January 4, 2022 ~ Whew!

What a day…we had a plan but as it seems to be going so often lately our plans didn’t actually turn out the way we thought it would…

We have been thinking about getting a different storage unit closer to us here in Wesley Chapel so yesterday I called about one just down the road from us…was told a price, they had one available and made plans to be there shortly after 9 this morning…

…so after breakfast of yogurt and grain free granola we headed out for the day with our water bottles (no dehydration allowed!). Stopped at the storage unit place…the price quoted this morning was $40 more than yesterday then the guy basically said I couldn’t have been quoted what I was quoted…um don’t call me a liar…implied or stated…out the door we went.

We ran the rest of our errands changing our plans as we went by stopping at Costco…oh boy…reading labels is like

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One of the things the doctors talked with Ron yesterday was to eat less salt, watch the sodium content of foods, stay away from processed foods, eat high protein, low carb…oh man…what should have taken us about 45 minutes was almost 2 hours!!! And so expensive…fresh fruit is so dang expensive and cooking from scratch takes lots of thinking…but we made it through Costco with lots of ideas of new meals…

So…share those high protein and low carb recipes!!! Especially snack ideas!!!

Our day ended with an invite to Brandon & Danalyn’s for dinner. Christopher was our chef…and dinner was delicious!!! Keto cheeseburger frittata, mixed veggies and green salad with home grown tomatoes, celery and cheese ~ Yummy!!! With gingerbread cookies for dessert ~ Brandon thought they were too salty…Ron loved them!!! The boys used salted butter so they will be trying again with unsalted butter!!! I will let you know how the new batch turns out!

After a fun evening we made our way back to our little home on wheels. On the way home we found out a friend of our’s passed away yesterday after a stroke a few days before…our prayers are with the Hardaway family as they travel this new journey without their hubby, father and grandpa. This caused a lot of reflecting for the two of us and how we were reminded how blessed we are…we have had so many hurdles tossed our way over the past few months but at every turn we see where the Lord has walked before us.

Scripture Art Proverbs 4:25-27 Chalkboard Style | Etsy

And through it all we are reminded to just keep putting one foot in front of the other, to stay strong and keep trusting the Lord at every turn! Moving forward is the only way to go!!! And with the Lord’s guidance we will continue to do just that!!!


1.3.22 ~ quick update on the hubs!

Here is what Ron sent to Brandon:

The cardiologist today gave me a good explanation for what happened. The water pill I take is causing me to get dehydrated. Then that causes my blood pressure to drop. Then when I stood up the blood pressure dropped even more which caused me to pass out. He told me to stop taking the water pill and that should fix the passing out problem. He has released me to go home but now I have to wait for the hospital doctor to release me.

From Ali: I also spoke with the cardiologist…he said because Ron has lost over 20lbs in the last three months that our GP needs to adjust his HCTZ (the water pill) and probably his blood pressure medication (that is the new one from the end of November). He is now waiting to see the hospitalist to see if they want to do any further testing or if Ron can be released to go home. Once he is seen I will send out another update.

Thank y’all for praying. Love each of you!


January 3, 2022 ~ Fear & Peace at the same time!

I read the paragraph below in the midst of fear rearing its ugly head and yet feeling peace in a strange sort of way.

“One of the fears that many have at one time or another is the safety of our loves ones. The fear that something bad will happen to them. We can’t always be with them or always protect them. But God is with them always, and He is mighty. Pray that His protection would surround those we love, and His angels would guard their coming and going. Pray that He would keep them safe from harm. Thank Him that we can release those we love into His care, knowing that He watches over His children, and covers them in His care.”

Yesterday fear and panic raised its head when Ron passed out and fell beside the truck when we were in Secret Harbor to pick up an RV recliner. I yelled for help (duh didn’t even think to use my cell phone) and honked the horn, feeling panic rising up in my throat. A young couple came out of their townhome and called 911 for me. Another neighbor came to offer help. Paramedics arrived and transferred Ron to the hospital…concern was could it be his heart? could it be a stroke? He had a low Blood Glucose reading of 69, his heart rate was under 65. So an EKG, chest x-ray and finally a CT scan on his head the doctors decided to admit him to the hospital.

By the time the decision to admit Ron it was almost 8:30p. We had only planned to be gone for a few hours so we didn’t pack any of our necessities like my evening meds, morning meds, toothbrush, etc. We decided it would be best for me to return to the trailer, eat some dinner, take my meds and get a good night’s rest especially since there really wasn’t anything I could do for Ron.

After sending some texts to the boys and a few prayer warriors I made my way back to the trailer. It took me about 55 minutes (the GPS said it would be 43 minutes) so that wasn’t too bad. Made myself some dinner and then called it a night. Sleep was okay, only woke up twice so that was a good thing.

I spent some time in the Word…today it was Proverbs 3.

The devotional was written by Anna Rendell…
…we ask God to lead and guide our path but sometimes my trust falters
…trusting God with all my heart means leaning on His understanding, knowing that whatever that is, it is enough and it is right and we know it will be well no matter what. I remember how so often Pastor Charles would ask me “what is the worst thing that could happen”? and I would reply “something happening to Ron.” And then he would say…”no, Ron would be with Jesus and there is absolutely nothing sad or bad about that. Yes, life might be hard for me but I am loved by many and am truly never alone because Jesus is always with me.” And I KNOW that’s all true!
…I struggle with understanding why things happen and I get frustrated because I can’t control everything around me ~ like Ron passing out twice yesterday, being back in the hospital and so much unknown!
…trusting God with all our heart means relying on His understanding, letting the fact that He understands His ways be enough to answer my/our deepest questions of why and how.
…trusting God with all our heart and thinking of Him in all our ways, means we open our hearts to His path, as scary and new and unraveled as it may be. It means stepping forward, taking one step at a time until we are safe at the top, the darkness all behind us. When we’re not sure how to trust, we lean hard and step forward in faith, knowing that He is waiting at the top to welcome us.

And so this morning as I have been packing a few things to take to the hospital I have worship music on, drinking my bottle of water and repeating my life verse

Proverbs 3:5-6 #6 KJV 'Trust in the Lord' Christian Scripture Wall Art

The above picture speaks so much…the winding river, calm in some spots, imagining it having rapids somewhere along the path, beautiful sunset or sunrise, bright sky with some dark clouds and that’s how my life…beautiful at times, dark and dreary at times, peaceful then rocky then peaceful again…so as I head out the door to see my sweet hubby I go with peace in my heart, trying to remember to live in the moment! And I think about what I wrote just a few days ago

So life continues…I spent quite a bit of time praying while I was in the hospital and was reminded in many ways that God is my protector and provider. Oh…one more thing the doctor said on Sunday as he was discharging me…Ms Margaret you need to stop worrying about things you have no control over! I laughed and said right. Dr. Feliz said, “no you need to quit worrying about stuff…if a thought or fear comes to mind ask yourself “what can I do about XYZ” and if the answer is nothing then let it go…you didn’t have a heart attack but you came close, so deal with what you can and whatever you can’t, let it go.”

I was alone for about 30 minutes after he left my room and I just cried, cried because one of my things is that I must be in control and the reality is that I am not in control of much. Thank you Dr. F and Jesus for this strong reminder and then confirming them this morning with my devotional and scripture tea!!!

And so I reminded to keep trusting, putting one foot in front of the other and remember I am enough, I have enough, I am loved by many and I will never be alone!

Two things…
1) I will update about Ron once I know something
2) do you have a favorite scripture verse that you turn to when you are struggling?
If so, please share!


January 2, 2022 ~ Being Real

I slept almost 12 hours last night. When I woke up and looked around the trailer I realized no admitted to myself that no one will do for me what I need to do but me. No amount of wishing or talking but I need to be the ump to get things done for myself. And I know what I need to do but what I need is someone to hold me accountable ~~ BUT then I think why can’t I hold myself accountable, I’m a grown ass woman. I shouldn’t need someone else to say “did you eat healthy today?” “did you spend time in the Word today?”

So I did what I usually do when I realize I need some action…I started down my mental To Do List
~ Take morning meds √
~ Drink a bottle of water √
~ Spend some time in the Word √
~ Made a mental list of things I need to do today √

And I asked myself why do I struggle so much and the first thing that came to mind was I struggle so I have a reason for someone, anyone to reach out to me…attention seeking is another way to put it…UGH I thought that was gone a long time ago!!!

~ Affirmation for today: Be all the amazing things to yourself that you are to everyone else! In other words extend the same grace you give to others to yourself!

I have been thinking about a friend who is really struggling with some addiction issues and she has been so transparent…she is a reminder to me to be authentic! Be truthful and honest with myself…it starts with me. If I’m not honest with myself how the hell can I be authentic with others. So today I say “Lord, thank you for the nudge this morning that I am responsible for me and only me. But I also know, I don’t have to walk this journey of life alone…YOU are always with me and you tell me that in my reading this morning!

Doodle Through The Bible: Proverbs 2


Proverbs 2:1-5 | ProverbsBob3463 | Flickr

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year 2022: Wishes, Quotes, Messages, WhatsApp Status, Wallpaper,  Images

Good morning and Happy New Year!
We ended 2021 spending a day of rest, what our little’s used to call a

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We binge watched our current favorite show McLeod’s Daughters,
shared memories of the past year,
shared some goals and wishes for the new year,
drank coffee w/Bailey’s
and had one of our favorite dinners:
cheese, sausage, crackers, olives & pickles
and ended the night snuggling together as we fell asleep!

Today will be a crazy way to spend New Year’s Day
Santa has one last gig at a friend’s family’s lunch,
take a nap
and go to work ~ a job we are very thankful for!!!

How did you close out 2021?
What are your plans for this first day in 2022?