Playing with Blogger and other stuff

I have spent the last three hours (with breaks checking in trucks) trying to update my blog…wanted to make it Christmassy…but couldn’t get a background to transfer so thought about going back to WordPress but it was so confusing so thought…what about a new blog on  Well that was even more confusing….
….so I am back at the drawing board…go figure
Yesterday my birthday presents from Ron arrived.  
I told him what I wanted and he paid for them!!!
I’ve wanted a new Bible for a couple of years and if you know me, colored pens and pencils always make my day.  So I picked out the Inspire Bible which has room for notes on every page and also lots of illustrations to color.  Coloring relaxes me and what better way to color then to color scriptures thus the coloring book to go along with it.  
I have always struggled with studying God’s word, like I just don’t know the best way to do it and really learn and retain what I read so I got the book Women of the Word, a study guide…so we will see.
Now I have my old Bible, Women of Faith that has daily devotions that I would like to give to someone…yes its used…you can learn a lot about a person about reading what they have written and underlined in their Bible…so if there is someone out there who would like my old Bible, send me a note or write a comment and I will send it to the first one who asks.  Just let me know!!!
Truth Time
I have always struggled with finding TIME to spend in God’s Word…but there is no excuse now while we are Gate Guarding
so I have committed, again, to spend time daily in God’s Word.
One way I am able to do this is by journaling and blogging what I read and learn.
That’s what got me to thinking about changing up my blog…instead of having a home page and a page of Thoughts…but the merge hasn’t happened yet…so I’m just going to start today blogging under HOME.
Was my verse for today…just what I am constantly asking God for is PEACE…
…what I read was that I need to be responsible for my own actions, trust in God and His peace will be with me.  I need to remind myself that HE knows the big picture and I wear blinders
which reminded me of an Esther Bible study I started with a friend with the theme
“For such a time as this”

I need to find PEACE where I am right now and in whatever situation I find myself in.  I know this but the reminders this morning has been resounding in my heart and mind.  So I turned the TV off, put on some Christmas music, spent time in God’s Word, wrapped gifts for the grands and kids (yes they are still kids in my mind even though they are 38+!!!)  and how blessed we are …. our boys are healthy, have wonderful life mates, beautiful children, some not so little any more and for the most part are healthy!!!  Those are all things to be thankful for.

Time to close for today,
check back tomorrow to see what’s flowing through my heart and mind…
…time to go grocery shopping!
Blessings to each of you reading
and remember if you would like my Women of Faith Bible, let me know!!!

3 responses to “Playing with Blogger and other stuff”

  1. Over the years, I have changed from wanting peace to wanting contentment. For me, learning to accept where God has me and be content with what my lot is has brought me peace.

  2. Oh I so loved reading this. You get such joy in life from simple things. God watches over you and has blessed you. I would love a Women in Faith Bible to read and reflect on Gods love

  3. Cathy please send your snail mail address to thewanderingworkentins @ gmail . com so I can mail you the Bible. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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