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Suicide ~ no one talks about it ~ people do it

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Once again, in the news another TV Personality, has taken his life.
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RIP Anthony Boudain
No one talks about suicide,
but it happens
a lot!!
And people think about it a lot!!
I have thought about it often,
even came so close to following through
on more than one occasion
the Lord spoke to me in that split second
and I didn’t.
This information is not news to my family
or close friends or even not so close friends.
It is a horrible place to be
feeling like there is no reason to live
that the world would be better off without me
I am so thankful for 
my husband,
my son’s
my daughters-in-love
my grandchildren,
my pastors
my counselors
my psyche nurse
my friends
Life has not always been easy for me
I have dealt with things that no one should have to deal with
I am thankful that those who love and care about me
did not throw me out with the trash
or hang the phone up on me
or get so angry with me they walked away
I took suicide off the table,
out  of the room,
out of the building in 
January 2010.
Yet I have to say
there have been a couple of times since
that a tiny thought has come into my mind,
and then I remember the letters
my son’s and their wives wrote me,
the letter Ron wrote me,
and the compassion and love
I felt from God
reminding me that I am never alone,
the phone calls, texts, messages
from friends and family
And I have seen how when a young person took his own life
affected his parents, his siblings, his friends
And I am reminded that
Suicide is something people choose
when they feel alone 
and unable to continue with life
for whatever reason
and I am reminded
My heart aches for 
Mr. Boudain’s little girl
and all those knew him
So again,
if you are 
thinking life is not worth living for
please call someone,
Image result for suicide prevention number
call 911
call me
call someone

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