OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 5

Well, well, well
Ron just said Day 5 was missing in the blog – I remember writing it and even posting pictures but have no clue what happened to it.  So here goes!!!
Day 5 was Tuesday
This is where we found Treyson & Christopher Tuesday morning.  They started out on the air bed (thanks Mr. Jim for setting it up) and ended up on the floor between the air bed and our bed.  Seeing Treyson sleeping like this reminds me of how his Daddy (Brandon) used to sleep at this age.
First up was coffee with bestie, Dee
(thanks Christopher for being the photographer)

Another sweet double picture 🙂

Christopher with his pink poodle.

Treyson checking the Bee out.

Love this cute little boy!!!

Besties forever!!  Dee & Ali, photographer Christopher!

Miss Dee

Christopher gives no warning when taking pics so you get what you get!

The boys were fascinated with this fireplace because you can see all the way outside.

Grammy laughing at Treyson!!
And then time to get stuff out of the storage unit.  Thanks Max for watching the boys. 
Because Protec doesn’t open till 1 p.m. I was able to get some extra visiting with Dee.  And then Ron needed some tools to put the hard top on the Jeep so got to see Dee twice more!!!
And then it was time to Party!!!
Photographers were Christopher Workentin & Ben Padilla
(the boys took over 150 pics! ~ here are 45 of them!!!)
Max giving Grammy the eye!!

Max doing one of his favorite activities ~ eating!!

Kristen Swinford, Dave & Kay Fast, Judy Workentin, Kristy Smith & Patrick Alesse

Christopher playing on Grammy’s Ipad

Dave & Kay Fast, Judy Workentin

Coral & Jade Swinford, two of our adopted grands!!

Mr. Jim (taken by a bouncing Christopher)


Kathy Workentin Richardson

Brandon from an almost 5 year old’s view

Mychal Smith (another bouncing Christopher photographer)


Alice & Kristy Smith

Kay Fast

Kristy Smith, Kristen Swinford, Alice, Patricia Alesse & Coral Swinford

Judy Workentin

Dave Fast

Ron aka Santa

Kathy Workentin Richardson, John Workentin, Judy Workentin & Ron Workentin

And in Birth Order from youngest to oldest: John, Ron, Kathy & Judy

Patrick Alesse, Marla Tuski, Charlie Padilla, Judy Workentin, Mike Terry

Max Workentin, Jamie Workentin, Brandon Workentin

Ben Padilla

Patricia Alesse taking a picture of Christopher Workentin taking a picture of her 🙂

Some of the delicious food that we enjoyed.

More food!

Yummy crackers

Lots of nuts – food that is.

Christopher having fun!

Charlie Padilla


Christopher making faces!

Ben Padilla also making faces.

Ben Padilla 🙂

More crackers and the homemade pottery plate that was a gift from Jim & Mary Lang to us!!!

And Puppy – who traveled and visited with lots of family and friends.

 Not pictured: Mary Lang, Nancy Terry, Charles & Margaret Gibson, Dan & Tina Padilla
Thanks everyone for coming out and spending time with us!!!  It was great seeing everyone!!!
And that folks is the end of Fun, Food and Fellowship

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