Made it to Double Digits!!!

Yesterday was our 39th day of Gate Guarding,
we have 99 days left to go
before we head out to California.
We still like our job,
have talked about picking up another gate 
February to May 2019.
We will see.
The one thing we miss is 
going for drives,
checking out the local area.
There is a little museum
here in town
that we both have seen
and Pecos is known as
which is happening this next week.
So we each may take a bit of time and
check them out this week.
We will see!

Encouragement from the Lord

One of our goals while gate guarding is to work on some projects that we have neglected.
This morning as I was walking back from checking in a truck I thought 
“No one is going to do XXX for you.  Just get started on it.”  
And walked back into the trailer.
I picked up my little devotional and opened it up to June 12
And I laughed!!!
“Hear, Receive, Act”
Ok Lord, you just confirmed what I just said to myself.
Image result for luke 8 11-12
How often do we hear something,
blow it off and go on our own way?
God’s Word this morning is a reminder to me to pay attention
to what is being said and done.
Listen not only to the words but take them in and own them.
Act ~ Do ~ Get Moving
No one will do it for me.
This is not just for the projects on my To Do List
It is in all aspects of my life
~ getting healthy
~ spending quality time with those I love and care about
~ grow in my relationship with the Lord
And then I opened my email and one of my daily devotions
Image result for Phillipians 2 15-16
This line really spoke to me:
So shine like stars, but don’t be surprised if some people in the world do not like that. And if they don’t, do not despair. Look to Jesus on his cross and rejoice.
So often I worry about what others think about what I/we are doing and how we live our life and I am reminded this morning that what I/we do is our business and between us and the Lord…no one else.
And as long as we are serving and loving the Lord
wherever He plants us,
not doing anything illegal or mean
we need to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
And follow where the Lord leads us!!
So now it’s time to stop 
ignoring my project
and to get busy!!!
Talk to y’all soon!!!

Suicide ~ no one talks about it ~ people do it

Image result for suicide prevention number
Once again, in the news another TV Personality, has taken his life.
Image result for anthony bourdain
RIP Anthony Boudain
No one talks about suicide,
but it happens
a lot!!
And people think about it a lot!!
I have thought about it often,
even came so close to following through
on more than one occasion
the Lord spoke to me in that split second
and I didn’t.
This information is not news to my family
or close friends or even not so close friends.
It is a horrible place to be
feeling like there is no reason to live
that the world would be better off without me
I am so thankful for 
my husband,
my son’s
my daughters-in-love
my grandchildren,
my pastors
my counselors
my psyche nurse
my friends
Life has not always been easy for me
I have dealt with things that no one should have to deal with
I am thankful that those who love and care about me
did not throw me out with the trash
or hang the phone up on me
or get so angry with me they walked away
I took suicide off the table,
out  of the room,
out of the building in 
January 2010.
Yet I have to say
there have been a couple of times since
that a tiny thought has come into my mind,
and then I remember the letters
my son’s and their wives wrote me,
the letter Ron wrote me,
and the compassion and love
I felt from God
reminding me that I am never alone,
the phone calls, texts, messages
from friends and family
And I have seen how when a young person took his own life
affected his parents, his siblings, his friends
And I am reminded that
Suicide is something people choose
when they feel alone 
and unable to continue with life
for whatever reason
and I am reminded
My heart aches for 
Mr. Boudain’s little girl
and all those knew him
So again,
if you are 
thinking life is not worth living for
please call someone,
Image result for suicide prevention number
call 911
call me
call someone

Gate Guarding ~ What It’s Like ~ from our perspective

Gate Guarding
We came into this job thinking that 
Gate Guarding 
we would be at the beginning of a dirt road/driveway 
into someone’s ranch
where one of the oil companies had made a deal to get 
the oil out of the ground that the rancher owned.
Well, we got the call and said
“Can you come now?”
sure, we are unemployed and need the money
and 16 days early means a lot of money for us
So off we left New Mexico
and made our way to McCamey, TX
And this was our view
It was quiet, well except when the trucks pulled in/out
We worked this station from
Friday morning to Tuesday morning
Wednesday morning 
Val came to our trailer
(we were staying in the Pecos lot for our next job to start Wednesday night)
Change in plans
could we go to Barstow Station
so after doing laundry, going to Walmart and La Tienda
(the only grocery store in town!!)
we made our way to
Barstow Station 
We are at the BLUE dot
at the corner of 516/3398
for 138 days!!
We told TimeKeepers/Val that we are leaving on the morning of 
October 1, 2018
so we can go see this kid
graduate from the Marine Basic Training
in San Diego, CA.
Our typical day
(if there is such a thing)
goes sort of like this
A ~ work from Midnight/1 am to 7/8 am
R ~ work from 7/8 to 2/3 pm
A ~ I take a nap from 7/8 to about 10; then make brunch for us, take another nap from about noon to 2
A ~ I work from 2/3 till about 6 pm
R ~ takes a nap during that time
A ~ makes dinner about 6 (tonight I am making lazy man’s lasagna in the crock pot (will put it on after I make breakfast 😀)
R ~ works till midnight or so
So far it is working well.  During the midnight shift I do the computer work entering all the logs into Excel; email it to the office by 8:30 am (before I go lay down)
Our goal is to work, not spend money and save $$
Today we are on Day 22!!
Only 116
Days to Go!!
We have had some beautiful sunrises
And lots of blue skies!!!

A few nights ago we had a double header thunderstorm
but the rain
was refreshing,
lightning woke me up,
I did some fancy foot work walking to a rig
all in all 
we are thankful to be here.
We have met some wonderful guys,
been able to share a little of Jesus
and can now say
we have been
Gate Guards for a season.
Will we do it again?
Who Knows!!
Ask me in 123 days when we are on the road to San Diego!!!
Blessings to each of you!!!
And keep checking back!!!

Roller Coaster!!!

If you know me,
you know I hate
Image result for puyallup fair roller coaster
any and everyone!!!
And lately I have been on an 
roller coaster
and it is no fun!!!
Insurance/Medication Roller Coaster

Turn in prescription on 5/30 that expires on 5/31.
Go to pick up said prescription on 6/1 ~ nearly have a heart attack as the bill is $472 for a 22 day supply of my Lantus insulin
Walk out in tears; no insulin
Talk to friends
Get encouragement
Find coupon to lower to $278
Go back to pharmacy on 6/5 w/coupon
(after spending two hours doing laundry)
NOPE can’t honor it because to get discount 
have to rerun prescription but remember it expired on 5/31
Cry, get made, feel very alone,
so frustrated
thinking diabetes will kill me with our without my medication
Return to trailer,
Snap at my hubby
(thank goodness he loves me!)
Nice to drivers
(can’t afford to lose my job!)
Pump goes down,
move drivers around
Ron takes over shortly after 3 PM
I go to bed!!
Sleep till just about 6:00 pm
Hubby says go back to sleep
Sleep till just about 9:30 pm
Hubby says go back to sleep
first, eat a small container of applesauce
(forgot night time meds and went back to bed)
Rolled over about 12:30 am and went back to sleep
Hubby woke me up at 5:10 AM 6/6
to see if I was okay
YEP I’m okay
Got up,
and started new day.
Logged in all 69 loads for the last 24 hours
(oh did I tell you a pump went out in the middle of the day too!!!)
Read a morning devotion on Facebook
Today I have chosen two words, HOLD ON. Revelations 3:11 tells us, “I am coming quickly;  HOLDING ON can be a challenge sometimes. I read this and it gave me hope. “He, being God, has promised to HOLD ON to us, if, we HOLD ON TO HIM. We know that people and circumstances will try to rob is of our joy and try to discourage us, but BE ASSURED NOTHING can take away what God has given you if you will NOT LET GO. Pray with me. “Heavenly Father, Thank You for all You have given me. Today and every day I ask for strength to HOLD ON until Your Son comes to carry me Home. In His Name.” Love, Hilda
and thought
“Lord I am trying to hold on!!
It’s so hard trying to remain positive when the
roller coaster of life 
is in full gear
(from just one car)
and felt encouraged!
Read comments from friends
on one of my posts of frustration yesterday
and felt encouraged!!!
Read an email from my bestie
and felt encouraged!!!
and thought of
and was encouraged!!
Sent an email to my doctor in Waco
and praying he can help me,
but have a plan if he can’t,
checking on the clinic here in Pecos
to see if they can help me with a prescription for my insulin. 
sure hate roller coasters
but love it when they get here
Stay tuned for more updates
from The Wandering Workentins!!