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Gate Guarding ~ What It’s Like ~ from our perspective

Gate Guarding
We came into this job thinking that 
Gate Guarding 
we would be at the beginning of a dirt road/driveway 
into someone’s ranch
where one of the oil companies had made a deal to get 
the oil out of the ground that the rancher owned.
Well, we got the call and said
“Can you come now?”
sure, we are unemployed and need the money
and 16 days early means a lot of money for us
So off we left New Mexico
and made our way to McCamey, TX
And this was our view
It was quiet, well except when the trucks pulled in/out
We worked this station from
Friday morning to Tuesday morning
Wednesday morning 
Val came to our trailer
(we were staying in the Pecos lot for our next job to start Wednesday night)
Change in plans
could we go to Barstow Station
so after doing laundry, going to Walmart and La Tienda
(the only grocery store in town!!)
we made our way to
Barstow Station 
We are at the BLUE dot
at the corner of 516/3398
for 138 days!!
We told TimeKeepers/Val that we are leaving on the morning of 
October 1, 2018
so we can go see this kid
graduate from the Marine Basic Training
in San Diego, CA.
Our typical day
(if there is such a thing)
goes sort of like this
A ~ work from Midnight/1 am to 7/8 am
R ~ work from 7/8 to 2/3 pm
A ~ I take a nap from 7/8 to about 10; then make brunch for us, take another nap from about noon to 2
A ~ I work from 2/3 till about 6 pm
R ~ takes a nap during that time
A ~ makes dinner about 6 (tonight I am making lazy man’s lasagna in the crock pot (will put it on after I make breakfast 😀)
R ~ works till midnight or so
So far it is working well.  During the midnight shift I do the computer work entering all the logs into Excel; email it to the office by 8:30 am (before I go lay down)
Our goal is to work, not spend money and save $$
Today we are on Day 22!!
Only 116
Days to Go!!
We have had some beautiful sunrises
And lots of blue skies!!!

A few nights ago we had a double header thunderstorm
but the rain
was refreshing,
lightning woke me up,
I did some fancy foot work walking to a rig
all in all 
we are thankful to be here.
We have met some wonderful guys,
been able to share a little of Jesus
and can now say
we have been
Gate Guards for a season.
Will we do it again?
Who Knows!!
Ask me in 123 days when we are on the road to San Diego!!!
Blessings to each of you!!!
And keep checking back!!!

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