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OR/WA 2013 Trip ~ Day 4

Time is flying on our vacation ~ Day 4 finds us heading up to Blaine, WA
On this leg of our trip we are taking Christopher & Treyson with us.  Their Daddy, Brandon, and brother, Max will join us later in the evening.
Treyson & Christopher taking up more of the bed than Grandpa & Grammy.  Thanks Brandon & Danalyn for letting us have your bed for a great night’s rest before heading up to Blaine!
Traveling with little ones takes some planning and never had a dull moment.  
We learned two new things in that first day of travel with the boys:
1.  When you go through a tunnel you are supposed to hold your breath.  Christopher shared this rule with us and did you know that when an almost 5 year old holds his breath for a tunnel it gets pretty quiet in the van!
2.  Did you know the van can travel way faster if Christopher sleeps while Grandpa or Grammy is driving?  Such great news!!!  And it works – just check it out with him.
And little boys love to run around when you stop at rest areas!!

Christopher & Treyson – can you see the family resemblance?

Thank you Treyson and Christopher for a fun day!!!
Our day of travel found us leaving Clackamas about 7:30 a.m. and included stops for gas, groceries – needed some coffee, breakfast at Burger King (even though the little boys ate breakfast at home before we left home), a stop to have Grandpa’s tux sized  Good thing too – look at those high waters 🙂
Christopher checking out Grandpa’s white socks and high water pants!  Can’t wait to see him at the wedding 🙂
Treyson admiring the girls and their pretty dresses!

Christopher finding a place to hide at the Tux Shoppe!

The boys checking out all the mirrors and the brides’ stand!
 and then a surprise visit to our friends Jerry & Lynda. So good to see Jerry home from the hospital and hearing that his knee infection is clearing up. 
And then on to Jamie & Suzanne’s home for the Wedding Rehearsal and Potluck dinner.  
Ron, father of the groom, Jamie, groom, and Christopher getting ready to start the wedding rehearsal.
Ron standing in for the pastor with Jamie
Marquez Ruiz (best man & best friend of Jamie’s) & Steven (maid on honor & best friend of Suzanne)  Also pictured Austin & Ethan, nephews of Suzanne
James Chrysler (grooms man  & high school friend of Jamie’s) & Nancy Trulock (attendant & sister of the bride)
Opal (flower girl and daughter of Jamie & Suzanne) and Oliver (ring bearer & nephew of Suzanne)

Wedding Party: Nancy Trulock (sister of the bride), Wendy Caron (mother of the bride), Opal (daughter of the bride & groom), Steven Wright (best friend of the bride), Suzanne Trulock (bride), Oliver Trulock (nephew of the bride), Ron Workentin (father of the groom), James Chrysler (friend of the groom), Marquez Ruiz (best friend of the groom), Jamie Workentin (groom) and Bryce Caron (step-father of the bride).

The groom and grooms men

Bryce & Wendy escorting Suzanne

Bryce and Wendy Caron

Grammy & Grandpa with Treyson & Christopher

John (Nancy’s boyfriend handling the music) and Treyson just thinking of what he could get into next.

Ron and Jamie – love these guys!!!

Mary (Dennis’s wife) & Treyson

Marquez trying to get the groom to come out of the bathroom!

Jamie coming back out (sorry for the blurriness)

Rehearsal #3 – Dennis (father of the bride) & Wendy (mother of the bride) walking Suzanne down the aisle.  Also shown: Mary, Treyson, Nicole (Marquez’s wife) holding Imre (nephew of Suzanne).

Ron & Marquez watching Jamie & Suzanne kissing!

Marquez, Nicole, Julian & Emelio Ruiz!!  In the oven is Mateo!!

John w/Imre

Nancy w/mom Wendy

3 Generations: Wendy, Nancy & Oliver

Wendy and her girls: Nancy & Suzanne

Wendy & her girls and her grandchildren.

Dennis & Mary w/Nancy, John, Oliver, Austin, Ethan & Imre and Jamie, Suzanne & Opal

Dennis Trulock with his girls: Nancy & Suzanne

Wendy, Nancy & Suzanne with their families

Sisters: Wendy & Yvette

Opal and Steven

Opal and Steven

Emelio sneaking the lat of the fruit!!!
What fun to see family and friends!!
After a full, fun and long day it was time to head to Jim & Mary’s for the night.  So thankful for gracious friends who are more like family for letting us hang out at their place for 3 nights, have a party (more on that on Day 5!), enjoying snippets of conversations and relaxing in the quiet moments.
Hope you enjoyed Day 4 ~ Stay tuned for Days 5 through 12!

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