Loving the Lord, Serving Him Wherever He Plants Us!

Moving back into the Motorhome

We continue to move into the motorhome
and it is beginning to feel
all homey!!
Yeah, the pressure cooker fits in the cabinet!!!

Stuff waiting to be put away

Ron enjoying a glass of wine!

And the pantry is full 🙂

The bathroom is coming together.
Looking from the kitchen to the living room.
Now to figure out how to hook up the printer.


The back of the sink

Our gift from Dee!!

Royce’s necklace, a gift from Jamie

Close up of necklace, miss that sweet baby boy.

Check out all my magnets and my pig in the corner guarding the microwave.

The top of the cabinet and a glance at all my cookbooks.

Another view.

Our bedroom coming together.  

Pictures being hung, our sweet Opal.

Looking down the hall, love our new little fireplace.

Two sweet sons, with sweet grands!!

Sorry its so dark, but sure love my fireplace.
And that is how far we have gotten.

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