Do you see them all around you??

A Day Late…but What’s New?? And A is for Appetite

I was asked today by a friend if I wanted to join the
which obviously started yesterday.
But since I am usually 

So here goes
the beginning of the
A-to-Z Blog Challenge

A is for Appetite
Appetite can be related to many things:
Food is probably what first comes to mind
but what has been on my mind lately is 
building up my Appetite for the Lord.
I have been told many times that once you start doing something like drinking water,
your appetite for water grows and I am finding that to be true the more I get in the Word.
I am finding that I like to look up things and for me going off on a rabbit trail
is easy; I will start with the devotion from my flip calendar
reading the daily devotion, then I look up the scripture and then I find I am wanting more,
my Appetite is growing more and more to be in the Word.
 I will read the scripture for the day and then maybe look up some of the words that pick my interest or 
looking for scriptures related to the first scripture and then before I know it I have read the complete chapter
or even two or three.
It is like whetting my Appetite for more,
the more I read, the more I want to read,
the more I want to learn.
Appetite not just for food;
it can be for anything.
What about you…
What whets your Appetite
Do you give in or deny yourself.