And Things are Moving Along ~~~

Yesterday was super busy here at the campground so I didn’t get any time on our motor home project.
Today was a bit different, 
had two phone calls and
one guest checked in ~ so the motor home 
continues to change
The bathroom is all nice and clean!!!

I put my Scentsy candle in the bathroom…next step is to empty the bathroom in the apartment and put stuff in its new home.

Curtains are hemmed, cabinet is beautiful.  Pigs have begun to find their way back into the motor home.
Thank you Mike & Chris for doing such a great job on our cabinet…you have truly been a blessing to us.
And see the new salt rock light ~ a motor home warming gift (like a house warming present) from Mike & Chris.

New wallpaper up in the dining area ~ what do you think?

Better picture with a flash.  Loving the new look!!

Another close-up view. 

This time with a flash.  

And our new drawer.  Used the front of the old drawer ~ now it can hold my pots and pans with no problem.
Still need to clean the oven and stove top.

This was the gross part of today.  

All cleaned and ready to hold some groceries.

The pantry all clean and ready for use.  
And the newly painted stove hood.
Next job to tackle the stove & oven.

Voila!  Wallpapered the front of the fridge and freezer.
Looks so much better.

Another view of the fridge/freezer.

Looking from the living room down the hall.
Can’t wait to be back in our
home on wheels.

Another view with the flash.
Love how the colors are all coming together.

Well tomorrow we are off to have a play date.
We are so thankful for friends who have helped and encouraged us as we prepare for our new adventure.
More details to come!!!!

3 responses to “And Things are Moving Along ~~~”

  1. Awesome! Looks fantastic Allie!

  2. it's looking so good you're working hard it won't be long

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