10 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 5 ~ If Given a Pass for Anything in Life What Would it Be or Do You Already Have It?

Day 5 Writing Prompt is a bit different…so I rephrased it to fit more to me….

It doesn’t necessarily mean that every single thing always goes exactly the way you want.
But it could mean that everything, in the long run, does work together for your ultimate highest good.
It could mean that sometimes when a door closes, it’s because you’re being steered in a better direction, in the long run.
What one piece of evidence from your life (e.g., a grace you lived through, a miracle or blessing you received unexpectedly, a time everything worked out when it looked like it might not) suggests that you might already possess a Whole Life Spiritual VIP Pass?
I don’t need a Whole Life Spiritual Pass because I Have JESUS in my life, I believe he was born of man, died on the cross and was raised from the dead to save me from all sin and give me ever lasting life (John 3:16)  I reflect, often on my life where I came from and where I have been and where I am headed, what I have done and do now that is different…I think about questions from people who have helped direct me in my life…”what could you do differently?”  “where was God when????”  and “what would Jesus do?”
I seek God when I am troubled, I give him praise for the many blessings in my life…if I were to list them out I couldn’t write them all down because I would get cramps in my hands from writing or typing…but I know I am blessed, I am loved by God, I am HIS daughter, the daughter of the KING, I’m married to my best friend, who has loved me through the good and hard times, who has laughed and cried with me, who has thrown his hands up and said “what the heck?” and hugged me so tight I could not breathe.  I have known joy…seeing the face of innocence in the eyes of new born babies and the face of sorrow watching my baby breathe his last breath and wondered why? oh why? did this or that happen??
I am thankful I can look back and see that even through the rough times I can see how they could be worse…what if I had gotten pregnant when I was raped by my step-dad?  how different my life would be from today….and I can play the what if game?  what if Royce had lived…how different our life would be….what if Ron’s dad had not gotten cancer…would we have stayed in the military and retired…how different our life could be…but I know that I am where I need to be, right now for today, for such a time as this…I remember asking our pastor’s wife one day…how do you know you are doing what God wants you to do??? and she said…you just step out, take one step, God has the power to change the direction of that step if He sees fit…so each day I step out in faith, that I/we are doing what and where the Lord wants us to be and do…
We have talked a lot lately about the near future…a job that might  be offered, a trip we want to take and then we say well what if???  and so we step out, believing and trusting the Lord that each step will lead us where He wants us to be and that no matter what is going on or what happens, we are never alone and HE is always with us and HE will always provide a way.
Yes, we make plans, just ask Ron how many trips he has planned and planned again but we have learned to be flexible, when we come to a crossroad we say left or right, straight or turn…and we just move forward.
We have plans, we will do this if …. and we will do that if …. and through it all each day we will give Jesus the love He has given us, we will share His love with others the best we can…that’s all we can do…is to love others as God has loved us.

10 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 4 ~ Letters to Myself

Writing Prompts are hard sometimes, yesterday I wrote about not focusing on the past and then this morning the prompt for the writing challenge I am doing asks me to think back to that little girl and what would she want me to know today and what would I, as an old lady would say to me…this is a hard one but let’s see what I can learn from little Alice or the grown up and worn out Ali has to say….

Day 4 of the 10 Day Writing Challenge ~  Just let the words flow onto the page, in bullets or fragments or whatever:
1. What questions do you have for your Younger Self?
2. What does your Younger Self want to remind you?
3. What questions do you have for your Older Self, a version of you 10, 20 or even 30 years in the future?
4. What does your Older Self want you to know?

As I read the prompt the first thing that came to mind was this picture of me:
taken in the first grade (1962 or 1963)
and how my mom was so mad when she saw the picture because I had taken the bow out and put it back in sometime before pictures were taken that day…I see a little girl who just wanted to look so pretty…and I must say she sure was a cutie pie!!! So innocent.
Little Ali would want to remind me that life is precious, enjoy every moment and just because times can be hard it’s okay because there is always light and good around you.
When I look in her eyes I see hope and anticipation, hope for future and wonder where will she go?  Little Ali would  never have imagined that she would fly on an airplane, live in a travel trailer because she wanted to, worked for a carnival or learned how to be a good mom and love her grandbabies to the moon and back!!

10 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 3 ~ Life, Oil Fields, Plans…

Writing Prompt ~ Day 3 Writing with Ease

I love to talk and write, Ron even says I write like I talk…A LOT!!!  
  • What about your future dream, destiny or life have you been telling a story of dread, difficulty, fear or doubt about? What is that story? Who have you been telling it to?
  • What payoffs have you been getting out of telling the old, hard story? Has it been allowing you to avoid the discomfort of growth? Have you been bonding with others over it?
  • Would you like to tell a new story about this part of your future?
  • If you’re ready to let the old story go and you would like to tell a new story about your future, write your new story now! What’s a new story of ease about how your life’s work or dreams will come to pass? Be playful, fantastical and light in this one. Tell yourself a story of fresh, new possibilities that start now.

These prompts are right on target for me today…the other day Ron took a picture of me in a new t-shirt he had bought me.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and indoor
When the shirt arrived I didn’t think it would fit…it is size L, I have been wearing a 2xl forever so I just folded it up and set it aside.  A few days later I needed to go into town so was changing out of my normal clothes of FR (Fire Retardant) clothes while working here in the oil fields and thought “what the heck…I should at least try it on…and was pleasantly surprised that it fit!!!  
My thought in seeing the picture was “stand up straight, quit slouching ~ thanks Mom!!!).  I shared the picture and my thoughts with a friend and she said “quit picking at you!!!  You look great!!  And then she sent me  this
Image may contain: 3 people, including Ron Workentin, people smiling, indoor
WOW!!!  What a difference a Year Makes!!!!
And I thought…I really need to focus on the here and now, not the past and stop worrying about what the future holds…and then this prompt came up…and I was reminded again…stop living in the past…I do that a lot…live today!!!

Today is a new day!!!  And we are getting ready to start a new adventure…we have been here in the oil field for almost a year, have been gate guarding here in Barstow, TX for 312 days!!!! and have 60 days till we head to Waco, TX and then continuing on to Florida, and eventually Hebron, KY to work with Amazon for a season!!!

This time in the oil field has been interesting and has been just what we needed for our lives this season…we have been able to pay off quite a few bills and even a few of the new medical bills from Ron’s breast cancer surgery (YES men get breast cancer!!) and we have cleaned more dust out of our trailer then we could have ever imagined.  I have crocheted more than I ever could have imagined, hence the shirt Ron got me!, and I look forward to crocheting more…I have lots of projects to do from blankets to Toothless the Dragon to a life size dragon to baby blankets to dishcloths to ?????

And so now we look forward to new adventures, seeing friends and family that we haven’t seen in quite a while, making new friends along the way, attending graduation of a special boy who is turning into quite the young man, seeing grands and kids, sleeping in the same bed with my hubby at the same time ~ as we like to say “what a novel idea” and enjoying God’s creation and beauty around the US.  

A sweet friend of mine posted this on Facebook
this morning and I thought ~ how appropriate for me too…I look back at my life often, beat myself up for the things I did wrong and then I am reminded that no one is perfect and we all have done something wrong at some time BUT with God’s love, forgiveness and new days life continues and so my goal as we prepare for this new adventure to enjoy today, be in the moment, see God’s wonderful glory in the moment and plan for the future…not live in the future but at least have an idea of what is on the horizon…I say that lightly as we all know, at least RV’rs know…our plans are like Jello…wiggly and never settled firm till they happen!!!
Thank you Lord for leading me through this life each and every day, for blessing me with a husband who loves me in all my quirkiness, for two healthy sons who have chosen wonderful women as their wives and the five wonderful grandchildren I have here on earth and for our three angel babies waiting to be held and hugged when we are reunited in heaven one day!!!
I am truly blessed and I pray that I can live each day giving YOU the glory and honor that I owe you!!!  

10 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 2

Day 2 of the 10 Day Writing Challenge ~
POD #2: Altitude training
BEFORE you took this Challenge, when was the last time you trained at altitude—diving into something that stretched you beyond what you’d ever done or felt before, or stepping out toward a dream without the perfect resources or plan in place?
How did it go? Describe the adventure. What new superpowers did you develop in the process? What powers—extraordinary traits at the core of who you are—did you realize you’d always had, all along? And what powers do you intend to grow and unlock here, in this 10 Day Writing Challenge? Declare it!
Altitude training ~ the first thing that came to mind was the many challenges I have faced in my life and overcome…when we moved to Holland…I was a scared 19 year old with a new baby, dealing with the loss of baby, being truly separated from family and friends and traveling alone…a four month old is really not much company.  But what a trip it was ~ visited for a week with my Grandpa, met aunts and cousins I didn’t know I had, saw parts of this beautiful USA where I had never been, found out I could handle the unexpected…like picking up the wrong suitcase at JFK Airport, going to the hotel, realizing my error, traveling back to the airport, connecting with the man who had my suitcase full of diapers and exchanged it for his suitcase of men’s suits, got drunk for the first time…who would have guessed that, realized no one could steal my baby from the airplane when we were 30,000’+ up in the air ~ yes I thought that…I know too funny when you actually think about it.
And one of the most important lessons in life I learned while we lived in Holland…let me set the stage…we had a little yellow pickup (unheard of by European standards) and was a target of the local police.  The third time I got stopped and was told that Jamie’s carseat had to go in the back (we had a canopy on the truck so it looked a little like a station wagon) I marched my 19 year old butt into the base commander’s office…um  YOU DON’t DO THAT!!! Demanded to see Colonel Nutt (yes that was his name) and told him in no uncertain terms that I needed to go back home to the US where I wasn’t ridiculed…the first thing he did was sit me down and then asked “was your husband in the military when you married him” Yes.  “Do you know that you can get him in a ton of trouble for coming in my office like a crazy woman?” No “Well you can” and then he proceeded to tell me he could fix the issue with the carseat/truck…he had a sticker in his drawer for such a time as that but most importantly he wanted to give me some advice…
“My job, as Ron’s wife is to make his home a happy place, love and support him in every way possible.  I may be married to Ron but  he was more married to the US Air Force and I needed to remember that.  No matter where we go in life I was to be Ron’s helpmate, to encourage him and not do stupid things that could get him in lots of trouble with a Commander or a boss.”  He then gave me a hug, told me to enjoy our time in Holland and he didn’t ever want to see me in his office again. 
By then I was really in tears, prayed Ron wouldn’t get into trouble and went home.  I did get stopped by the police about three weeks later and when I showed him the sticker on the carseat, he smiled and said have a great day.  I never got stopped after that.
That has been the best advice I have ever received and I am so thankful for Colonel Nutt for not responding in a way that would or could have had detrimental effects on my life and my marriage.  And I have thought of his comments often as we have moved, over 40 times in 43 years of marriage, not counting how many times we have moved the RV to a new park, that I have always tried to make our home a happy place for Ron and for our family.
I don’t know about any super powers gleaned or I want in the future, what I do want to do is to continue to grow in my life and relationship with the Lord, He is the best Commander in life!!!  And to continue to love and support Ron in our marriage and this adventure we call life.


10 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 1

I’m not sure how I found this writing challenge, I think it was on Facebook but I thought it might help get me in the habit of writing each morning.  Today is Day 1…here is the link if you want to check it out.  
Writing Prompt of the Day #1: What’s Your Game Name Now?
I have never watched Game of Thrones, don’t know anything about it so will  be flying by the seat of my pants as I write this morning.
What’s your ‘Game Name’ now? Whether you’ve ever watched the show or not, if you could create your own Game of Thrones name, what would it be? 
I am Ali, also known as Wife, Mom, Grammy, daughter of the King, Friend and Encourager; I have also gone by the name of Margaret Alice ~ my given name, named after both of my grandmothers, one of whom I never had the chance to meet and don’t really know much about her and the other who loved me in her special way, who made some special memories with me; loves Jesus and York peppermint patties; enjoys traveling with my best friend and lover, Ron; Crocheter of Gifts ~ sharing my love for others as I can; First of Her Name as there is none other like me!!!
What do you think?  Do you have a name for me that maybe I overlooked?  And why would you give me that name?

Life is Hard Sometimes

Life is hard sometimes EVEN when things seem to be going well.
I am so thankful we have the jobs we have
as it has allowed us to pay down many of our bills
including many of the $40K medical bills from Ron’s 
breast cancer surgery and medical care.
We have a nice home on wheels,
though right now you could write your name 
on every piece of furniture we own…
…the dust is never ending and I mean never ending!!!
Even my plants get a dust build up!!!
And anything on the counter!!!
I have learned not to just grab a spoon to stir something on the stove,
but to grab a towel first!!!
If you have never lived in a dust bowl,
I am not sure you can even imagine!!
But such is life in West Texas!!!
It is what it is!!!
Some of you know,
that I have been struggling with health issues,
depression is an on-going battle even though some days are better than others,
it’s still there!!!
Going to the doctor is always a double edged sword for me ~~
I’m overweight, I know that 
but can’t you give me credit for 28 lbs I’ve lost in the last year???
I’m addicted to sweets and carbs!!!
Give me a 3 Muskateers or Peppermint York any day
and I will give you a big smile!!!
And yes, I know I have diabetes…please don’t tell me I shouldn’t be eating this or that.  I have met with endocrinologists and diabetes educators and 
more doctors than I can count…but you know what they all say…
“you can eat anything you want…just count the damn carbs!!!”
So I count carbs,
some meals are better than others
but please give me credit for the good meals!!
Am I asking for special treatment…NOPE,
just give me credit for the good choices I do make,
they are far more than the non-healthy choices.
I will also add I don’t like the word BAD…food is neither good nor bad, yes
some things taste better than others, but food is not BAD!!!
I am not bad!!!
So feeling a bit defeated the last few weeks,
wishing summer would get here sooner than later,
life has been hard.
BUT God still meets me where I am 
and today was no different.
It began with a friend asking me if I had read a devotion sent by a mutual friend…um no but I would so I did
Here it is in its entirety:

March  4, 2019



“When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he had already been a long time
in that condition, He said to him, ‘Do you wish to get well?’ The sick man
answered Him, ‘Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is
stirred up, but while I am coming, another steps down before me.’ Jesus said to
him, ‘Get up, pick up your pallet and walk.’ Immediately the man became well,
and picked up his pallet and began to walk.”  John 5:6-9


The Bible and legend said that the first person to enter the pool after the
water ripples would be healed. You can imagine that this pool attracted the most
desperate, with many fighting for a spot by the water’s edge – they would just
sit there watching, waiting, hoping. In a place overflowing with need, one man
caught Jesus’ eye. He had been paralyzed for 38 years, this man waited daily by
the pool hoping for a miracle.

“Do you want to get well?” Jesus asked the man. The question seemed bizarre and
the answer, well that was obvious. But Jesus knew human nature. For 38 years,
people had been bringing him to the pool. He had become dependent on others.
Being healed meant taking responsibility for himself.  The man became defensive.
“It’s not my fault, no one is here to help me into the water,” he explained. He
was understandably frustrated, probably feeling stuck. But, in playing the
victim and blaming others for his circumstances, he almost missed Jesus’ life
changing offer – Yes that of healing.

Can’t we all relate? When things are hard and we feel stuck – isn’t it easy to
become depressed, give up and give in to the hand life has dealt us. Looking for
someone to do things for us so we can then blame things on them? Maybe we’ve
been disappointed time and time again and accepting current circumstances seems
less painful than hopes crushed. Maybe the situation really is unfair or out of
your control – an illness, a sudden layoff, broken trust – you are the victim.
Sometimes it just seems safer to stay where you are, Yes just to stay stuck.

So, what does Jesus ask of us when our lives feel stuck? “Get up, pick up your
pallet and walk.”

“Get up” – Believe in the person of Christ Jesus, in His promises, in His truth.

“Pick up your pallet” – Take responsibility for yourself.

“Walk” – Have the faith to walk away from your old self as you journey through
life with Jesus.

No matter life’s circumstances, Jesus offers a way out: hope and eternal
salvation that overcomes every sickness, obstacle, and disappointment life has
to offer. I agree sometimes we may not like the answer to our problems, but
Don’t just wait by the pool hoping for a miracle. Seek out the miracle worker

Thank you Lord my God for the miracle

of You coming into my Life and making

it worth living. Amen

Trust in Christ Jesus

Roy Howdyshell


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and I was reminded of something Tom T told me quite a few years ago…when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you will make a different choice.
 and then the questions started running through my mind
…what do I really want?
…am I willing to make some changes?
…stop looking for excuses…
and the devotion continued with:
Get UP ~ MOVE!!
Just Do it ~ MOVE!!
Walk ~ MOVE!!!
Trust God is with me every step of the way,
whether those steps are physical steps or mental steps!!
Claim my life verse ~
and from Jesus Calling

and I am reminded to STOP looking at stuff as PROBLEMS
but as
to make changes,
to do better,
my happy place…resting in Jesus,
in His Word,
his comfort,
his arms
there are many ways I rest in the Lord,
one of them is coloring
and this morning I not only got to rest in His word
but He gave me the opportunity to do it 
in one of my favorite ways


Yes, life is hard sometimes
but if I keep my focus on
the things that are important to me
I am reminded
that God is faithful,
I am never alone,
and God loves me just the way I am.
That doesn’t mean I don’t need to 
Get UP ~ MOVE!!
Just Do it ~ MOVE!!
Walk ~ MOVE!!!
It means each step I take I have my bestest of best friends
right beside me!!!

A New Day

So thankful for a good nights rest
even waking up 4x to visit the little girls room,
got almost 9 hours of sleep…thank you Lord.
A New Day
a fresh outlook
feeling rested
thank you Lord
Working on a new crochet project
5 star baby blanket
(pictures to follow when done)
Have a great day!!
I am going to!!!

I Just…

I just want to 
cry…I am so tired emotionally and physically.  
I am tired of dealing with diabetes issues,
I am tired of trying to find paperwork that I know we have but can’t seem to locate.
I want to snuggle in bed with my hubby,
I want him to lay next to me and just let me cry.
I hate having money issues,
seems like every time we turn around,
someone else is asking for money and we can only spread it so thin!
I want to go for a drive with my hubby,
I want to be where the dust is not flying around like little tornadoes
and then I hear my mom say
“want in one hand and spit in the other and see what one fills up first”
and then I cry because I miss her
I miss her, even though we didn’t always get a long, I still miss my mom,
I miss my crazy and quirky dad,
though at times I thought he would drive me crazy,
and maybe he did a little
I would still like to hear him say “see ya!” because he never said goodbye.
I want to eat ice cream and cake,
I want a donut from Dunkin Donuts
I want caramel corn!!!
I just WANT!!!!
And it’s okay,
you don’t have to worry about me…
that is if you do….
after a nap and a healthy lunch I will be fine.