10 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 5 ~ If Given a Pass for Anything in Life What Would it Be or Do You Already Have It?

Day 5 Writing Prompt is a bit different…so I rephrased it to fit more to me….

It doesn’t necessarily mean that every single thing always goes exactly the way you want.
But it could mean that everything, in the long run, does work together for your ultimate highest good.
It could mean that sometimes when a door closes, it’s because you’re being steered in a better direction, in the long run.
What one piece of evidence from your life (e.g., a grace you lived through, a miracle or blessing you received unexpectedly, a time everything worked out when it looked like it might not) suggests that you might already possess a Whole Life Spiritual VIP Pass?
I don’t need a Whole Life Spiritual Pass because I Have JESUS in my life, I believe he was born of man, died on the cross and was raised from the dead to save me from all sin and give me ever lasting life (John 3:16)  I reflect, often on my life where I came from and where I have been and where I am headed, what I have done and do now that is different…I think about questions from people who have helped direct me in my life…”what could you do differently?”  “where was God when????”  and “what would Jesus do?”
I seek God when I am troubled, I give him praise for the many blessings in my life…if I were to list them out I couldn’t write them all down because I would get cramps in my hands from writing or typing…but I know I am blessed, I am loved by God, I am HIS daughter, the daughter of the KING, I’m married to my best friend, who has loved me through the good and hard times, who has laughed and cried with me, who has thrown his hands up and said “what the heck?” and hugged me so tight I could not breathe.  I have known joy…seeing the face of innocence in the eyes of new born babies and the face of sorrow watching my baby breathe his last breath and wondered why? oh why? did this or that happen??
I am thankful I can look back and see that even through the rough times I can see how they could be worse…what if I had gotten pregnant when I was raped by my step-dad?  how different my life would be from today….and I can play the what if game?  what if Royce had lived…how different our life would be….what if Ron’s dad had not gotten cancer…would we have stayed in the military and retired…how different our life could be…but I know that I am where I need to be, right now for today, for such a time as this…I remember asking our pastor’s wife one day…how do you know you are doing what God wants you to do??? and she said…you just step out, take one step, God has the power to change the direction of that step if He sees fit…so each day I step out in faith, that I/we are doing what and where the Lord wants us to be and do…
We have talked a lot lately about the near future…a job that might  be offered, a trip we want to take and then we say well what if???  and so we step out, believing and trusting the Lord that each step will lead us where He wants us to be and that no matter what is going on or what happens, we are never alone and HE is always with us and HE will always provide a way.
Yes, we make plans, just ask Ron how many trips he has planned and planned again but we have learned to be flexible, when we come to a crossroad we say left or right, straight or turn…and we just move forward.
We have plans, we will do this if …. and we will do that if …. and through it all each day we will give Jesus the love He has given us, we will share His love with others the best we can…that’s all we can do…is to love others as God has loved us.

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