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OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 6 ~ Part 2

After a much needed nap it was time for The Wedding!!
So fun to see family and friends!!!
Getting ready for the party!!  Treyson got many compliments from the older ladies while Grammy was putting his tie on!
Marquez & Nicole Ruiz
Ron & Alice – parents of the groom!
Ron & Alice w/Christopher and Puppy!!!
Brandon, Max, Christopher & Treyson.  We sure missed Danalyn and Alexander.
Don’t they look sharp?
Christopher, Treyson, Brandon & Opal.
Jamie & Opal having a chat before the ceremony.
The two dads ~ Dennis Trulock & Ron Workentin
Marquez watching Opal & Jamie.
Opal wanted mommy and no more pictures.
Wendy and her sister Yvette
The mothers ~ Alice Workentin & Wendy Caron
The Jamie Workentin Family: Jamie, Suzanne & Opal
The happy couple and not so happy daughter (she was tired of people taking her picture).
Suzanne & Jamie
Suzanne, Jamie & Opal
Opal was so excited, sorry for the blurry picture.
Dennis, Suzanne, Wendy (bride with her parents)
Steven & Opal
Opal & Christopher w/Steven who knows how to keep the kiddo’s occupied.
Treyson and Austin
Suzanne with Bryce & Wendy Caron
Nancy Trulock, Suzanne, Steven Wright
Having Fun!
Cousins together!!!
Jamie with the girls
Marquez, Jamie, James ~ so great to see 3 very nice young men who gave this momma a run for her money when they were in high school.  So good to see three great men who are great hubbies and dads!!!  So proud of all three of you!!!
Ron, Jamie, Alice
So intent in the game.  So fun to see them together.
Nancy, Suzanne & Nathan (siblings)
Ron, Jamie, Alice, Brandon
James Chrysler, Nancy Trulock, Steven Wright, Marquez Ruiz
The wedding party!
Alice’s Aunt Joan & Uncle Don with Ron (thanks Christopher for the picture)
Treyson (thanks Christopher for the picture)
Nicole Ruiz (thanks Christopher for the picture)
Grandpa by Christopher
Ron & Aunt Joan (picture by Christopher)
Uncle Don & Aunt Joan (photo by Christopher)   For those who knew my mom (Peggy) this picture of Aunt Joan reminds me of how mom used to always look.
Picture by Christopher
Dennis & Wendy walking Suzanne down the aisle.
Jamie & Suzanne reciting their vows.
Wendy, Nancy, Opal, Steven, Suzanne
Opal ~ isn’t she beautiful!!!
Suzanne & Jamie reciting their vows w/Marquez looking on.
And it is Official!!!!
Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Ronald James Workentin Jr!!!
Cousin Mike taking a picture and Max in the forefront.
Jamie & Suzanne getting ready to share a piece of cake!
Uncle Don, Aunt Joan & Alice (another crazy face)
Jamie & Alice dancing, Suzanne is dancing with her Dad
All the couples at the reception! 
Ron & Alice together almost 38 years, Mike & Betsy together 23 years!
Uncle Don, Aunt Joan, Jamie, Suzanne, Alice & Ron (thanks Judy for the picture ~ it means a lot to me)
 Hope you enjoyed the wedding & celebration!!  
We sure did and are so thankful that my Aunt Joan, Uncle Don and Cousin’s Mike & Betsy were able to make it up for the wedding!!  Thank you for coming!!!

2 responses to “OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 6 ~ Part 2”

  1. Alice, Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. It was so wonderful to finally meet you, though I felt I we were old friends already. Safe travels to you and Ron.

  2. Alice, THANK YOU for sharing these wonderful pictures. It was great to have finally met you and Ron, though I felt I already knew you. Safe travels.

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