1.3.22 ~ quick update on the hubs!

Here is what Ron sent to Brandon:

The cardiologist today gave me a good explanation for what happened. The water pill I take is causing me to get dehydrated. Then that causes my blood pressure to drop. Then when I stood up the blood pressure dropped even more which caused me to pass out. He told me to stop taking the water pill and that should fix the passing out problem. He has released me to go home but now I have to wait for the hospital doctor to release me.

From Ali: I also spoke with the cardiologist…he said because Ron has lost over 20lbs in the last three months that our GP needs to adjust his HCTZ (the water pill) and probably his blood pressure medication (that is the new one from the end of November). He is now waiting to see the hospitalist to see if they want to do any further testing or if Ron can be released to go home. Once he is seen I will send out another update.

Thank y’all for praying. Love each of you!

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