Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Encouragement from the Lord

One of our goals while gate guarding is to work on some projects that we have neglected.
This morning as I was walking back from checking in a truck I thought 
“No one is going to do XXX for you.  Just get started on it.”  
And walked back into the trailer.
I picked up my little devotional and opened it up to June 12
And I laughed!!!
“Hear, Receive, Act”
Ok Lord, you just confirmed what I just said to myself.
Image result for luke 8 11-12
How often do we hear something,
blow it off and go on our own way?
God’s Word this morning is a reminder to me to pay attention
to what is being said and done.
Listen not only to the words but take them in and own them.
Act ~ Do ~ Get Moving
No one will do it for me.
This is not just for the projects on my To Do List
It is in all aspects of my life
~ getting healthy
~ spending quality time with those I love and care about
~ grow in my relationship with the Lord
And then I opened my email and one of my daily devotions
Stars in the Sky
Image result for Phillipians 2 15-16
This line really spoke to me:
So shine like stars, but don’t be surprised if some people in the world do not like that. And if they don’t, do not despair. Look to Jesus on his cross and rejoice.
So often I worry about what others think about what I/we are doing and how we live our life and I am reminded this morning that what I/we do is our business and between us and the Lord…no one else.
And as long as we are serving and loving the Lord
wherever He plants us,
not doing anything illegal or mean
we need to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
And follow where the Lord leads us!!
So now it’s time to stop 
ignoring my project
and to get busy!!!
Talk to y’all soon!!!

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