It’s Cold and Having a Cold = NO FUN!!!

Living in Texas we expect warm and hot weather…
…but it is cold here this morning
and yesterday morning and the morning before…
thankfully the days warm up.
Yesterday my reading was in Isaiah 
and again am reminded I am never alone
and that God can take anything
and make it beautiful.
such a time as this
for me
I’m finding time for me,
to read and write again,
For most of my life,
it seems I have been busy,
and always saying I wish I had more time for me,
and now I have lots of time for me
and for the past several months and for the next six months or so
I have time for me
and I don’t want to just squander it away.
My prayer is
“Lord help your love to shine through me,
as I do my job here in Texas,
sharing our lives with the different drivers,
some who live locally and some who are here 
are a ways from home.  Lord help me to share YOU with those
I come into contact with.  
And most of all thank you for blessing me
in so many ways!!!
With a loving husband, 
two great kids and terrific daughters-in-loves,
five grandchildren
and more friends than I can count. Amen!!”

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