What a Week….

This week has had its ups and downs, 
thankfully more ups then downs…
Wednesday night was a hard night for me,
I tossed/turned for over 13 hours,
woke up chilled so took a nice long hot shower and felt much better afterwards.
I’m fighting a chest cold and I think that was most of the problems.
Hopefully today will be another good day.
Yesterday the wind blew like crazy,
at one point the door slammed my arm and I screamed, thus waking up Ron after only three hours of sleep…he did get in another 3 hour nap later in the day.
I told a friend,
I don’t mind wind storms if I’m sitting in a condo at the beach watching the waves crash against the shore
sitting in our little home on wheels,
rocking and rocking some more is no fun!!!
I am so enjoying my  new Bible and using my pencils and pens.
Yesterday I was reminded 
through 2 Samuel 22: 26~34
Image result for 2 samuel 22 29
which reminds me of
Image result for such a time as this
God is ….
rescues the humble,
the light in my life,
the one who gives me strength,
and I am able to do all things through HIM!!
…you are my shield
…you are perfect in all ways,
…you never go back on your promises
…you keep me sure footed even in the strong winds just as a deer running through a spring meadow or snowy field.

And I kept thinking of being “surefooted” yesterday every time I walked out the door of the trailer yesterday as the wind was blowing hard most of the day.

And once again, I sit in awesome awe of God and how HE meets me every day wherever I happen to be and for such a time as this.

and then this morning in my devotional from 
1 Chronicles 29:10-19
Image result for 1 chronicles 29 10-19 
Isaiah 42:1-6
Image result for isaiah 42 2
Image result for isaiah 42 6
And I am reminded that
I need to give God the glory
for everything I have and am.
Without HIM I would be nothing.
Ron and I have been talking a lot lately about our lives,
maybe because our 43rd wedding anniversary is just around the corner…
I know, can you believe it 43 years!!!
We have done much in those 43 years…
…when we first married we had our lives mapped out…
stay in the Air Force and retire after 20 years,
have children, be parents and just live life to the fullest…
…but life has its own agenda and God has other plans….
we have had four boys…losing two of them during pregnancy and shortly after birth,
we travelled to the Netherlands & Germany through the military
and then Ron’s dad’s cancer returned and he passed away…
…change of plans…we got out of the military and eventually moved back to Blaine, WA
and did all the things I said I would NEVER DO…
….move to Blaine,
live with Ron’s mom,
live at the farm,
go to BBBCC
so I learned…don’t ever say never!!!
We have been so blessed even through the valley’s
…the loss of a child
…the loss of parents
…the loss of jobs
but those valley’s have brought us to many mountain tops
…Jamie and his family, Suzanne & Opal
…Brandon and his family, Danalyn, Max, Christopher, Treyson & Alexander
…travels and jobs that we never dreamt about….
….working for Funtastic Shows…who would have thought we would ever work and travel with a carnival??
we have sold Christmas trees,
managed different campgrounds,
worked with oldies and teenagers!!!
and most recently…working in the Oil Fields of Texas!!!
Image result for the world our mission field
 loving doing the Lord’s work wherever He plants us!
And through it all and again this morning,
reminded that God is in control,
no matter how I like to think I am in control!!!

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