10 Day Writing Challenge ~ Day 4 ~ Letters to Myself

Writing Prompts are hard sometimes, yesterday I wrote about not focusing on the past and then this morning the prompt for the writing challenge I am doing asks me to think back to that little girl and what would she want me to know today and what would I, as an old lady would say to me…this is a hard one but let’s see what I can learn from little Alice or the grown up and worn out Ali has to say….

Day 4 of the 10 Day Writing Challenge ~  Just let the words flow onto the page, in bullets or fragments or whatever:
1. What questions do you have for your Younger Self?
2. What does your Younger Self want to remind you?
3. What questions do you have for your Older Self, a version of you 10, 20 or even 30 years in the future?
4. What does your Older Self want you to know?

As I read the prompt the first thing that came to mind was this picture of me:
taken in the first grade (1962 or 1963)
and how my mom was so mad when she saw the picture because I had taken the bow out and put it back in sometime before pictures were taken that day…I see a little girl who just wanted to look so pretty…and I must say she sure was a cutie pie!!! So innocent.
Little Ali would want to remind me that life is precious, enjoy every moment and just because times can be hard it’s okay because there is always light and good around you.
When I look in her eyes I see hope and anticipation, hope for future and wonder where will she go?  Little Ali would  never have imagined that she would fly on an airplane, live in a travel trailer because she wanted to, worked for a carnival or learned how to be a good mom and love her grandbabies to the moon and back!!

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