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Friendship ~ What a Blessing

On one hand can’t believe it has been since January that I have written but on the other I know it has been.  I have kind of been in a funk since December YET the Lord is gracious and loving.  
Most recently we have (still are) been on a 12 day road trip from Branson, MO to Blaine, WA with some stops along the way ~ more on the trip later at The Wandering Workentins
Today I am jumping to our time in Greeley & Colorado Springs, CO.
It was 34 years and almost two months to the day since we had seen our sweet friends Mike & Conny Jensen.  Our friendship began while we were stationed at Camp New Amsterdam in Soest, Netherlands.  Our 3 year tour was cut to 14 months due to the failing health of Ron’s dad.  A lot has gone on with both of our family’s over the years: births of babies and even grandbabies, deaths of many of our parents and grandparents, many moves, joys and trials but through it all our friendship remained.
And finally yesterday, 3/18/13 we were able to actually be together again!

Ron and Mike chatting in the hallway of the Jensen home.

Ron & Mike – so fun to spend time laughing and sharing of our lives.
Ron, Conny & Mike    
What a blessing!! to be together after all this time.  
Let’s hope it’s not another 34 years before we get together again.
From Greeley, CO we drove down to Colorado Springs where Alice had a reunion with high school mate Corrine (Randall) Lanier.  It has been almost 38 years since we had been together.  We had lost touch when we moved to Holland.  But with the help of Facebook, finding Ed Randall (Corrine’s brother) and leading to Corrine we have been reunited for the past three years…just not in person.
And here we are today!!
And unbeknown to either of us we both wore black 🙂
Another blessing for sure!!   We spent 3 hours together, figuring where our lives went after graduation and how parallel they have been.  Sharing how God’s love and blessings have brought us through so much and kept us strong and growing in Him.  Too bad her hubby, Bill had an appointment today that could not be changed BUT next time we will all four be together and it sure won’t be 38 more years!!!
Colorado Springs is also the home of Ron’s cousin Tammy Bach Davis.  After sending a message via Facebook and then a couple of phone calls it worked for Tammy to join us as well.  And she brought her grandson, Dominic along to visit as well.  
Dominic giving Santa Ron a hug good-bye!  Dominic turned two this past January.  Don’t you just love all those curls?

Back Row: Alice & Ron, Front Row: Tammy (Ron’s cousin on the Thiessen side) and Dominic.
So fun to catch up with family and friends!
So thankful for God’s provision and blessings in our life!!!

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