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Happy 83rd Birthday Mom

Happy 83rd Birthday Mom!!!

This picture is very reflective of my mom,
she always had a coffee cup in her hand or in front of her at a table,

It’s been just over 15 years since you left us,
some days I think of you
and wish things could have been different between us
and yet other times
I think of fun times we had together,

We had a troubling relationship at times
and yet we laughed and cried together when we needed each other.

So many memories are coming to mind:
going out for breakfast at 2:00 in the morning,
asking for my savings only to find out you knew about the car accident all along,
you standing with us as we said goodbye to Royce,
you standing with us as Jamie was born,
Ron hanging up the phone on you shortly before Brandon arrived,
flying into San Jose when Grandpa died ~ you were not happy that I defied you but at the same time you told me you were glad I was there,
Christmas 1980 ~ you gave Ron a cowboy hat and me 50 $1 bills…it seemed like you gave us the world,
the money you sent each week for six months while Ron was unemployed,
telling me you hope I had a kid just like me…LOL
you forbidding me from driving your car
and how much you loved Ron!!!

Sees Candies….chocolate bordeaux your favorite
every Christmas Day
(by the way, we sent a bag to each of the boys family’s this year)
I have my bag chilling in the fridge!!

Mom I wish you were 
for just one more phone call,
one more hug
and to share a cup of coffee together
the picture above, last time we had coffee together,
Fall 2014
thank you Aunt Joan for making that visit possible
the visit was awkward at times
but I am so thankful you convinced Mom to come to the ranch.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

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