Reminders & Memories

** reflections from my devotion today **
Have you ever really thought about what the word “amen” means?  I always thought it was and ending to something, sort of like “good-bye.”  This morning I found out it means “so be it.”  And it made me think of my prayers  and how I end them, of sitting in a worship service listening to a sermon and saying or hearing others say “amen” and thinking it was a way to be in agreement with what was being said.  This morning what I realized is that when I say “amen” at the end of a prayer I am asking God to make it so.  This reminds me of my word for the year for 2012 and again this year “intentional” or “deliberate” ~ 
be specific, purposeful, planner, and thoughtful ~ wanting things to be right.
There is only one way into God’s blessings ~ renounce sin and call on God to keep you from it (sin).
Proverbs 25:
2 ~  It is the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.  
Don’t be a snoop, it does not lead to positive things.
16 ~ Have you found honey?  Eat only as much as you need lest you be filled with it & vomit. 
Do things in moderation; too much of a good thing is bad for you. 

21 & 22 ~ If your enemy is hungry give him bread to eat.  And if he is thirsty give him water to drink.  For so you will heap coals of fire on his head and the Lord will reward you.
As soon as I read this I heard the Lord challenging me on what/how I have been thinking about two people in my life and how angry I get about their behavior, their past actions and how they do/do not interact with me.  Wow!!  How much clearer does God have to be then in the scripture above – my anger and frustration whether visible or internal is wrong and not at all characteristic of how the Lord wants me to behave.  One of the things I prayed was for the Lord to take my thoughts captive when the angry, frustrating thoughts come to mind and to pray for these two people.  And to remember it is not my place to judge but the Lord’s.  It is my place to pray for them, for God to lead them the way he wants them to go.
2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
I immediately thought of a very difficult day I was having while our son, Jamie, was in Iraq.  There were many days I was paralyzed in fear, staying in bed, crying with worry that something would happen to him feeling like I could not go on.  And I did what I so often did during that time, I called Pastor Charles, asking him to pray for me and for Jamie.  And he did.  And then he said “I want you to do something.”  I asked him what that was ~ he said I want you to call Jack (his wife had passed away about six months before) and tell him you want to come and clean his home.  Just do it.
And those who know me know I did just that, because I was told to 🙂
I went and cleaned Jack’s home, making it sparkle and shine.  All the while being watched by Orca, Jack’s dog.  I am sure she was wondering what was I doing in her home and where was her dad.  Orca made me nervous ~ she was big and had a large bark.  And by the time I was finished, about four hours later ~ the house looked great and I felt so much better.  
I was reminded this morning that I need to not focus on myself 
BUT focus on others needs, assisting where I can.  
And I needed that this morning as I have been letting myself feel anxious about things 
I have no control over and feeling frustrated 
because certain things have not been done the way I think they should have been. 
Thank you Lord for your word this morning to keep my focus on You
and You alone!

OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Days 7 & 8

Thursday ~ Day 7 was another day of travel.  This time from Blaine, WA back to Clackamas, OR.
First we stopped at Sandra & Gerald’s home for a delicious southern breakfast.  Ron was so happy to get biscuits and gravy and breakfast casserole.  Treyson ate most of the cantaloupe I think.  So good to have a couple of hours to visit.  And Gerald found the best helper to keep the little boys occupied ~ cartoons on the TV 🙂
And then it was off to Clackamas.
Ron & Brandon rode together.  Grammy, Max, Christopher & Treyson rode together.  We made many stops along the way as Brandon & Grammy were very sick with food poisoning – got it from the wedding reception the night before.
The trip down to Clackamas was uneventful.  We stopped at McDonald’s to get some lunch for the boys.  Thank goodness for Happy Meals and toys 🙂
We arrived back in Clackamas around 7:30 p.m.
Grandpa stayed up with the grands  and Brandon & Danalyn.  Grammy took her sick body to bed.  
Friday ~ Day 8
Friday, found Grandpa added to the sick list.  
We spent most of the day lounging around, getting hugs and snuggles with the grands.  
Not a fun way to spend a couple of days but by the evening we were all coming back to the real world.  Thanks Danalyn & Max for holding down the fort so we could rest!!!
Day 8 ~ Saturday ~~~  A new day!!!
Check back later to see how things improved.

OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 6 ~ Part 2

After a much needed nap it was time for The Wedding!!
So fun to see family and friends!!!
Getting ready for the party!!  Treyson got many compliments from the older ladies while Grammy was putting his tie on!
Marquez & Nicole Ruiz
Ron & Alice – parents of the groom!
Ron & Alice w/Christopher and Puppy!!!
Brandon, Max, Christopher & Treyson.  We sure missed Danalyn and Alexander.
Don’t they look sharp?
Christopher, Treyson, Brandon & Opal.
Jamie & Opal having a chat before the ceremony.
The two dads ~ Dennis Trulock & Ron Workentin
Marquez watching Opal & Jamie.
Opal wanted mommy and no more pictures.
Wendy and her sister Yvette
The mothers ~ Alice Workentin & Wendy Caron
The Jamie Workentin Family: Jamie, Suzanne & Opal
The happy couple and not so happy daughter (she was tired of people taking her picture).
Suzanne & Jamie
Suzanne, Jamie & Opal
Opal was so excited, sorry for the blurry picture.
Dennis, Suzanne, Wendy (bride with her parents)
Steven & Opal
Opal & Christopher w/Steven who knows how to keep the kiddo’s occupied.
Treyson and Austin
Suzanne with Bryce & Wendy Caron
Nancy Trulock, Suzanne, Steven Wright
Having Fun!
Cousins together!!!
Jamie with the girls
Marquez, Jamie, James ~ so great to see 3 very nice young men who gave this momma a run for her money when they were in high school.  So good to see three great men who are great hubbies and dads!!!  So proud of all three of you!!!
Ron, Jamie, Alice
So intent in the game.  So fun to see them together.
Nancy, Suzanne & Nathan (siblings)
Ron, Jamie, Alice, Brandon
James Chrysler, Nancy Trulock, Steven Wright, Marquez Ruiz
The wedding party!
Alice’s Aunt Joan & Uncle Don with Ron (thanks Christopher for the picture)
Treyson (thanks Christopher for the picture)
Nicole Ruiz (thanks Christopher for the picture)
Grandpa by Christopher
Ron & Aunt Joan (picture by Christopher)
Uncle Don & Aunt Joan (photo by Christopher)   For those who knew my mom (Peggy) this picture of Aunt Joan reminds me of how mom used to always look.
Picture by Christopher
Dennis & Wendy walking Suzanne down the aisle.
Jamie & Suzanne reciting their vows.
Wendy, Nancy, Opal, Steven, Suzanne
Opal ~ isn’t she beautiful!!!
Suzanne & Jamie reciting their vows w/Marquez looking on.
And it is Official!!!!
Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Ronald James Workentin Jr!!!
Cousin Mike taking a picture and Max in the forefront.
Jamie & Suzanne getting ready to share a piece of cake!
Uncle Don, Aunt Joan & Alice (another crazy face)
Jamie & Alice dancing, Suzanne is dancing with her Dad
All the couples at the reception! 
Ron & Alice together almost 38 years, Mike & Betsy together 23 years!
Uncle Don, Aunt Joan, Jamie, Suzanne, Alice & Ron (thanks Judy for the picture ~ it means a lot to me)
 Hope you enjoyed the wedding & celebration!!  
We sure did and are so thankful that my Aunt Joan, Uncle Don and Cousin’s Mike & Betsy were able to make it up for the wedding!!  Thank you for coming!!!

OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 6 ~ Part 1

Wednesday ~ Day 5
Ali, Christopher & Treyson slept in till 7:30!!!  Ron & Brandon went to the men’s fellowship & Bible study with our home church, Northwood Alliance.  
They meet each Wednesday at 7:00 a.m. at Big Al’s.  
 Heard from both of the guys that they had a great time of fellowship and studying God’s word.
Christopher, Treyson & I decided to run a couple of errands.  First stop was the Blaine School District office to see Leah Crews and give her a gift for baby girl due to arrive sometime next month.
Leah Crews & Alice.  Leah went to school with our son, Brandon. 

When I heard she was having a girl it was time to get crocheting…this is not the best picture but the blanket is different shades of purples.  Can’t wait to see baby girl wrapped in it.
 We puttered around the house and just enjoyed being together and then it was time for lunch and we headed out to one of our favorite places to eat in Blaine, Paso Del Norte.  
 So fun to see Miguel & Aida and enjoy some great Mexican food.   
And if you stop in ~ tell them Ron & Alice sent you!
We then headed back to the Lang’s.  On our way into Blaine Christopher commented that the bay was flooded (the tide was in) and so after lunch we drove home through the bay again and took a few pictures.  Christopher really wanted to walk along the beach but it was cold and rainy so pictures had to do.  Sure hope you like them.  Once again, Christopher was taking pictures from the back seat of the van.
One of the things we miss is walking down at the bay or out at Semiahmoo. 

A beautiful day to watch the water come and go…too bad it was too windy to get out and enjoy it.

Christopher’s view of the bay.

Another view of the bay!

Another view by Christopher!
And then it was time for a nap ~ yeah!!! and then to get ready for the Wedding!!!
To Be Continued!!

OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 5

Well, well, well
Ron just said Day 5 was missing in the blog – I remember writing it and even posting pictures but have no clue what happened to it.  So here goes!!!
Day 5 was Tuesday
This is where we found Treyson & Christopher Tuesday morning.  They started out on the air bed (thanks Mr. Jim for setting it up) and ended up on the floor between the air bed and our bed.  Seeing Treyson sleeping like this reminds me of how his Daddy (Brandon) used to sleep at this age.
First up was coffee with bestie, Dee
(thanks Christopher for being the photographer)

Another sweet double picture 🙂

Christopher with his pink poodle.

Treyson checking the Bee out.

Love this cute little boy!!!

Besties forever!!  Dee & Ali, photographer Christopher!

Miss Dee

Christopher gives no warning when taking pics so you get what you get!

The boys were fascinated with this fireplace because you can see all the way outside.

Grammy laughing at Treyson!!
And then time to get stuff out of the storage unit.  Thanks Max for watching the boys. 
Because Protec doesn’t open till 1 p.m. I was able to get some extra visiting with Dee.  And then Ron needed some tools to put the hard top on the Jeep so got to see Dee twice more!!!
And then it was time to Party!!!
Photographers were Christopher Workentin & Ben Padilla
(the boys took over 150 pics! ~ here are 45 of them!!!)
Max giving Grammy the eye!!

Max doing one of his favorite activities ~ eating!!

Kristen Swinford, Dave & Kay Fast, Judy Workentin, Kristy Smith & Patrick Alesse

Christopher playing on Grammy’s Ipad

Dave & Kay Fast, Judy Workentin

Coral & Jade Swinford, two of our adopted grands!!

Mr. Jim (taken by a bouncing Christopher)


Kathy Workentin Richardson

Brandon from an almost 5 year old’s view

Mychal Smith (another bouncing Christopher photographer)


Alice & Kristy Smith

Kay Fast

Kristy Smith, Kristen Swinford, Alice, Patricia Alesse & Coral Swinford

Judy Workentin

Dave Fast

Ron aka Santa

Kathy Workentin Richardson, John Workentin, Judy Workentin & Ron Workentin

And in Birth Order from youngest to oldest: John, Ron, Kathy & Judy

Patrick Alesse, Marla Tuski, Charlie Padilla, Judy Workentin, Mike Terry

Max Workentin, Jamie Workentin, Brandon Workentin

Ben Padilla

Patricia Alesse taking a picture of Christopher Workentin taking a picture of her 🙂

Some of the delicious food that we enjoyed.

More food!

Yummy crackers

Lots of nuts – food that is.

Christopher having fun!

Charlie Padilla


Christopher making faces!

Ben Padilla also making faces.

Ben Padilla 🙂

More crackers and the homemade pottery plate that was a gift from Jim & Mary Lang to us!!!

And Puppy – who traveled and visited with lots of family and friends.

 Not pictured: Mary Lang, Nancy Terry, Charles & Margaret Gibson, Dan & Tina Padilla
Thanks everyone for coming out and spending time with us!!!  It was great seeing everyone!!!
And that folks is the end of Fun, Food and Fellowship

OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 4

Time is flying on our vacation ~ Day 4 finds us heading up to Blaine, WA
On this leg of our trip we are taking Christopher & Treyson with us.  Their Daddy, Brandon, and brother, Max will join us later in the evening.
Treyson & Christopher taking up more of the bed than Grandpa & Grammy.  Thanks Brandon & Danalyn for letting us have your bed for a great night’s rest before heading up to Blaine!
Traveling with little ones takes some planning and never had a dull moment.  
We learned two new things in that first day of travel with the boys:
1.  When you go through a tunnel you are supposed to hold your breath.  Christopher shared this rule with us and did you know that when an almost 5 year old holds his breath for a tunnel it gets pretty quiet in the van!
2.  Did you know the van can travel way faster if Christopher sleeps while Grandpa or Grammy is driving?  Such great news!!!  And it works – just check it out with him.
And little boys love to run around when you stop at rest areas!!

Christopher & Treyson – can you see the family resemblance?

Thank you Treyson and Christopher for a fun day!!!
Our day of travel found us leaving Clackamas about 7:30 a.m. and included stops for gas, groceries – needed some coffee, breakfast at Burger King (even though the little boys ate breakfast at home before we left home), a stop to have Grandpa’s tux sized  Good thing too – look at those high waters 🙂
Christopher checking out Grandpa’s white socks and high water pants!  Can’t wait to see him at the wedding 🙂
Treyson admiring the girls and their pretty dresses!

Christopher finding a place to hide at the Tux Shoppe!

The boys checking out all the mirrors and the brides’ stand!
 and then a surprise visit to our friends Jerry & Lynda. So good to see Jerry home from the hospital and hearing that his knee infection is clearing up. 
And then on to Jamie & Suzanne’s home for the Wedding Rehearsal and Potluck dinner.  
Ron, father of the groom, Jamie, groom, and Christopher getting ready to start the wedding rehearsal.
Ron standing in for the pastor with Jamie
Marquez Ruiz (best man & best friend of Jamie’s) & Steven (maid on honor & best friend of Suzanne)  Also pictured Austin & Ethan, nephews of Suzanne
James Chrysler (grooms man  & high school friend of Jamie’s) & Nancy Trulock (attendant & sister of the bride)
Opal (flower girl and daughter of Jamie & Suzanne) and Oliver (ring bearer & nephew of Suzanne)

Wedding Party: Nancy Trulock (sister of the bride), Wendy Caron (mother of the bride), Opal (daughter of the bride & groom), Steven Wright (best friend of the bride), Suzanne Trulock (bride), Oliver Trulock (nephew of the bride), Ron Workentin (father of the groom), James Chrysler (friend of the groom), Marquez Ruiz (best friend of the groom), Jamie Workentin (groom) and Bryce Caron (step-father of the bride).

The groom and grooms men

Bryce & Wendy escorting Suzanne

Bryce and Wendy Caron

Grammy & Grandpa with Treyson & Christopher

John (Nancy’s boyfriend handling the music) and Treyson just thinking of what he could get into next.

Ron and Jamie – love these guys!!!

Mary (Dennis’s wife) & Treyson

Marquez trying to get the groom to come out of the bathroom!

Jamie coming back out (sorry for the blurriness)

Rehearsal #3 – Dennis (father of the bride) & Wendy (mother of the bride) walking Suzanne down the aisle.  Also shown: Mary, Treyson, Nicole (Marquez’s wife) holding Imre (nephew of Suzanne).

Ron & Marquez watching Jamie & Suzanne kissing!

Marquez, Nicole, Julian & Emelio Ruiz!!  In the oven is Mateo!!

John w/Imre

Nancy w/mom Wendy

3 Generations: Wendy, Nancy & Oliver

Wendy and her girls: Nancy & Suzanne

Wendy & her girls and her grandchildren.

Dennis & Mary w/Nancy, John, Oliver, Austin, Ethan & Imre and Jamie, Suzanne & Opal

Dennis Trulock with his girls: Nancy & Suzanne

Wendy, Nancy & Suzanne with their families

Sisters: Wendy & Yvette

Opal and Steven

Opal and Steven

Emelio sneaking the lat of the fruit!!!
What fun to see family and friends!!
After a full, fun and long day it was time to head to Jim & Mary’s for the night.  So thankful for gracious friends who are more like family for letting us hang out at their place for 3 nights, have a party (more on that on Day 5!), enjoying snippets of conversations and relaxing in the quiet moments.
Hope you enjoyed Day 4 ~ Stay tuned for Days 5 through 12!

OR/WA Trip 2013 – Day 3

Sunday, March 10 ~ Day 3 of Our Trip
Jerome, ID to Clackamas, OR
After a much needed nights rest we were up about 6:45, got ready for the day, packed up all our stuff and then headed over to breakfast at the hotel.  We like to stay at Best Western’s because most of them include breakfast in their rates which helps to offset our costs.
Breakfast included an omelet, mini-Belgium waffles, sausage, biscuits & gravy, orange & apple juice and coffee.  It was pretty good though the gravy could have been a little hotter.
We got on the road about 8:30 a.m. and made our way from one side of the state to the other.  The weather was overcast for most of the day but the sun did peak out at times.  Here are a few things we saw along the way.
Coming into Pendleton, OR.
Driving along Highway 84 heading to Clackamas.
An interesting camper we saw on the road.
One of the first glimpses of the Snake River.
Blue skies and another view of the Snake River.
My handsome chauffeur!!!
Love God’s handiwork: the mountains, the river, blue skies, beautiful clouds.
Dark clouds rolling in.
The sun peaking out through the clouds.
Different cloud formations.
Dark clouds, blue skies, Snake River.
 And arrived in Clackamas, OR at the home of our son, Brandon, his wife, Danalyn and our four grandsons: Max, Christopher, Treyson and Alexander!! about 5:30 p.m.
Alexander – 2 months 11 days!
Treyson ~ 21 months 13 days!
Christopher ~ self portrait ~ 14 days shy of his 5th birthday!
Max ~ 14 years and almost 6 months!
Grammy taken by Christopher our budding photographer.
Grandpa holding Alexander & Christopher
Christopher holding his new bear and Lynda, Danalyn’s mom
Grandpa bouncing Alexander (the reason for the blurry picture)
Treyson playing with the Leapster.
Sweet Daughter-in-Love Danalyn and Alexander
Christopher playing with the Leapster.
Brandon holding Alexander
Treyson showing us how he licks his lips.
After a dinner of Chinese food and lots of visiting it was time to head to bed as we had an early morning call for Monday ~ we wanted to be on the road by 7:30 a.m.
And we were ~ check back later for the next installment of our trip!

OR/WA Trip 2013 Day’s 1 & 2

Our vacation this year was a 12 day road trip from Branson, MO to Blaine, WA and points in between.  Hope you enjoy our trip as much as we did 🙂
Day 1 actually was Day 1 & 2
We left Branson View Campground at 11:56 a.m. on Friday, March 8th.  Our destination was somewhere in Nebraska.  First stop was Star Pantry to top off the gas tank and say good-bye to Renee & TJ.
Then Krispy Kreme for some donuts for the trip.
We were disappointed they didn’t have both kinds of the Oreo donuts but with a $2 off coupon we still found plenty to buy and enjoy on our trip.
We decided it would be a good idea to eat lunch before actually getting on the road so our next stop was at Golden Corral on Shepherd of the Hills.  They always have good food and a coupon for a $6.99 lunch helped us decide where to eat lunch.
We ate well, had full tummy’s and so finally got on the road at 1:50 p.m.
And so we began driving through Missouri
Driving through Missouri we saw this beautiful court house.
And chuckled over the name of “Humansville” – and tried to figure out how they came up with this name for a town.
We crossed into Iowa in the dark and began to discuss where to stop for the night.  As it was raining when we were headed through Nebraska Ron suggested checking weather conditions and found that a blizzard was due to hit in Laramie, Cheyenne & Rawlins, Wyoming and we decided to try to beat the blizzard before stopping.  And so we continued to drive in the rain and then it turned to sleet, snow and ice.  I, (Alice) tried to sleep a little so I could have my turn at driving and was dozing off when the Jeep started sliding, Ron was saying “whoa, whoa, whoa” and I began saying “Thank You Jesus”  over and over again as we were slipping, sliding and swerving.  God was with us as there were no other cars on the road and the ditches stayed on the side of the road.  Ron is a great driver and got us out of the spin and we continued on our trip.  This is what the roads looked like at the time of our spinning, slipping and sliding!

 And then Ron decided it was my time to drive.  While Ron slept I sang songs and talked to myself.  About an hour into my driving I said quite loudly “Wow…look at the semi in the ditch!”  It was facing the opposite direction of the way I was going.  Needless to say it was enough to wake up Ron.  
He took some pictures as I drove.
These two semi’s jack knifed kissing nose to nose in the East Bound Lanes of I80.
The traffic back up was about 2 miles long.
Here you can see the back up from semi’s.  The sun was coming up and the skies were clearing up.
and after about 15 minutes Ron told me to take the next exit so he could drive.  Something about icy roads and me driving made him a bit nervous 🙂
And the roads were getting clearer.
We stopped at Little America for gas and as we were walking back to the Jeep we saw this Poodle Puppy made of snow.             Can you see him?
Beautiful scenery along the way.
And blue skies were appearing more and more.
And then we left Wyoming for Utah.  Such beautiful blue skies and gorgeous snow!
We both just kept marveling at God’s handiwork.
Driving through Utah into Idaho.
We are so amazed at the amount of snow that we have seen along the road.
 After 27 hours of driving it was time to stop for the night.  
We decided to stop in Burley, ID but the hotel we stopped at didn’t have a hot tub and it was surely needed.  So we continued to Jerome, ID where we stopped at the 
Our plan was to take an hour nap, go out for dinner, spend some time in the hot tub and then sleep for the night, getting an early start on Sunday morning to head to Clackamas, OR.
But as all RV’rs know, our plans are made in jello.  Once we were settled into the hotel room we decided to order pizza instead of going out.   The pizza was good and then we took a nap – Ron slept for five hours! and me for three!  At 10 p.m. Ron woke me up and we made our way to the hot tub for about 20 minutes. There were so many kids playing in the pool it was not very relaxing so we made our way back to our room and went back to sleep for the night.  
Hope you enjoyed this first leg of our trip.
Got up Sunday morning about 7 a.m. and began day three of our journey.  
Stay tuned for the next update!

Friendship ~ What a Blessing

On one hand can’t believe it has been since January that I have written but on the other I know it has been.  I have kind of been in a funk since December YET the Lord is gracious and loving.  
Most recently we have (still are) been on a 12 day road trip from Branson, MO to Blaine, WA with some stops along the way ~ more on the trip later at The Wandering Workentins
Today I am jumping to our time in Greeley & Colorado Springs, CO.
It was 34 years and almost two months to the day since we had seen our sweet friends Mike & Conny Jensen.  Our friendship began while we were stationed at Camp New Amsterdam in Soest, Netherlands.  Our 3 year tour was cut to 14 months due to the failing health of Ron’s dad.  A lot has gone on with both of our family’s over the years: births of babies and even grandbabies, deaths of many of our parents and grandparents, many moves, joys and trials but through it all our friendship remained.
And finally yesterday, 3/18/13 we were able to actually be together again!

Ron and Mike chatting in the hallway of the Jensen home.

Ron & Mike – so fun to spend time laughing and sharing of our lives.
Ron, Conny & Mike    
What a blessing!! to be together after all this time.  
Let’s hope it’s not another 34 years before we get together again.
From Greeley, CO we drove down to Colorado Springs where Alice had a reunion with high school mate Corrine (Randall) Lanier.  It has been almost 38 years since we had been together.  We had lost touch when we moved to Holland.  But with the help of Facebook, finding Ed Randall (Corrine’s brother) and leading to Corrine we have been reunited for the past three years…just not in person.
And here we are today!!
And unbeknown to either of us we both wore black 🙂
Another blessing for sure!!   We spent 3 hours together, figuring where our lives went after graduation and how parallel they have been.  Sharing how God’s love and blessings have brought us through so much and kept us strong and growing in Him.  Too bad her hubby, Bill had an appointment today that could not be changed BUT next time we will all four be together and it sure won’t be 38 more years!!!
Colorado Springs is also the home of Ron’s cousin Tammy Bach Davis.  After sending a message via Facebook and then a couple of phone calls it worked for Tammy to join us as well.  And she brought her grandson, Dominic along to visit as well.  
Dominic giving Santa Ron a hug good-bye!  Dominic turned two this past January.  Don’t you just love all those curls?

Back Row: Alice & Ron, Front Row: Tammy (Ron’s cousin on the Thiessen side) and Dominic.
So fun to catch up with family and friends!
So thankful for God’s provision and blessings in our life!!!