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A Day of Play

Today we decided to play.
Well after waking up before 6:30 this morning and heading out to the motor home and working on a few more projects out there (sorry no pictures of that today), we decided to run to Lowe’s, buy a few things and then go play!!!
And this is where we went!!!
Here are a few pictures from our fun time today.
Entrance to Silver Dollar City.  it was a bit chilly but the sun was shining when we arrived.
One of our favorite trees, we love the blue lights.


Mike, Chris & Ron admiring the big tree while waiting for the parade to start.

One of the last floats in the parade.  Love the stained glass look.
We had a lot of fun
but by the time the parade was over we were ready to call it a night,
it was more than chilly out there.
Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of
Silver Dollar City 
and our time there today.
Now to figure why all the pictures on my camera did not download
to my computer.
Who knows, there might be more of our time at SDC
on tomorrow’s blog.

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