Happy 43rd Anniversary!!!!

December 20, 1975
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 22, 1976
in the back of our little red truck
we dedicated our lives to the Lord
we have traveled many roads,
some a bit bumpy
and some a bit smooth
through it all we have trusted the Lord
and as a friend as told me time and again
“HE has never failed you yet!”
and that’s the truth
December 22, 2000
Blaine, Washington
Celebrating 25 years of marriage

What a fun celebration that was,
we had 42 guests at our wedding
and 25 years later we had 42 guests celebrating with us!
And here we are today,
December 20, 2018
Gate Guarding just outside of Pecos, TX
Celebrating 43 years of marriage!!!

We have done things we would never have imagined all those years ago…
had babies,
buried our baby son
Celebrated marriages
 &  Image may contain: 3 people, including Jamie Workentin
Image may contain: 3 people, including Jamie Workentin, people smiling, people sitting, beard and outdoor
Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing, hat and child
We are so blessed
for wonderful sons,
sweet daughters-in-love’s
and five, yes five grandchildren.
We have worked and traveled 
with a carnival
and yes we got tattoos!!
well the ones that wash away!!!
we have sold Christmas trees,
managed campgrounds from Texas to Missouri to Utah
worked with oldies in Oregon and 
teens in Texas
And through it all
our love has stood
and we are so thankful for 43 years together
and look forward to many more!!!!

Happy 83rd Birthday Mom

Happy 83rd Birthday Mom!!!

This picture is very reflective of my mom,
she always had a coffee cup in her hand or in front of her at a table,

It’s been just over 15 years since you left us,
some days I think of you
and wish things could have been different between us
and yet other times
I think of fun times we had together,

We had a troubling relationship at times
and yet we laughed and cried together when we needed each other.

So many memories are coming to mind:
going out for breakfast at 2:00 in the morning,
asking for my savings only to find out you knew about the car accident all along,
you standing with us as we said goodbye to Royce,
you standing with us as Jamie was born,
Ron hanging up the phone on you shortly before Brandon arrived,
flying into San Jose when Grandpa died ~ you were not happy that I defied you but at the same time you told me you were glad I was there,
Christmas 1980 ~ you gave Ron a cowboy hat and me 50 $1 bills…it seemed like you gave us the world,
the money you sent each week for six months while Ron was unemployed,
telling me you hope I had a kid just like me…LOL
you forbidding me from driving your car
and how much you loved Ron!!!

Sees Candies….chocolate bordeaux your favorite
every Christmas Day
(by the way, we sent a bag to each of the boys family’s this year)
I have my bag chilling in the fridge!!

Mom I wish you were 
for just one more phone call,
one more hug
and to share a cup of coffee together
the picture above, last time we had coffee together,
Fall 2014
thank you Aunt Joan for making that visit possible
the visit was awkward at times
but I am so thankful you convinced Mom to come to the ranch.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Scouring the Scriptures

For my birthday,
Ron got me
NLT Inspire PRAISE Bible, Purple Imitation Leather with Floral Design  -     By: Christian Art
I am so enjoying it….one of the things I like to do when I get a new Bible, 
my last one was 2012….
is to go through my old Bible
and underline passages from that Bible
in my new Bible
also while doing some reading.
Today I ended up in
Numbers 9:23
And when the Cloud went up, they got up and marched. They camped at God’s command and they marched at God’s command. They lived obediently by God’s orders as delivered by Moses.
and I reflected on a conversation I had recently
and she said 
Well, sort of. God called you to that life and you answered His call.
and it got me to thinking, some more…
and then I found Numbers 9:23
and how we live in our little home on wheels (Camper/Tent)
and enjoy traveling around the US,
seeing friends and family
and how sometimes we make plans
and things don’t work out according to our plans 
but through it all,
we continue to keep trusting the Lord,
I keep trusting the Lord
He Never Fails Me!!!
My scripture readings this morning were in 
Luke 2:8-20 & Matt. 2:7-12
yet I somehow ended up in
Matthew 7:7
Matthew 7:12
and what keeps going through my  mind
is that as long as we (I) keep being aware and 
seeking the Lord
and all that He wants for me
HE will always be with me.
And today
I feel like the Lord has confirmed to me
that I really am where I need to be,
right at this moment
to keep on keeping on…
doing what I do best…
loving on others and just sharing me…
the way the Lord made me!!!
and a prayer request…
Ron and I are both fighting colds/coughs,
please pray they don’t get any worse
and that we will both feel rested and better.  Thanks.

It’s Cold and Having a Cold = NO FUN!!!

Living in Texas we expect warm and hot weather…
…but it is cold here this morning
and yesterday morning and the morning before…
thankfully the days warm up.
Yesterday my reading was in Isaiah 
and again am reminded I am never alone
and that God can take anything
and make it beautiful.
such a time as this
for me
I’m finding time for me,
to read and write again,
For most of my life,
it seems I have been busy,
and always saying I wish I had more time for me,
and now I have lots of time for me
and for the past several months and for the next six months or so
I have time for me
and I don’t want to just squander it away.
My prayer is
“Lord help your love to shine through me,
as I do my job here in Texas,
sharing our lives with the different drivers,
some who live locally and some who are here 
are a ways from home.  Lord help me to share YOU with those
I come into contact with.  
And most of all thank you for blessing me
in so many ways!!!
With a loving husband, 
two great kids and terrific daughters-in-loves,
five grandchildren
and more friends than I can count. Amen!!”

What a Week….

This week has had its ups and downs, 
thankfully more ups then downs…
Wednesday night was a hard night for me,
I tossed/turned for over 13 hours,
woke up chilled so took a nice long hot shower and felt much better afterwards.
I’m fighting a chest cold and I think that was most of the problems.
Hopefully today will be another good day.
Yesterday the wind blew like crazy,
at one point the door slammed my arm and I screamed, thus waking up Ron after only three hours of sleep…he did get in another 3 hour nap later in the day.
I told a friend,
I don’t mind wind storms if I’m sitting in a condo at the beach watching the waves crash against the shore
sitting in our little home on wheels,
rocking and rocking some more is no fun!!!
I am so enjoying my  new Bible and using my pencils and pens.
Yesterday I was reminded 
through 2 Samuel 22: 26~34
Image result for 2 samuel 22 29
which reminds me of
Image result for such a time as this
God is ….
rescues the humble,
the light in my life,
the one who gives me strength,
and I am able to do all things through HIM!!
…you are my shield
…you are perfect in all ways,
…you never go back on your promises
…you keep me sure footed even in the strong winds just as a deer running through a spring meadow or snowy field.

And I kept thinking of being “surefooted” yesterday every time I walked out the door of the trailer yesterday as the wind was blowing hard most of the day.

And once again, I sit in awesome awe of God and how HE meets me every day wherever I happen to be and for such a time as this.

and then this morning in my devotional from 
1 Chronicles 29:10-19
Image result for 1 chronicles 29 10-19 
Isaiah 42:1-6
Image result for isaiah 42 2
Image result for isaiah 42 6
And I am reminded that
I need to give God the glory
for everything I have and am.
Without HIM I would be nothing.
Ron and I have been talking a lot lately about our lives,
maybe because our 43rd wedding anniversary is just around the corner…
I know, can you believe it 43 years!!!
We have done much in those 43 years…
…when we first married we had our lives mapped out…
stay in the Air Force and retire after 20 years,
have children, be parents and just live life to the fullest…
…but life has its own agenda and God has other plans….
we have had four boys…losing two of them during pregnancy and shortly after birth,
we travelled to the Netherlands & Germany through the military
and then Ron’s dad’s cancer returned and he passed away…
…change of plans…we got out of the military and eventually moved back to Blaine, WA
and did all the things I said I would NEVER DO…
….move to Blaine,
live with Ron’s mom,
live at the farm,
go to BBBCC
so I learned…don’t ever say never!!!
We have been so blessed even through the valley’s
…the loss of a child
…the loss of parents
…the loss of jobs
but those valley’s have brought us to many mountain tops
…Jamie and his family, Suzanne & Opal
…Brandon and his family, Danalyn, Max, Christopher, Treyson & Alexander
…travels and jobs that we never dreamt about….
….working for Funtastic Shows…who would have thought we would ever work and travel with a carnival??
we have sold Christmas trees,
managed different campgrounds,
worked with oldies and teenagers!!!
and most recently…working in the Oil Fields of Texas!!!
Image result for the world our mission field
 loving doing the Lord’s work wherever He plants us!
And through it all and again this morning,
reminded that God is in control,
no matter how I like to think I am in control!!!

Playing with Blogger and other stuff

I have spent the last three hours (with breaks checking in trucks) trying to update my blog…wanted to make it Christmassy…but couldn’t get a background to transfer so thought about going back to WordPress but it was so confusing so thought…what about a new blog on wix.com???  Well that was even more confusing….
….so I am back at the drawing board…go figure
Yesterday my birthday presents from Ron arrived.  
I told him what I wanted and he paid for them!!!
I’ve wanted a new Bible for a couple of years and if you know me, colored pens and pencils always make my day.  So I picked out the Inspire Bible which has room for notes on every page and also lots of illustrations to color.  Coloring relaxes me and what better way to color then to color scriptures thus the coloring book to go along with it.  
I have always struggled with studying God’s word, like I just don’t know the best way to do it and really learn and retain what I read so I got the book Women of the Word, a study guide…so we will see.
Now I have my old Bible, Women of Faith that has daily devotions that I would like to give to someone…yes its used…you can learn a lot about a person about reading what they have written and underlined in their Bible…so if there is someone out there who would like my old Bible, send me a note or write a comment and I will send it to the first one who asks.  Just let me know!!!
Truth Time
I have always struggled with finding TIME to spend in God’s Word…but there is no excuse now while we are Gate Guarding
so I have committed, again, to spend time daily in God’s Word.
One way I am able to do this is by journaling and blogging what I read and learn.
That’s what got me to thinking about changing up my blog…instead of having a home page and a page of Thoughts…but the merge hasn’t happened yet…so I’m just going to start today blogging under HOME.
Was my verse for today…just what I am constantly asking God for is PEACE…
…what I read was that I need to be responsible for my own actions, trust in God and His peace will be with me.  I need to remind myself that HE knows the big picture and I wear blinders
which reminded me of an Esther Bible study I started with a friend with the theme
“For such a time as this”

I need to find PEACE where I am right now and in whatever situation I find myself in.  I know this but the reminders this morning has been resounding in my heart and mind.  So I turned the TV off, put on some Christmas music, spent time in God’s Word, wrapped gifts for the grands and kids (yes they are still kids in my mind even though they are 38+!!!)  and how blessed we are …. our boys are healthy, have wonderful life mates, beautiful children, some not so little any more and for the most part are healthy!!!  Those are all things to be thankful for.

Time to close for today,
check back tomorrow to see what’s flowing through my heart and mind…
…time to go grocery shopping!
Blessings to each of you reading
and remember if you would like my Women of Faith Bible, let me know!!!