Moving back into the Motorhome

We continue to move into the motorhome
and it is beginning to feel
all homey!!
Yeah, the pressure cooker fits in the cabinet!!!

Stuff waiting to be put away

Ron enjoying a glass of wine!

And the pantry is full ūüôā

The bathroom is coming together.
Looking from the kitchen to the living room.
Now to figure out how to hook up the printer.


The back of the sink

Our gift from Dee!!

Royce’s necklace, a gift from Jamie

Close up of necklace, miss that sweet baby boy.

Check out all my magnets and my pig in the corner guarding the microwave.

The top of the cabinet and a glance at all my cookbooks.

Another view.

Our bedroom coming together.  

Pictures being hung, our sweet Opal.

Looking down the hall, love our new little fireplace.

Two sweet sons, with sweet grands!!

Sorry its so dark, but sure love my fireplace.
And that is how far we have gotten.

A Long Couple of Days

Can’t believe it is already Wednesday night¬†
and almost time for bed.
So what have we been up to
well yesterday I was up at 3:39 AM
and I have no clue why
so I did the only thing I could think of
got up and went out into the office and 
worked on QuickBooks…till we finally closed the office at 4:30 PM
YES it was a very long day 
but I did get a lot done and 
the light at the end of the tunnel is near
And for that I am very 
Today has been another busy day
First was a trip to Walmart
and then more progress on the 
Motor home
Our living room is coming together.
We have removed the chair that was between the passenger and little table.
That space is now going to be my craft corner.
Love our new couch.
Tomorrow I will try to get a picture of the couch with the extra seat open.

Bathroom all clean and ready to be used.

Bathroom ready for our stuff to be loaded in.
That is on the agenda for tomorrow morning.

Our bedroom ~ bed is ready to crawl into and I even have my first book picked out to read ~ The Shack.

One of the many cupboards with new contact paper lining and gripper padding so stuff
doesn’t rock and rattle while traveling.

A close up of the floor – above the cupboard is all shiny and clean,
in front of the cupboard still needs to be cleaned,
can’t believe what a difference it makes applying some elbow grease!!

And then it was time to get ready to go to the 
for the Veterans Welcome Ceremony
to start the beginning of 
Veterans Week 2014.
Branson High School JR ROTC presenting the colors
Hughes Brothers leading us in the Star Bangled Banner

Du Du Fisher

Our favorite couple ~ Barbara Fairchild & Roy Morris

Voices of Glory

The young girl in the center receiving an award for her support of Veterans.
She made magnets out of bottle caps and put a note in each one
“Thank you Veteran for Standing for Us”
She made 1,000 magnets for all the Veterans in attendance.

Doug Gabriel singing Lee Greenwoods “God Bless the USA”

Ron getting a signed book by a veteran…i can’t remember the name and I am too tired to go find it.
I will post it tomorrow for y’all.

Ron saying thank you! and receiving his new book.
And then we went to Grand Country
to see
and to wish
Jason Robinson
best wishes on his new journey as he leaves New South
to join Big Cedar

Jason you will be missed!!!
We have enjoyed getting to know you,
your family,
and watch you grow into a strong,
loving husband, father, and believer in Christ.
And that  is how we have spent the last two days!!!

A Day of Play

Today we decided to play.
Well after waking up before 6:30 this morning and heading out to the motor home and working on a few more projects out there (sorry no pictures of that today), we decided to run to Lowe’s, buy a few things and then go play!!!
And this is where we went!!!
Here are a few pictures from our fun time today.
Entrance to Silver Dollar City.  it was a bit chilly but the sun was shining when we arrived.
One of our favorite trees, we love the blue lights.


Mike, Chris & Ron admiring the big tree while waiting for the parade to start.

One of the last floats in the parade.  Love the stained glass look.
We had a lot of fun
but by the time the parade was over we were ready to call it a night,
it was more than chilly out there.
Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of
Silver Dollar City 
and our time there today.
Now to figure why all the pictures on my camera did not download
to my computer.
Who knows, there might be more of our time at SDC
on tomorrow’s blog.

The New Adventure ~~ How We Arrived Here

We have enjoyed being the managers here at 
The owners, Darrell & Patty are great bosses
and we have truly enjoyed working for and with them.
We were not thinking of new jobs or even leaving Branson
when we got a call a few months ago from one of our sons asking if we would consider moving back to the
Pacific Northwest.
Now y’all know this Grammy’s heart said
Ron even said 
But we knew we couldn’t just up and leave Branson.
So we began to
We quietly began looking for work in the Portland area
In fact, Ron got offered a part-time job but they couldn’t hold it till¬†
February 2015…the earliest we felt we could be there.
We knew we would not leave D & P in a lurch,
plus we needed money to travel and make a 2500 mile trip.
And we did what we have done in the past,
asked specific people (5) to pray for us
and with us that God would show us what He would have us to do
and where He would want us to live.
And day’s after speaking with our son
we got a call from a friend we had met here in Branson
asking us to consider making a move about an hour away from Branson.
Now what to do? 
This Grammy really wanted to be near the Grands!!
So we continued to pray and seek His will.
We received great counsel,
talked some more,
prayed some more
and felt the Lord leading us to 
and staying here in Missouri.
And then God sent confirmation that it was time to leave 
Branson View Campground
and move to GUMI Camp.
One evening we were hosting a woman here in the campground.
We had never met her and she didn’t know what we possibly thinking of doing.
Yet God put her in our living room one Friday night.
She was standing between Ron and I.
She put her hand on my arm and said
“you know you are only here for a season.”
Yes, we knew that.
She then said “really only a short season.
God is moving you to a camp, not like this campground
but where you will have a chance to minister to those who are hurting, 
where you will share your own history of pain
and how God brought us through it.
She added we weren’t going far, it was to a camp
with water running through it
and where people would come for healing.”

We just stood there in awe!!
There is no humanly possible way for her to know what we had been thinking about,
praying about, seeking counsel about BUT for God!!

We met with T & A
a couple of days later and shared that we believed
God was indeed leading us to

And then we met with D & P…again God had everything under control.
I called D and asked if he and P would be home that night,
we wanted to drive to Bethany (5.5 hours away) to talk with them.
Umm…no, they had just arrived in Branson not 15 minutes before my call.

After a whirlwind day of
phone calls,
more phone calls
we had given our notice effective
January 1, 2015.

D & P had hired R & T as the soon to be new managers of BVC
Ron and I were filled with

the peace that passes all understanding,
the peace that only God can give.

And then the fun began….
all the while keeping the campground running,
doing a computer change (the last one froze)
switching from Quicken to QuickBooks
(not as easy as I thought it would be)
lots of cleaning,
feeling overwhelmed
yet excited

and now you know
what our next new adventure will be.

Stay tuned as we continue to ready the motor home for our return,
move from the apartment
(2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, sun~room)
which means lots of
trusting God while
remembering to

If you are still reading,
thanks for sticking through this narration.

More to come, so stay tuned.


A Bit About Our Upcoming New Adventure ~~~

The Question of the Day
What is this new adventure we keep talking about??
Grab a cup of coffee and travel back with us a few years.
This isn’t a book but it could be a chapter ūüôā
Many years ago, Ron and I talked often about what we would like to do once our boys were out on their own…our desire has to always been to work at a Christian ¬†where we could use all our work skills, serve others, share the love of the Lord and have fun doing it.
Here is how it has gone so far…
When we began our traveling and working we began by going to work for Funtastic Shows in March 2010.  
You can read about it beginning here.
After working for the carnival we went on a three week vacation to Lewiston, Idaho.
During our return trip to Blaine we got a call and was offered a job selling Christmas trees!!!
Now how fun could that be??
It was a lot of fun,
a ton of work
and not very much pay.
And yet every day we gave thanks to the Lord 
for providing for all our needs.
You can read about that new adventure beginning here.
While selling Christmas trees we applied for and were offered our first 
Campground Managers position.
That took us out of the Pacific Northwest to
Hondo, TX.
We had a very interesting year, meeting lots of interesting people
and seeing parts of the US we had never seen.
Our life at Lone Star Corral begins here.
After a year filled with fun, laughter, tears 
we found ourselves without a job and wondering what the Lord had in store…
…little did we know how He was moving in our lives.
We left Hondo, Texas on April 4
to begin an adventure we had no desire to walk
but God had other plans.
This became our mantra
We had no clue what we were going to do
or where we would land.
But God Did!
And we made our first trip to
Branson, MO arriving on April 15, 2012.
You can read about it here.
We have spent the last two and a half years here at 
Branson View Campground with a brief break from April 2013 to July 3, 2013.
During that time Ron worked at Amazon in Coffeyville, KS
while I stayed at home and did all the wifey things.
And then God called us back to BVC.
We returned on July 3, 2013
and have enjoyed our time here in Branson.
But God has new plans for us.
Beginning in January 2015
we will be working at 
Check it out by clicking on the link above.
Stay tuned for how God opened the doors for this new adventure
and shut some other doors along the way.

And Things are Moving Along ~~~

Yesterday was super busy here at the campground so I didn’t get any time on our motor home project.
Today was a bit different, 
had two phone calls and
one guest checked in ~ so the motor home 
continues to change
The bathroom is all nice and clean!!!

I put my Scentsy candle in the bathroom…next step is to empty the bathroom in the apartment and put stuff in its new home.

Curtains are hemmed, cabinet is beautiful.  Pigs have begun to find their way back into the motor home.
Thank you Mike & Chris for doing such a great job on our cabinet…you have truly been a blessing to us.
And see the new salt rock light ~ a motor home warming gift (like a house warming present) from Mike & Chris.

New wallpaper up in the dining area ~ what do you think?

Better picture with a flash.  Loving the new look!!

Another close-up view. 

This time with a flash.  

And our new drawer.  Used the front of the old drawer ~ now it can hold my pots and pans with no problem.
Still need to clean the oven and stove top.

This was the gross part of today.  

All cleaned and ready to hold some groceries.

The pantry all clean and ready for use.  
And the newly painted stove hood.
Next job to tackle the stove & oven.

Voila!  Wallpapered the front of the fridge and freezer.
Looks so much better.

Another view of the fridge/freezer.

Looking from the living room down the hall.
Can’t wait to be back in our
home on wheels.

Another view with the flash.
Love how the colors are all coming together.

Well tomorrow we are off to have a play date.
We are so thankful for friends who have helped and encouraged us as we prepare for our new adventure.
More details to come!!!!