A Long Couple of Days

Can’t believe it is already Wednesday night 
and almost time for bed.
So what have we been up to
well yesterday I was up at 3:39 AM
and I have no clue why
so I did the only thing I could think of
got up and went out into the office and 
worked on QuickBooks…till we finally closed the office at 4:30 PM
YES it was a very long day 
but I did get a lot done and 
the light at the end of the tunnel is near
And for that I am very 
Today has been another busy day
First was a trip to Walmart
and then more progress on the 
Motor home
Our living room is coming together.
We have removed the chair that was between the passenger and little table.
That space is now going to be my craft corner.
Love our new couch.
Tomorrow I will try to get a picture of the couch with the extra seat open.

Bathroom all clean and ready to be used.

Bathroom ready for our stuff to be loaded in.
That is on the agenda for tomorrow morning.

Our bedroom ~ bed is ready to crawl into and I even have my first book picked out to read ~ The Shack.

One of the many cupboards with new contact paper lining and gripper padding so stuff
doesn’t rock and rattle while traveling.

A close up of the floor – above the cupboard is all shiny and clean,
in front of the cupboard still needs to be cleaned,
can’t believe what a difference it makes applying some elbow grease!!

And then it was time to get ready to go to the 
for the Veterans Welcome Ceremony
to start the beginning of 
Veterans Week 2014.
Branson High School JR ROTC presenting the colors
Hughes Brothers leading us in the Star Bangled Banner

Du Du Fisher

Our favorite couple ~ Barbara Fairchild & Roy Morris

Voices of Glory

The young girl in the center receiving an award for her support of Veterans.
She made magnets out of bottle caps and put a note in each one
“Thank you Veteran for Standing for Us”
She made 1,000 magnets for all the Veterans in attendance.

Doug Gabriel singing Lee Greenwoods “God Bless the USA”

Ron getting a signed book by a veteran…i can’t remember the name and I am too tired to go find it.
I will post it tomorrow for y’all.

Ron saying thank you! and receiving his new book.
And then we went to Grand Country
to see
and to wish
Jason Robinson
best wishes on his new journey as he leaves New South
to join Big Cedar

Jason you will be missed!!!
We have enjoyed getting to know you,
your family,
and watch you grow into a strong,
loving husband, father, and believer in Christ.
And that  is how we have spent the last two days!!!

One response to “A Long Couple of Days”

  1. Your motorhome looks lovely, Ali, and very inviting.

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