Roller Coaster!!!

If you know me,
you know I hate
Image result for puyallup fair roller coaster
any and everyone!!!
And lately I have been on an 
roller coaster
and it is no fun!!!
Insurance/Medication Roller Coaster

Turn in prescription on 5/30 that expires on 5/31.
Go to pick up said prescription on 6/1 ~ nearly have a heart attack as the bill is $472 for a 22 day supply of my Lantus insulin
Walk out in tears; no insulin
Talk to friends
Get encouragement
Find coupon to lower to $278
Go back to pharmacy on 6/5 w/coupon
(after spending two hours doing laundry)
NOPE can’t honor it because to get discount 
have to rerun prescription but remember it expired on 5/31
Cry, get made, feel very alone,
so frustrated
thinking diabetes will kill me with our without my medication
Return to trailer,
Snap at my hubby
(thank goodness he loves me!)
Nice to drivers
(can’t afford to lose my job!)
Pump goes down,
move drivers around
Ron takes over shortly after 3 PM
I go to bed!!
Sleep till just about 6:00 pm
Hubby says go back to sleep
Sleep till just about 9:30 pm
Hubby says go back to sleep
first, eat a small container of applesauce
(forgot night time meds and went back to bed)
Rolled over about 12:30 am and went back to sleep
Hubby woke me up at 5:10 AM 6/6
to see if I was okay
YEP I’m okay
Got up,
and started new day.
Logged in all 69 loads for the last 24 hours
(oh did I tell you a pump went out in the middle of the day too!!!)
Read a morning devotion on Facebook
Today I have chosen two words, HOLD ON. Revelations 3:11 tells us, “I am coming quickly;  HOLDING ON can be a challenge sometimes. I read this and it gave me hope. “He, being God, has promised to HOLD ON to us, if, we HOLD ON TO HIM. We know that people and circumstances will try to rob is of our joy and try to discourage us, but BE ASSURED NOTHING can take away what God has given you if you will NOT LET GO. Pray with me. “Heavenly Father, Thank You for all You have given me. Today and every day I ask for strength to HOLD ON until Your Son comes to carry me Home. In His Name.” Love, Hilda
and thought
“Lord I am trying to hold on!!
It’s so hard trying to remain positive when the
roller coaster of life 
is in full gear
(from just one car)
and felt encouraged!
Read comments from friends
on one of my posts of frustration yesterday
and felt encouraged!!!
Read an email from my bestie
and felt encouraged!!!
and thought of
and was encouraged!!
Sent an email to my doctor in Waco
and praying he can help me,
but have a plan if he can’t,
checking on the clinic here in Pecos
to see if they can help me with a prescription for my insulin. 
sure hate roller coasters
but love it when they get here
Stay tuned for more updates
from The Wandering Workentins!!

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