10 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 3 ~ Life, Oil Fields, Plans…

Writing Prompt ~ Day 3 Writing with Ease

I love to talk and write, Ron even says I write like I talk…A LOT!!!  
  • What about your future dream, destiny or life have you been telling a story of dread, difficulty, fear or doubt about? What is that story? Who have you been telling it to?
  • What payoffs have you been getting out of telling the old, hard story? Has it been allowing you to avoid the discomfort of growth? Have you been bonding with others over it?
  • Would you like to tell a new story about this part of your future?
  • If you’re ready to let the old story go and you would like to tell a new story about your future, write your new story now! What’s a new story of ease about how your life’s work or dreams will come to pass? Be playful, fantastical and light in this one. Tell yourself a story of fresh, new possibilities that start now.

These prompts are right on target for me today…the other day Ron took a picture of me in a new t-shirt he had bought me.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and indoor
When the shirt arrived I didn’t think it would fit…it is size L, I have been wearing a 2xl forever so I just folded it up and set it aside.  A few days later I needed to go into town so was changing out of my normal clothes of FR (Fire Retardant) clothes while working here in the oil fields and thought “what the heck…I should at least try it on…and was pleasantly surprised that it fit!!!  
My thought in seeing the picture was “stand up straight, quit slouching ~ thanks Mom!!!).  I shared the picture and my thoughts with a friend and she said “quit picking at you!!!  You look great!!  And then she sent me  this
Image may contain: 3 people, including Ron Workentin, people smiling, indoor
WOW!!!  What a difference a Year Makes!!!!
And I thought…I really need to focus on the here and now, not the past and stop worrying about what the future holds…and then this prompt came up…and I was reminded again…stop living in the past…I do that a lot…live today!!!

Today is a new day!!!  And we are getting ready to start a new adventure…we have been here in the oil field for almost a year, have been gate guarding here in Barstow, TX for 312 days!!!! and have 60 days till we head to Waco, TX and then continuing on to Florida, and eventually Hebron, KY to work with Amazon for a season!!!

This time in the oil field has been interesting and has been just what we needed for our lives this season…we have been able to pay off quite a few bills and even a few of the new medical bills from Ron’s breast cancer surgery (YES men get breast cancer!!) and we have cleaned more dust out of our trailer then we could have ever imagined.  I have crocheted more than I ever could have imagined, hence the shirt Ron got me!, and I look forward to crocheting more…I have lots of projects to do from blankets to Toothless the Dragon to a life size dragon to baby blankets to dishcloths to ?????

And so now we look forward to new adventures, seeing friends and family that we haven’t seen in quite a while, making new friends along the way, attending graduation of a special boy who is turning into quite the young man, seeing grands and kids, sleeping in the same bed with my hubby at the same time ~ as we like to say “what a novel idea” and enjoying God’s creation and beauty around the US.  

A sweet friend of mine posted this on Facebook
this morning and I thought ~ how appropriate for me too…I look back at my life often, beat myself up for the things I did wrong and then I am reminded that no one is perfect and we all have done something wrong at some time BUT with God’s love, forgiveness and new days life continues and so my goal as we prepare for this new adventure to enjoy today, be in the moment, see God’s wonderful glory in the moment and plan for the future…not live in the future but at least have an idea of what is on the horizon…I say that lightly as we all know, at least RV’rs know…our plans are like Jello…wiggly and never settled firm till they happen!!!
Thank you Lord for leading me through this life each and every day, for blessing me with a husband who loves me in all my quirkiness, for two healthy sons who have chosen wonderful women as their wives and the five wonderful grandchildren I have here on earth and for our three angel babies waiting to be held and hugged when we are reunited in heaven one day!!!
I am truly blessed and I pray that I can live each day giving YOU the glory and honor that I owe you!!!  

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